I have a Discovery 4

Dear Sir / Madam
I have a Discovery 4 Reg No -  N8WNB  which is 6 months old with 4000 miles
When I picked vehicle up on delivery it would not go over 30 mph and had to go straight back to dealer.
Over the past three weeks i have had serious problems will on holiday in England. Whilst towing my caravan we have suffered approx 8 occasions of loss of power and emergency brake / DSC  failure.
The car was given a computer upgrade while we were in London plus new battery. This failed to solve the problem and we had 4 further power failures on the MI/M6 while travelling North.
Landrover assist was called while at Chester and they could not source the problem.
I rang Edwards LR for help as detailed below.
We eventually nursed the car back to Belfast on Tue 13th and contacted TP Topping my supplying dealer.
Still no solution to car problem  - I have spoken to Peter Little at Toppings this afternoon and all he could tell me was that no fault showed up and they had downloaded info to land rover but they have had no reply.
Let me give you full details to date :-
1    23rd Mar we had travelled 60 mile approx when we had loss of power and emergency brake mode showing on car dash. We stopped and restarted car and it was ok for approx same distance when same again     happened
2    We reached Birmingham and suddenly rear windows went down and would not close again - took over 20 mins to eventually get them to close.
3    When we reached my daughters the alarm went off and would not respond to key fob - took approx 10 mins to get alarm stopped.
4    Rang Land rover and we got car into dealer for computer upgrade inc new battery and turbo update.
5    Car fine for two weeks - short journeys and no towing.
6    left London 11th April and after towing 50 mile approx the same problem occurred. This happened a further 2/ 3 times before we got to Chester.
7    At Chester I rang Edwards LR to seek help - the showroom staff were present but could hardly wait to get me off the phone and would not even take a phone number in order to get someone to ring me     next morning.  I rang service manager next morning but they would not help and told me to call LR Assist
8    I then proceeded to ring LR Assist who said they would get someone to call out next morning
9    LR Assist arrived 10.30 am and proceeded to check vehicle on computer - no solution found but evidence of our problems did show up along with the computer upgrade already carried out.
10    LR Assist also installed a computer upgrade for tow bar.
11    We managed to get car home - mainly by stopping every 40mile or so to restart car in the hope it would keep system running.
After arriving home we :-

  1. Contacted Toppings to see if they would collect  car and leave us a loan car with tow bar.  
  2. Told that LR Assist were going to pick car up and  we would get a car with tow bar from LR Assist  
  3. Breakdown truck arrived several hours later but we  had not received a hire car so sent truck back  
  4. Contacted LR Assist who said Enterprise were to  deliver a vehicle - when they rang they informed me that they do not hire  vehicle with tow bars!!!!  
  5. Contacted LR Assist again who said they would  source 4x4  for next day  
  6. Got phone call from Enterprise to say they had a  4x4 so when I picked it up it was indeed a Freelander but no tow bar AND no  fuel - I only just made it to a filling station 2 mile away.  
  7. I have still not received a tow vehicle - this is  silly if land rover work through a firm who do not supply a tow vehicle - what  would I do if stuck in England  
  8. Latest news on my car is that Landrover have  spoken to Toppings and appear to think problem could be to do with tow bar set  up - it was factory fitted. They suggest Toppings tow a trailer to see if they  can recreate problem - Is this a joke - there is evidence already on vehicle  computer.  
  9. Toppings are also going to redo computer upgrade -  trying to say that perhaps it was not carried out correctly?????  
  10. Toppings can not give me any idea when my car will  be returned and we have booked a caravan site and paid money to go away this  weekend and we have no tow car.  
  11. I have informed service to contact me tomorrow  a.m. and if they can not resolve problem to put car on breakdown truck and  return where I intend to trade car immediately for another brand - I can not  take a chance of further breakdowns in Europe this summer.  
  12. I have been somewhat shocked at Toppings lack of  concern for a customer who has purchased 16 new cars in the past 16 years and  can not even source a temporary vehicle for me.
  13. Friday 16th - had to again make contact with dealer rather than them  contacting me - they have informed me that there is a computer problem at LR  and can do nothing until Mon19th. They also informed me that insurance on hire  car had been extended until Mon. At 4.55pm I decided to check with my  insurance company and the insurance had NOT been extended. This was 5 mins  before closure and would have meant having no insurance all weekend.
  14. LR Assist have still failed to supply me with a towing vehicle and as a  result we have had to cancel a weekend trip with our caravan and have lost our  site fees.
  15. I have lost all confidence in my Discovery 4 and feel let down by  both LR and my dealer. I intend to end my 16 year relationship with both ASAP  and purchase an alternative product

