Free at last from Land Rover

Finaly after three and half years my local dealership felt so sorry for me they purchased back my TD D3, at above trade price and requiring $10K + worth of repairs.

Day two experience with new D3, returned car back to the dealership, took six months to retify faults. LR customer service is none existent, so the dealership supplied a courtesy car, at their expence.

Too many faults to list after this, final straw at 56.000km, and four months out of warranty the fuel pumps failed. LR refused any good will gesture, with the repair quote going into double figues, and I quote, "we can not guarantee this will work" I finaly lost it?

The dealership came to the rescue, after court action was raised, but in the mean time they tryed to sell me a D4, I can not share with you the words which came out of my mouth?

I have now purched a Toyota, Oh what a feeling.

FREE AT LAST............

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