Discovery 4 3.0V6 SE

Bought my Disco 4 3.0V6 SE in November in South Africa.  14000km and the vehicle is in for the motor to be replaced...all was fine until this.  They tell me it is going to take a while to repair...

Discovery 4

Rear window imploded on gravel road. Has anyone else heard of this problem?


I am experiencing an intermittant fault with my car in that you press the accelerator pedal but nothing happens for about 3-4 seconds. The car can go for a week or two without it happening but then it will do it again the next day two or three times on a three mile journey. Land Rover have told me today that this is a characteristic of the vehicle!!! What utter rubbish!!


I have the same accelerator problem. The car is back with a dealer for the third time. I have so far had a new brake switch, accelerator unit, and gearbox control. Usually happens at junctions or after slowing for a corner, accelerate and the engine does not respond for couple of seconds, just enough time to reach for the hazard lights before it picks up. I have rolled round roundabouts, across junctions and steep bends with no power. It sadly makes what should be a superb car dangerous. The car also feels heavy when I take power off. However carefully I drive I cannot get more than 25.5mpg.


Sounds like one of your EGR valves is sticking,I had the same problem on Disco 3, only diagnosed when valves finally snapped and engine was very slow to respond unti you could coax 3000 rpm out of it.

Accelerator discovery 4

The lack of power problem at junctions etc is caused by touching the brake and accelerator at the same time, often the inside of the foot catches the side of the brake when accelerating. This cut power for few seconds. Caused by over sensitive switch in brake pedal. Try doing it on purpose to prove this is the issue. Now I know this is the cause I only very occasionally have the problem in certain shoes. Big feet are the problem!


I also have the same issue, Discovery 4 60 plate. has been back to Landrover 4/5 times with this issue. Unable to find a fault as nothing recorded. Have replaced break switch have just updated mapping i have been told still doing it !! also happens at junctions or roundabouts or after slowing for a corner.Accelerate and the engine does not respond for couple of seconds.Again my car also feels heavy when I take power off !!

Not Accelorating at all

My Disco 3 56 plate, has had this fault last week where the accelerator just stops working giving the car enough to run on just over tick over. It was fixed last week to the values of £308. It happened again this morning in town, very embarrassing. I have had to dump it in a car pak and wait for the "specialists" to come and diagnose it again.....Was meant to be travelling to London (250 miles) tomorrow for Christmas. Don't think that will be happening! How can a newly fitted Accelorator sensor brake in 4 days?
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