I have appreciated allthe help and advice over the years Alison Mitchell at LR  has provided, and it is only because of her that I did not make a change several years ago - this however is too similar to the Milan experience I suffered 6 yrs ago and I will not subject my wife to the stress and worry during our summer trip this year.
How can I have confidence in this vehicle as we plan to set off for 7 weeks to Europe with a caravan and tow to Venice????
I have already suggested getting this car back to Landover - or indeed because of the low mileage etc asking for it to be replaced.
I would appreciate an very early response before I seek legal advice
Regards - Norman Bruce

Disco 4

I had no end of trouble with Disco 4 it kept going to reduced performance, fun when you are overtaking! The car went for repair 6 times each time the same problem occured. Finally I took the car back to dealer as my wife would not drive it. Disco 4s are great OFF ROAD CARS they are never on the *******! road they are in the workshop!


After a life time of Land Rovers, with 7 years Africa and 3 Discoveries I have been looking to buy a Disco 4 and just can't take the risk. My present Discovery has been a nightmare with new computer module,2 x new suspension pumps,4 x suspension Air Bags, hydraulic pipe burst to transmission,ABS failure, 4 accidents due to brake malfunction (Insurers refuse to insure)Crankshaft pulley failure and more. All fixed at my expense except for 1 compressor. The vehicle has less than 50,000 miles and Land Rover don't give a shit. Its the vehicle I love and want but just don't need the stress and costs. Anyone suggest a good alternative ?


We Have " Discovery 4,s 2009/20011.both have the same loss of power.it only seems to happen when realy cold.and for the 1st few miles.The 2009 has been back 5/6 times with this fault.Stratstone Newport are all way nice,but addmit they cannot find the fault,there answer is that it maybe the transmission shifter,i do drive them hard in the sports box 90% of the time.BUT THERES IS A FAULT.Thanks Jon from www.landroverbreaker.com

Limp Home Mode Loss of power


Discovery 4

I have a fault with my new Landrover and the dealer Harwoods Croydon is not taking it seriously as they say it is my driving style. The car will sometimes not accelerate when stopping at junctions and the dealer says that it is caused by me. I think the problem is that if you brush the brake peddle or are too quick from one to the other the computer says no!!! If any one else is having this problem please email me and we can take it further. Gharris594@aol.com Glenn

Discovery 4 3.0

Bought a new vehicle 6 weeks ago, and hasn`t even 2000miles on the clock , has broken down and left me stranded twice. Complete loss of power. Heading to be the worst car I have ever had. Come back my Mitsubishi please

Anything good about LR Discovery 4?

Anything good about the Discovery 4? Can anyone share some good experience with this car? Why/How does Land Rover manage to still sell Disco's/Disco 4 if it is such a bad car? I am asking because I think the car looks spectacular and I expect the performance at the same level but, I hear ALWAYS bad about it, yet I see a lot of Disco's on roads and off!!! Do Toyota's, Benz's, Jeeps, etc ever break? Is Disco the only car that has issues or some specific Disco's as happens with some Benz's, BMW's, Jeep's, etc.?

divocery 4

hey. I have a lr4 2011. I had the car in the shop for service and suddenly the car was dead, they will not start or any life in this at all. has anyone had the same problem?

Discovery4-loss of power

Just taken our disco4 to LR for 4th time!! Loss of power when accelerating/overtaking.When you switch off and on, fault disappears, no codes for engineers.No doubt they will change another part.I don't believe them when they say this is a new problem to them!!

discovery 4

I have a disco 4 2011 and also goes dead no power to start the car battery is fine. gives all types warnings they don't what it is. does anybody have an answer

O Well

O Well, I was in the market for a new LRD4 but not anymore. LR you loose. /Kris

Discovery 4

I have a Discovery 4 2011, in the last 6 weeks I have had a 'kangaroo' effect at 70mph. The car jerks forward and backwards as if it is trying to change gear badly. Very frightening as the power seems to go on and off. No warning lights and the dealer can find no problems on the computer. I love the car but don't want to drive it any more, especially with small children in it.


If you are stupid and like breaking down on everyother trip , if you have plenty of money and like being ripped off, if you want LR to ignore you and sell you a lemon then LR is ideal for you..


