Tow bar on the Discovery 3

Has anyone ever had a problem with the detachable tow bar on the Discovery 3??

I was towing an empty horse trailor on a main road when the actual two bar fell off the Jeep while still in the locked position, catapulting the trailor like a missile accross the road into a boundry stone wall.  Luckily, nobody was killed but the trailor was a complete write off.

Would like to hear if anyone has had a similar experience. 

Dealership dismissed any responsibility.

Disco 3 towbar

Hi I had a two tonne dumper on a trailer when I pulled in to refuel tow bar was half hanging out of socket in locked position!!!

Tow bar discovery 3

the detachable towbar on my 05 disco has always been loose (excessive ) have had this to 2 main dealers who said this is o.k. anyone else have similar problem dave

two bar

I had exactly the same problem - tow bar became detached while towing horsebox. 2,500 worth of damage to box which overturned on the road. Still trying to get any satisfaction from landrover. If other owners had the same fault with towbar, all vehicles should have been recalled to rectify fault. When it happened I thought I was the only one and that it was just hard luck. Now that I see the comments posted, I realise that LR must have known about the twobar problem all along.

swan neck tow hitch

My hitch fell off yesterday and I lost my trailer and mini digger. Total nightmare, trailer and digger ended up in ditch......wrecked ! Its a miracle nobody was killed


my 08 discovery was in for service on 15/06/11 dealer suggested i "buy"a fixed towbar as my detatchable is loose and i have only towed a sailing dinghy on about 8 occasions weights about 200kgs so they must have a problem


I know of 3 separate disco 3s this has happened to including my own ! There should be a blanket recall !

Detachable Tow Bar

I have no confidence in the detachable tow ball.It has been replaced under warranty by LR and the new one is no better. When I unhitch the caravan the tow ball rattles in the housing. There is clearly an issue and I cannot understand why LR do not rectify it. I have now fitted a Witter Fixed towbar which is a neater design and lower cost than LRs fixed.

detachable tow bar

Detachable tow bar fell off while towing empty horse trailer on main road it hit stone wall as yours did ended up in a gate way again lucky no one killed or injured we have taken it up with Landrover and are waiting response from them.Trailer has extensive damage which a representative from LR has photographed he also photocopied service history and recorded mileage, range rover is 07 registered.. We also know of a neighbouring farmer who has had same experience his tow bar fell off and his livestock trailer hit a bridge wall, his LR dealer has fitted a fixed tow bar and repaired his trailer!! We too feel there should be a recall on all fitted detachable tow bars or do they wait until someone killed or seriously injured. Has anyone tried court action?

Detachable tow bar

Tow bar recently fell off my Freelander2 causing the trailer to plough into a car coming the opposite way. Land Rover haven't even sent anybody to look at the defective part. I think their attitude is disgraceful - somebody could have been injured or worse......

Detachable Tow Bars

Detachable Tow Bar (Range Rover above) LR have now fitted a new tow bar as a goodwill gesture but nothing to cover damaged trailer. We have had to claim on our insurance for trailer. Insurance engineer has written it off as it was beyond economical repair, no doubt my insurance will go up at renewal, through no fault of mine. We have been to our MP William Hague as we feel something needs to be done about these tow bars. He has asked North Yorkshire County Council Trading Standards to look into it, they would be interested to hear from those of you who have had problems with the detachable tow bars.Please pass on any information or comments you have by contacting CONSUMER DIRECT on 07845040506 and ask them to pass the information on to NORTH YORKSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL TRADING STANDARDS the more information they have hopefully they can do something about these tow bars.

tow bars

I had no idea there was such a problem. last year my disco failed an MOT because the detachable towbar was loose. land rover were not interested. Had to get a fixed bar instead.

tow bars

My husband and I were travelling home from a doctors visit and towing our van. As we pulled into a servo we heard a clunk but upon inspection could not see anything untoward. After filling up, we reversed away from the bowsers and proceded forward to the exit lane when the car and van separated. The genuine land rover tow bar had snapped clean in two leaving only the chains keeping van and car tigether. Fortunately we were not on the highway or we may have been killed. We now have a Hayman-Reese Tow Bar and Hitch assembly.

