Discovery 4 mis fueling device

Discovery 4 mis fueling device Article: I have just purchased a brand new HSE Discovery 4 and was pleased to see that this had a miss- fueling device fitted. Said to Sales Lady does this mean that it can not be filled with unleaded petrol (husband has filled a few vehicles with wrong fuel but never me) and was told yes. Unfortunatly for me this device does not work. I managed to put £80 worth of ultimate unleaded into my tank and drove for 14 miles stopped for lunch and an hour later tried to start but would not. Only 450 miles from home on a Saturday. Phoned Land Rover Assist who took me to the nearest dealer who was shut so had to wait until Monday as no one available to sort it out. No loan vehicle as it was self inflicted. Monday the Garage was fully booked so couldn't do anything but managed to give me a price of £5500 + VAT to put it right. Land Rover Assist and Land Rover Customer Services no help at all so arranged with the AA to repatriate my vehicle to my nearest Land Rover Garage. When you put in the wrong nozzle into the fuel tank this bright yellow flap should come across and stop fuel entering the tank. Didn't happen in my case. Took photo and sent to Land Rover To get home I had to Hire a Range Rover Evoke so when I refuelled I took the unleaded nozzell to see what should happen and instantly this yellow flap closed off the tank. I had to reset this before I could put diesel in. Landrover Customer Services and Landrover Assist no help at all. The nearest dealer to my house had to carry out various tests requested by Land Rover Customer Services. My vehicle had been sitting in Edinburgh since Saturday until late afternoon on Monday when AA picked it up to bring South. Arrived at my local dealers at 11.00am on Tuesday and low and behold I have just had a call from Customer Services. They have reported that the Garage has various sized nozzell and have repeatedly put the unleaded nozzell into my fuel tank and on every occasion the devise has worked. Apparently I am UNIQUE I am the only person that can put an unleaded nozzell into my tank. It has taken Land Rover since 4.00 o'clock on Saturday till 11 oclock today to put a nozzell in and out of my tank several times to tell me this. Wish I had seen this site before purchasing this as I would have thought before buying one.

Miss fueling

I was interested to read the attached article as I have just managed to put unleaded fuel into mt Discovery and similarly the miss fuel device hasn't worked!

Missfuel Disco4

I have miss fuelled my disco and the device didn't work. Landrover assist mechanic said he couldn't see miss fuel device in spout but I have a tool in glove box from Landrover to reset it. Dealer said I hadn't put nozzle in far enough but I always put nozzle in fully as I know the hazards of unleaded fumes as I worked producing the fuel in a refinery. Seems odd.


Just done the same and my device for preventing the wrong fuel being put in also didn't work. 2014 Discovery 4.

Mis fuel landrover

I have just put the wrong fuel in my landrover despite having a device that prevents it. Landrover say it's not fool proof so what's the point in having it? Has anybody had any joy getting landrover to pay for repairs?
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