Hi all my dad had a disco a few.years back and cost him 1000s to fix it it wood last a a month or so then something went get it fixed then something else brakes he got rid when ir went pop on the motorway. I have a Shogun v6 lwb and it's great can tow about 3 ton and has all the toys ect and has never went wrong! A few of my mates have them too and they say the same. It's not all about looks I want something that is dependable too.

I have a disco 3

I own a Disco 3 and I was interested to see what problems the new Disco 4 were having, seems to me, they are still having the same problems as the Disco 3's...Do these people not learn anything?? Discovery 4 -I have the same problem as you at junctions and round-abouts. No excelleration..I have to rev the engine up before I pull out, or else its dead slow, and I am dead meat! Garage fobs me off saying its my driving. Also, sometimes when I take my foot of the excellerator, it sticks and the car revs at 1.5/2 before coming back down slowly. I also have engine system failure, and car limp home mode when pulling a horse trailer...and I have had the replacement car problem with Enterprise! I asked for a towing machine, they gave me a top of the range Range Rover Vogue with 30 miles on the clock,(beautiful) tow bar fitted. Great I thought, until I went looking for the detachable bar?? Rang Enterprise and they said they don't stock the tow bars...what they meant to say, was they didnt want me towing with their lovely new vehicle!?

Disco 4

We purchased a one year old discovery 4 from land rover in sept 2010. Since last Christmas it has been in garage 4 times, I have only had it for 6 weeks since mid dec. when. Accelerate a burst of white smoke comes out of exhaust. I have had two new turbos and last time they reduced the size of the pipe taking oil to turbo 2???? Am awaiting what they say this time, I only had it back 8 days. Am soooooo fed up.


Had a disco 3 for 60 weeks and it spent 45 of these in garage Electronic brake5 times Suspension 3 times New clutch at 30000 miles Lr nothing but ignorant twats bought q7 the best car ever and service to match

Discovery 4/ legal stuff

I was thinking of buying a Disco commercial 4 but don't think i will bother after all your comments. Ive already had a bad experience with a Isuzu trooper, the one with the self destroying engine. I would recommend not to bother with legal action and just get rid of your vehical. It took me 4 years and £25000 in legal fees to sue my local dealer who only paid up after I had won the case in court and had to send in the bailiffs.They then went bust 2 weeks later, some very careful taking this route.

diccovery 4

was going to purchase a dicovery 4 for a trip to Namibia, but after reading about the many electrical problems people are experiencing, have to stick with my mitsubishi pajero 3.2 did,137000kms, never missed a beat.

Discovery 4

Is there anybody out there who could prove these guys wrong regarding the Discovery 4. On the brink of purchasing one. With such comments it would be difficult> Help!

Upgrade my 3 to 4 ?

Ive had a disco 3 for just over 1 year and since that year ive had to renew the clutch and fly wheel, master cylinder and also the bloody handbrake is for ever jamming. My brother just bought the disco 4 and guess what its in the garage with engine problems !!!!

Engine seized

I bought d4 hse new in Nov '09. Rear diff was replaced, oil seals have burst, CV joint broke resulting in replacement drive shaft and last month engine seized at 64000 miles. Got it back after 3 weeks and have had all sorts of reduced power issues. Now they are replacing the turbos but i have lost faith in what i think is a good car.

Disco 4

I bought a xdisplay disco 4, in April this year 2012, but was a 2010 disco4, Since then I have been worked through my warranty, by going to the work shop for same issues, The media system has packed up twice, the gear box system three time, in five month, infact each month there something to worry about & sometimes I noticed power drop in the ecceleration too. Which should have cost me at least £1660.00 if this jeep was not under warranty, And when I bought this car it was sold to me without proper service as in yearly service, just three month of purchase I have changed 2 front tyres, I actually bought this car for Bisuness use, but it now look like I bought for the Landrover garage. This not working with me. The jeep has spent the weekend in the garage with no courtesy car to use.

sorry for lr

LR you lose. thanks to this website i am definetly out of the market for a disco 4

I really wanted a Disco $

It does everything I want - in the show room. Unfortunately looks like it should stay there. Maybe an X5.

TP Topping - Worst Experience Ever

Yet another dissatisfied customer. Peter Little with 35 years experience has problems with admitting his mistakes. Wouldn't trust him to sell a secondhand car let alone a new one. His staff aren't much better either. Never been so badly treated by so many. Learn to read Peter and take some computing lessons. Whlist your at it, accept responsibility for your mistakes and don't blame others!