Detachable Tow Bar

I am the officer investigating this matter for North Yorkshire County Council Trading Standards Service. Unfortunately the number for Consumer Direct given by another poster earlier is incorrect. The correct number for Consumer Direct is 08454 040506 or email them at Currently although there appears to be much anecdotal evidence of a problem with this towbar, few official complaints have been made to Trading Standards. If you wish to report your incident please be aware you will be asked to supply your name and address so that we can contact you for further information.

Fixed Tow Bar failure

Just to add to everyones concerns, I have just this week 15th June 2012 had the complete rear cross member replaced and a new OEMLR fixed tow bar replaced on our MY06 Disco3. Thankfully as it was a fixed tow bar, the side supports were enough to keep the actual fixing in the cross member but the result was a tow bar that with the supports removed would leave the towbar moving left and right by some 0.75inches. Please beware it happens to FIXED tow bars as well as quick release ones. BTW cost of replacement towbar/rear cross member / labour £1200 plus vat!!

Tow bar on Disco 3

I have just returned from France and found the tow bar about to drop out of the jaw even in the locked position. The bar can move from side to side approx .75 inch as others above. Have towed with this for 35000 miles and had bar drop a small bit before in locked position, but though nothing of it. Will change out for rigid this week as towing caravan again in two weeks time.

Detachable Tow Bar Catastrophic Failure

This is a very similar system, almost identical in design to the detachable tow bar available to Mercedes GL (and possibly ML). I had mine come off last week while towing a plant trailer. I have reported the issue to VOSA and would be interested to hear from anyone with the same issue direct as I will be pursuing the case until they do something about this. Please email me from my website HABCO if you are able to help with additional comments and photos.

Detachable Tow Bar Failure

**Correction to a post I just added - I believe it is the WestFalia system that is available to the Land Rover that is similar to my Genuine Mercedes system and NOT the Genuine Land Rover product.

Disco 3 detachable towbar

Just returned fromFrance towing van to find detachable towbar on Disco 3 very loose. It clicked back into place but repeat towing caused it to become very loose again. Do I need to get a fixed towbar? September 2012

Detachable Tow Bar Catastrophic Failure

My wife was towing our twin axle trailer with a wood chipper on today at approx 25 mph when the tow bar failed and detached its self from our Discovery 3! Unfortunately the trailer hit an oncoming Mercedes Vito van, probably writing it off and injuring the driver in the process. Driver taken to hospital and I will be reporting this to Trading Standard first thing on Monday. Todays date - 15 September 2012

Detachable tow bar failure

18th Sept 2012. Detachable tow bar fell out while towing today with disco 3 05 reg. Just pulled off dual carriageway and crawling in traffic on slip road, could have been horrific.

Detachable towbar disco 3

I have noticed that my detachable tow bar is moving both sideways and up and down, when the car was in for a recall ( told about this from landrover one and a half years late) I asked them to have a look at the toe ball, answer was that the only cure was to fit a fixed towbar. well I am getting a witter fitted but not by landrover(they charge far too much and I do not trust them) why can landrover not admit that thier detachable toebar is just plain crap, not fit for purpose and that the guy that designed it could not even design a fish box. Landrover do not care if anybody gets killed due to thier useless equipment it seems to me, maybe a case of corporate manslaughter against them with massive publicity would awaken them to thier faults.

Loose tow bar

My lockable twbar s a little loose so as I cannot get a fixed bar fitted before towing my boat back to the uk next week I was thinking of having the removable bar welded into the socket. Has anyone tred ths ?

Discovery 3

Yep, me too, tonight horse box with two ponies in a town Main Street luckily no pedestrians were hit and ponies ok, are Land River waiting for more serious injuries and perhaps fatalities before they have a recall???

