My Discovery 4 reliability issues Article

My Discovery 4 reliability issues Article: I have owned a Land Rover Discovery 4 for two years. in this time it has had 17 faults and is booked into Farnell Leeds for the 10th time for 3 more faults. I received an extra 12 months warranty off the sales manager about a year ago but the car still keeps letting me down. I decided a month ago that enough is enough and put the car up for sale. I had someone come view it last weekend and while I was showing him the 5 camera display on the touchscreen we noticed one wasn't working and another was full of water plus the reverse parking sensors had packed in. As you can guess he walked away. I have now decided to fight for my money back so contacted Land Rover who offered us £1000 + vat towards a new one. Are they mad? I wouldn't touch one again. I have now got an appointment with the boss over all Leeds and Bradford dealerships on Tuesday to tell him how disappointed and unsatisfied I am with their cars and demand my money back so watch this space. I cant really see them giving me a refund but I will put up a fight and tell as many people as I can about their reliability issues

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