Thank you...no Disco 4 Me

Thank you everyone and for landroverhell for helping me with my search for a new 7 seater. We have ‘landrover spares’ down the road from us and every morning there are tow trucks with landrovers (all types) waiting for the gates to unlock. I thought it was only the older models that had issues and that surely by now that they have fixed/improved the vehicle range. The D4 looks great and specs good...and reviews state that the car is best off road vehicle...I see now that they mean its never on the road.... Thanks again to all who took the time to post their experience... Landrover in not getting my 90K aus...you know for every 10 people who read this and don’t buy a Landrover…. that’s a million dollar loss…obviously not the incentive that they need…TATA


After reading all the comments with regards to disco 4 i have changed my opinion about it. I would rather spend my money on another product. I sit with a quote on my desk right now for a disco 4 3.0 V6 HSE at a cost of R815,795.45 from Bloemfontein (Z.A.) Its a no for me. Thanks for this site who help people like us seeing the reel problems. I travel a lot also tow a trailer from time to time, not in the mood to get towed often. thanks.

No disco 4 me....just stick 2 the landcruisers,paj

Lemme advice u guys out there lookin 4 a reliable 4*4....discos hv never been the real deal..2 hell with the awards..the best cars are toyota landcruiser vx,prado, hilux both petrol n diesel, pajero petrol only, these models will not let u down.... make a wise choice...stress free life my friends..get a life or start a garage..

Mine's broken too

My hubby bought my a disco 4 for my birthday - I was thrilled! Wish I had discovered this site before I told him that was my dream car :( It died on me in the middle of a NSL unlit country road, no steering, no brakes nothing. LR have had it for 2 weeks and decided there is nothing wrong with it and I have to have it back?!?! How do I get shot of it without losing too much money?

Electricity loss problem DISCO 4

Has anyone found a solution for the Electricity loss in LR D4? My 2012 LR switched off on the second day after I picked it up from a dealer, with merely a 100miles droven. same thing happend every 2nd day. Who know what to do????????

LRDisco 4

Total loss of power while parked for a week in my garage. Appeared to be a flat battery, but in fact it was a short in the hand brake module. Good service from LR it is all about the dealer.

Disco 3 reliability

Bought my D3 in 2006 best car I have driven,but the worst for reliability! You would think LR would have at least learnt from the D3 and sorted them out on the 4. So if you are planning to buy one think very carefully you never know you might get a good one, just like someone's got to win the lottery! One final point, If you are planning a trip to the Sahara or the Ausie outback DONT BUY ONE it will more than likely Kill You !!

No Sale

I heard rumours, Abs warning light $8000 at 95000kms, diffs at 120,000 at $15k. Thought D4 would be different. Wont be buying one, sorry LR Australia. Not after helaring about this and failure to respond to your customer base. Bad attitude. So why does Jeremy Clarkson rave about them?

Land Rover worst in JD Power survey

If you needed any further evidence of the con that LR are pulling, see the JD Power survey for 2013 that rated LR with more faults per vehicle than any other - including such prestigious brands such as Kia, Hyundai and Jeep! http://theage.drive.com.au/motor-news/the-most-dependable-cars-20130214-2ee48.html

No D4 for me

I was considering the D4 for my next company car. Definitely not now. Looks like the Prado.:)

Dicovery 4

Just bought a brand new disco 4 . Hse luxury with every extra at approximate 60k. Just 5 days and 250 miles in car taken away on trailer with a sensor issue Putting car in limp mode with critical warning light and engine management light on. After reading the above I am very concern I may have bought a pup. I drive to southern Spain twice a year and need reliability. Not a happy bunny. Will keep you updated.

disco 3

7 breakdowns in 4 months ,twice towing livestock.worst exsperience of main dealer ever,land rover not helpfull either.no more landrovers !!