Towbar failing

Same problem everyone else has. Towis is loose and have been told I need a new chassis piece as the holder is worn and will not accept a new tow bar even a fixed towbar . Landrover don't want to know

Disco 3 Towbar Failure

Its happened to me this weekend. Detachable towbar has dropped off my 54 plate disco whilst towing the biggest Ifor box trailer in Germany. Had to come home without ytrailer whilst I get the truck sorted then go back to collect it after. Luckily only doing 15 MPH and the break away did its thing.

Disco 3 detachable tow-bar

Sorry to hear about all your various problems but have to thank you for posting them as just in the process of looking to purchase a detachable bar for our 09 Disco 3. Guess its going to be a fixed one now!

tow bars

I'm worried now, I am just about to pick up my new caravan wed feb 13,and tow it with a LR disco 4 with detachable tow bar,just wondered is it a problem with the disco 4 model? any advise welcome.

Disco 3 detachable tow-bar

Same problem experienced last Sunday with detachable towbar coming adrift. Trailer and boat badly damaged. LR garage advised locking snib not fully engaged although theoretically key cannot be removed unless it is. Reading similar experiences have reported to Consumer |Advice. June 2013

Disco 3 towbar detached - twice

The detachable towball on my '08 Disco went walkabout a couple of months ago - luckily while nowt was hooked on. My local dealer wanted what I thought was silly money for a new one so my son sourced one on ebay - I think we paid about £130 and it appeared to be a genuine LR part. Anyway, the day before yesterday I went to hook on my trailer and blow me - the new towbar had fallen off! Luckily I've not suffered a fall-off with a trailer coupled like some poor souls. Graham June 12 2013

Replacement Towbar

My '06 Disco Towbar is loose and Local main dealer is replacing it with a fixed one including the full crossmember FOC. Only difference is I'm in south of Ireland. So they are fixing them here.

tow ball falling out

My trailer parted company with the disco 3 when i was just leaving the yard for a recovery, i have towed just over 82.000 miles with this unit and all over the continent with my family on board. thankfuly the damaged done at this incident was only a mark on the gate post and a broken light unit Land Rover will from advice recieved will contribute 75% of the new tow bracket which is an affront to anyone who has had such a problem and i question if the unit is fit for purpose due to the crap which the customer services chap spouts he evidently has not a clue what he is selling Bill Neish MBE FIMI President of the Vehicle Builders and Repairers Assopciation

Toe bar failure

Last Friday I had just drove 20 miles down the A14 whilst pulling my 6 wheel Ivor Williams trailer with around one tonne of steelwork on board.i arrived at my destination unloaded and just as I pulled away to return home the toe bar fell out and the trailer rolled down a hill and hit an artic which the poor driver was cleaning at the time.Fortunatly no one was injured and not much damage sustained,but this could have been so much worse if it had happened 5 minutes later on the A14.Still awaiting L/R response as dealership not interested!!!!

Disco 3 towbar trouble

My detachable towbar has failed after just 3000 miles of towing. It came with the car when I bought it new. Land Rover will not replace it & have denied knowledge of a problem with them. If you have a problem with yours you MUST report it to VOSA & fill in their online form - it is quick & easy - if every one had reported it to them a recall would have been required by now. Do not wait until someone is killed before you report your trouble. Just one report of a complete detachment will be enough.

Detachable tow bar failure

Detachable tow bar fell off yesterday. By shear luck it happened on a quiet country road going uphill. Fully loaded trailer ended up in bank on opposite side of road. Had just turned off A3, rather than going through new Hindhead Tunnel. God knows the carnage that would have occurred if failure had taken place on A3 or in tunnel. The locking mechanism had failed, and the turn handle had unturned until the detachable tow fell out upon reflection, the design appears to be flawed. There is no fail safe. Surely if a lock fails the default should be for the tow to be stuck in not drop out. It is frankly criminal. The tow bar is not fit for purpose. I'm going to talk to Land Rover direct about this and if no satisfactory explanation then it is getting reported to Trading Standards. I am also going to seek legal advice. Damage to trailer was minimal, but that not the point, somebody could have been killed!

Detachable tow bar failure

I can add another dimension to the above! Disco 3 (09) in for a new turbo (amongst other things) anyway the mechanic has just been on the phone and said under no circumstances should I be towing with this vehicle! The detachable tow bar has corroded to a point where it is about to drop off. He says he sees it a lot with farm vehicles. Where by the salt and dirt gets in between the bar and the bracket and unless it is regularly cleaned and lubricated it will rot. I tow a 3.5ton horse trailer with mine, £400 + labour for a replacement :-(

westfalia detachable neck

range rover l322 54 plate had new tow bar fitted westfalia with h/duty detachable drop neck plate collected it from garage as i backed up you could hear tow bar out you can move the bar neck 8mm side to side and 8 mm up and down garage said it was ok and that that was normal ? now when i go over a bump it nocks £550 ?

rr 10 sports faulty hitch

After 3 1/2 yrs old pull away from a corner and my caravan came away from the car on inspection found that the tow hitch had fell out just as well I was going slow awaiting LL response apart from that it looks like the lock failed

Detatachable Tow Bar Land Rover

Have Disco 4 Detachable (Land Rover) Tow bar as with many has play on it and as with many rattles when towing very frightening. Took it to Main Dealer yesterday "not warranty" estimate £700 !!! Looking at it myself which is not possibly the best approach. Pull a twin axel caravan. Any advice?

LR DEtachable Towing Bracket

I have read all the comments about Discovery 3 detachable towing brackets coming off, I tow a 1.6 Tonne caravan without any probs so far having had the car 14 months. I have not read any comments about the SAFETY CHAIN/ROPE failing so assume one has not been used in every case which ini ts self is rediculas as that's what it is there for. I will add that we have been towing a caravan for the past 46 yrs.

Witter detachable towbar

Anyone had a problem with Witter detachable towbar? Mine detached with caravan from Jaguar X-type.Luckily no one else involved.

Detatachable Tow Bar Discovery 3

An older style (green key) detachable 'tow hitch disappeared' from my Discovery 3 (07) last year just before I was about to go on a long caravan touring holiday so replaced it with a new one (red key). Just found that this tow hitch has similarly disappeared. There must be a design fault and an urgent recall is necessary.

Detachable tow bar came off

As some of you may now be aware we suffered a horrific horse trailer accident on the way home from competing yesterday. The towbar on the Landrover disconnected from the car and sent our Ifor Williams with our beloved horses inside careering past the car and along the road before swerving across onto the verge, upturning and ending up on its roof. Donny was lying on the ground, half out the back with Jessie and the partition laying over him still in the trailer. As we were trying to calm the horses and phone the police, Jessie thrashed about trying to get to her feet, kicking and pressing the partition against Donny's trapped body. As I comforted Donny, Christine went into the trailer to help Jessie to her feet. With the weight of her off Donny, he managed to wriggle himself free and stand up. Katherine did a fantastic job calling the police, fire crews and vet. She then remained with Jessie to keep her calm. Once the vet arrived both horses were sedated and Donny was led to a waiting horsebox. Jessie was cut free by the firemen and walked out where the jockey door had been. Both horses were assessed but unbelievably had no serious injury and were transported home to be treated and bandaged by the vet. A huge thank you to Vallerie Higgins for all her support and for Lesley Higgins for coming in our hour of need with her horsebox. Thanks also to the firecrews and police for their quick response, The passing drivers that stopped to offer assistance and Alison at Clyde Vet who patched up our horses. A HUGE hug to my amazing daughters, Christine and Katherine who remained calm and professional throughout and whose calmest was remarked on by the police and firecrews! I would not wish this to happen to anyone and I am grateful that my horses will recover. It could have been so so much worse. It looks like my factory fitted detachable towbar came away although I will know for sure when I visit my trailer tomorrow as it had to be uplifted from the scene.

Detachable tow bars

Made in India :( This is what happens when manufacturing goes off shore .Not made in the UK any more :/

Detacahable tow bar

I would never have a detachable tow bar......asking for trouble. We have a Range Rover with a standard tow bar

D3 tow bar

After reading this i had a bit of a panic and spoke to my dad who is a land rover specialist. He said it is a common issue that is caused not by a fault but them not being correctly pushed in. Most people hear a clicked and think its secured and you need to push in and up until you hear a loud clunk. He has had many people come in wit the same issue on d3 and mercs with driving off and leaving caravans etc. He said now they are going back to fixed ones to prevent this issue further. Just glad no-one was hurt. I have an adjustable one on my d2 and it is very secure.

Discovery 3 tow bar

My tow bar was loose and I have heard of them rattling basically they say that the detachable draw bar is for one of them 4ftx4ft trailers not really heavy towing. Any decent towing they advise you have a fixed one that's why they sell them. so because that's what they advise removes responsibility from them and the ownus is on the owner of the car

D3 tow bar

After reading this i had a bit of a panic and spoke to my dad who is a land rover specialist. He said it is a common issue that is caused not by a fault but them not being correctly pushed in. Most people hear a clicked and think its secured and you need to push in and up until you hear a loud clunk. He has had many people come in wit the same issue on d3 and mercs with driving off and leaving caravans etc. He said now they are going back to fixed ones to prevent this issue further. Just glad no-one was hurt. I have an adjustable one on my d2 and it is very secure.

tow bars

I have a disco 02 i am now worried about towing my ifor williams trailer after hearing all the problems with the tow bars any advice about who can check them over for safety and is lr going to do anything about these accidents.

Detachable Tow Bar

I don't have a Discovery 3 but was looking at getting one with a detachable tow bar and will just stick with my current discovery for now. However I don't think that this matter should only be reported to trading standards. I think it should be reported to BBC Watchdog as everyone needs to know about this. I live in a rural area where there are many of these Discovery's towing horse boxes and caravans on a regular basis. Land Rover should be taking to court for this in my opinion.

Land Rovers

Which? Magazine have consistently rated these vehicles as one of the least reliable yet people keep buying them and wondering why they go wrong. Stop buying them!!

Detachable Tow Bar

I had the same issue with a detachable KOBA towbar that was fitted to a 2nd hand Range Rover that we bought. It detached at 40 mph down a straight road - luckily the horse trailer I was towing veered left and not right into oncoming traffic. The trailer towbar hit a bank and flipped the trailer onto it's back. Somehow the horse kicked its way out and was uninjured - miraculous as the trailer was a write-off. KOBA said the usual stuff - never happened before (?) etc and that it was 100% my fault for not having the towbar serviced - but there were no instructions with the car about it and I had no idea this was so blindingly obvious to all but the terminally dim. My advice to anyone with one of these would be to GET RID of it asap - ANY cost is worth it when you consider what could happen with several tons of trailer careering backwards down a hill into oncoming traffic. VERY dangerous kit.

Detachable towbar

How were these failures and subsequent damage sorted out with the insurance companies

Detachable towbar

How were these failures and subsequent damage sorted out with the insurance companies

Detachable tow bar

2014 2 months old Discovery 4, detachable tow bar ball has disapeared. it appears not tampered with so it must have fallen off. fancy that hitting a car behind on the motorway ! dealer is looking at this, lets see what they say .

Detachable towbar

My tow bar as vanished whilst on the car, I was thinking it had been pinched, but these comments it might of just fell off.

Stolen detachable tow hook

I left my car parked on the corner of a quiet country lane to go shooting in an orchard. I noticed a car pull up, an occupant got out and in less than 5 seconds my detachable tow hook was removed. I was approximately 30 meters from my car in the orchard at the time. When my car alarm was set off by this and by the time I got back to my car the scum bags who stole it were gone! There was no damage to the vehicle so I can only assume a key was used to remove it. So if anyone does have one of these hooks remove it after use!

Witter Tow Bar

Had a Witter detachable tow bar fitted to my Mercedes ML 320 58 plate which suffered a catastrophic failure on it,s first time of use whilst towing a horsebox.Neither the company who fitted it nor Witter accept any responsibility for what has happened which includes £3500 of damage to the rear of my vehicle.I am am now forced to pursue legal action.

Where is my detachable towbar

I returned to my Discovery 3 today and noticed the tow bar was missing. I thought it had been stolen, but there was no sign it had been tampered with (no tool marks or scuffed dirt on rear bumper to be seen). Having read the articles here, it appears to have just fallen off. This is a real danger as although I wasn't towing at the time, it is a very substantial piece of metal which could cause a serious accident. Land Rover should be dealing with this before someone looks at them being culpable in any subsequent accidents or (god forbid) a road death.

Tow bar detached

Today was towing my Iford williams tipping trailer with 06 Disco 3 with approx two ton of sand on the A9, traveling at 40 mph when suddenly realised that the trailer was no longer attached and fortunately veered to the nearside causing no damage but was shocked to find the hitch had come off and still locked. Thank goodness it did not go the other way potentially could have killed some. More horrified to find that this was not an isolated incident. Will now be looking at a fixed hitch.LR need more feed back about this.

tow bar detachable

my caravan and tow bar came off 20 minutes after i brought the caravan. caravan flipped on motorway lucky enough it was 3 am and no one was hurt except my pocket. but found out next day from landrover there was a call back to the previous owner about the socket at the back of car but i didnt know cause only had car for 2 months,taking car for call back next week to let them check it ? {check your car at landrover}.

Tow hitch recall

Received a recall for detachable tow ball on disco3,4, and range rover sprts on 30/06/2015 from landrover to repair/replace under warranty. My own was rattling but I removed it, stripped and greased it and after a few starts eventually reasebled the bits in the correct position so that the locking tongue was tight when locked in position.Think this jams with rust and wears slack thus letting the hitch to drop.

land rover discovery 3 2009

Just had my detachable tow ball checked by land Rover following the recall forced on them by the Vehicle Standards Agency. At first visit I was told these tow balls are only safe to use occasionally and certainly not safe for my 26ft double axle caravan. An appointment was made for a full inspection and I was told a fixed tow bar would be fitted. Car came back with nothing done other than detachable tow ball greased and a new lock fitted. Phone call followed from them stating Land Rover had now decided these tow balls are safe to use provided the nose weight listed in the handbook supplement is adhered to. Land Rover are just ignoring this safety issue and I am sure future failings will be put down to loaded nose weight which would be impossible to disprove after an accident. I have complained to the VSA and would advise everyone else to do likewise. Land Rover should fit fixed tow bars to all vehicles recalled at their own cost.

tow bar

landrover have recall all discoverys for inspection 19/08/2015

Land Rover Discovery 3 Tow Bar

I've just had my removable tow bar replaced free of charge with fixed type. No charge. Rearcross member was also replaced. 21/08/2015

Faulty Towbar Discovery 3

We replaced ours at our own cost last year, did not to cause an accident whilst towing as it was so lose and dangerous, Got our letter from Landrover to recall it , we asked them to pay for our replacement and they refused. Why did they wait such a long time before recalling them!!!! Such a joke

Detachable Towbar Discovery 4

Having received a recall on the towbar from LandRover UK in July 2015 I had the towbar checked out and given the OK. A few weeks later it detached along with our 1.8 tonne twin axle caravan on a major motorway. Damage to caravan being assessed and insurance company invoved - I think it would have spun and even flipped it it hadn't been a twin axle. Remarkably the road was quiet and no other vehicles were involved. Could have been a major road traffic incident. Keen to hear from anyone else who might have had a problem on a Discovery 4 as aim to seek legal advice.

disco 3

Just bought a used disco 3 with the heavy duty towbar fitted. I was, yes ,was, going to have a detatchable fitted, not now. On another note, did any of these trailers have the breakaway cable fitted correctly to the hitch?

tow bars

hi Guys have just found this page and reading through it the tow bar on my sport clonks now and again but land rover have put out a recall for it for disco3 & 4 & sport from 2006 to now mine has been in today on the recall and passed but I don't feel confident with it any more as I travel in to Europe I've had discos for the last 20 years and never had any problems but like I say now I'm worried. thanks for reading hope this helps someone

tow hitch

hi just a follow up after looking at previous posts about trailers breaking free its not just that what about if you are on a motorway or any other road and the hook brakes free and go's through a cars windscreen behind if that hit anyone it would kill them lr are refusing to change mine even though it clonks with the caravan on

Tow hitch

My 2010 Disco 4 was in the dealer for some work to be carried out when they mentioned they need to check the removable tow bar. they told me it needed to be replaced under warranty but with a fixed one. If I wanted another removable one then I had to sign all sorts of disclaimers. Obviously I declined this and have gone with the fixed one so there must be an known issue with the removable bars.

Range Rover sport

I've been caravaning for over a decade. Last week I was towing my van and the detachable tow bar literally came off in the Aframe of the van. It detached from the car and crashed into two parked cars. Sounds like the Tow bar recall didn't work! Has anybody approached Landrover for compensation / a response clearly this is a major issue and life threatening?

Disco 3

I have just bought disco 3 with towing hitch it is detachable, but you would have to have spanners to hand too, as there is two support bars going back to chassis and a heavy plate behind tow ball brit part LR007484

Dangerous towing

Can anyone prevent someone getting killed? I was pulled over by VOSA who told me my vehicle was no suitable (train weight 6ton) , they recommended that I should buy a Land Rover, which I did. I have had a very traumatic experience when the tow ball fell off the car smashing my 3.5 ton trailer into a tree fortunately no one was killed. Land Rover replaced the tow bar very quickly foc, but tell me it's not there responsibility with the loss of my trailer? I now have a fear that this careless attitude from land rover could end up loosing a life. Not to mention my ruined trailer & a loss of £3500.00 to me as my insurance doesn't cover the vehicle itself only third party. There seems to be many other cases of this serious failure

Range Rover tow bar

Land Rover recalled my 2013 Range Rover inspected it & said no problem,hopefully it's in good condition.

Disco 3 towbar

Can i ask why none of you have stated that you attached the safety wire that automatically puts the teailer brake on then surely half the accidents could of been prevented ?

RR Sport

I've been lucky. It to have had an incident with mine. I tow a twin axle caravan and was concerned about the slackness. The car was recalled in and had a new rear cross member welded in. Landrover then decided that the tow bar was not fit for towing such a heavy van and fitted a permanent tow bar under warranty. I dread to think what could have happened. Wonder how the new tow bars fitted to the newer models fair??


I have just read this entire thread and I am APPALLED by Land Rover's utter indifference with safety and security, both with that of their car's but also with that of their customers who's driving their cars. But also with their total lack of care and customer service towards their customers, towards those of you who have contacted LR and told them about the detachable tow bar and the dangerous and potentially lethal accidents you've had because of it. I wish that someone would - and pardon my language - drag their ass to court and make them fix the problem but also to make them pay for every single damage, pain and suffering (both human, animal and material) caused by every single accident caused by a defective detachable tow bar.

Disco Tow hitches

as a automotive engineer I WOULD NEVET TRUST A PLUGIN TOW BALL.If used daily with a heavy load they wear,if used infreaquently rust builds up in the socket and the hitch forces this out causing it to be loose.just look at the pin in the hitches that do a jaw and ball.Get a proper towbar fitted and keep the ball greased and coverd when not in use.Remember to check the tow hitch on your trailer regularly as my caravan alco type bushes failed on the way to scotland meaning they wano brake to Caravan so it pushed the tow vehicle down hill .

removable hitch

if you look under your removable towbar you will see a small 8mm hole if you tap a thread in it and drill out a small recess in the locking pin you can put a 11 mm spanner size bolt in lock in up and the pin can not move out of place.

Detactable tow bar

My Land Rover 3 tow bar detached itself to day from my Discovery on the motorway. Luckily no one was behind me but I am now minus a tow bar. Has there been a recall ?
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