Disco 4 SE Driveline

just another bad apple,last year 2012 I was the proud owner of disco 4 2011 had a disco 3 for a few years not too bad normal problems suspension, lower control arm bushes,air pump, backlash on rear diff and some wind noise nothing i could not live with the car has 149000 km. since i got my disco 4 i had drive line back lash problems, the most irritating problem i have ever experienced in my driving life,I took the car to east rand land rover in Boksburg South Africa to be told by the service manager that its normal for all wheel drive suvs to do that, now that a load of bullshit, i have been driving 4x4s since i was 18 years old and have qualified as auto electrician and 80 % mackanic,have raced cars in my life both on and off road,does these grease monkeys think we are stupid, anyway after a test drive the workshop foreman said it seams the front diff is faulty and one was ordered from the UK 2 weeks later they called me to collect my car they said the spider gears were seizing up i said to him the problem is not that its tight but too loose he said well according to him the car is now fixed,i refused to take my car and called land rover South Africa where i kind lady told me to take the car to land rover Bedfordview and speak to peter the workshop manager, not telling him my experience with east rand and he said its normal. i think part of their training is to tell the car owners its normal until the car is out of warranty, anyway he suggested we drive another landie disco 4. upon returning back to workshop the landie was put on the 4 poster lift and diagnosed that it was the transfer box i then told him the front diff was replaced 2 days ago,they waited for the technical guy from land rover to check and authorise the job and he also told me that its normal to have a bit of backlash.anyway it was approved, 2 weeks go by again and i am back to collect my landie to go to Richards bay on holiday and guess what? it was exactly the same,anyway to cut the long story short the back diff was also replaced they called me to say my car is ready which guess what.... exactly the same i went home thinking what the hell am i to do with my investment when i called a Toyota dealer for a prado deal they told me i would take a knock of R200.000.00 on a trade in.i contacted Bedfordview again ant spoke to the workshop foreman ant told him i am bringing the car back to test drive with him being a hands on man i thought that will help i went past there with my 2 landies on my way to the dam and collected him and drove on the highway for -+ 15 km he said its normal but has a slight play.he took the disco 4 back with him and i proceeded with my journey in my disco 3 now two weeks later my car is in for another front diff.other problems i have is noisy driver seat [squeaky] very bad wind noise not covered by warranty, already replaced wind screen at my cost of R 7000.00 because they said it was not an original,outdated GPS not covered by warranty,spare key never used battery flat warning,steering shaft bushes,lower control arm bushes,suspension air pump replaced,battery replaced and they say to me that warranty work carried out does not have a 12 month warranty out after 100000 km. my 2 Nd and last land rover...the worst 4x4xfar pity!!!!!!!

no way!

I have owned 3 or 4 Discos - mks 3 & 4 - they've all been a nightmare! I now drive a Defender - 2.2 l on a 2012 plate. Despite being rather like a racing tractor I have "enjoyed" relatively reliable motoring from it. I gave myself a thorough ticking off the other day for even considering moving back to a Disco - regardless of the bland assurances from Land Rover that "things have been sorted" - DON'T believe it!

Its a Toyota for me!

Interesting comments - I have a D2 and was about to buy a D4 but after reading this I will go for a Toyota... such a shame as I love Landrovers...

changed my mine now..

Thanks for all this. Was going to buy a discovery 4 but after reading all this have changed my mind. Can't believe there are not any good comments here!

Discovery 4 engine seizure

Catastrophic loss of power whilst driving along busy road - lucky to be alive. Vehicle now at dealers waiting for assessment. This is 3rd Discovery4 with engine seizure they have had in this small dealership. All '59 plates and between 60-70,000 miles and all Just out of warranty.

Disco 4

Have owned my disco 4 since October 2011 and the very first Time I towed, the restricted performance light came on and I limped home, with a baby inside the car and 2 large horses. Went in to the workshop and was told it needed a computer upgrade.. Didn't solve the problem. Went through approx 5 episodes of restricted performance, mainly always happened when I decided to hitch the float to the car.. Usually on the day of a competition. Spent a total of 5 weeks at the repair shop. Eventually the problem was identified as being in the turbo. They firstly replaced the actuator, that didnt work. Then I discovered that it was going into restricted performance when it was 'cold' they then said it was another issue with the turbo, and they discovered too much oil in a certain part of it and fixed the problem. It's done a further 25,000 kms since then and hasn't missed a beat.. And I''ve been towing close to 3.5 tonne with it regularly..

toyota for me aswell

Just about to do a deal on a discovery 4 glad i found this site ! going back to a toyota landcruiser .


Was looking forward to buying one of these.. Even negotiated a good trade in deal. Seems like such a great truck..But after reading this will buy a Landcruiser, don't have the time or inclination to piss around with an unreliable product and arrogant dealers!

Disco 3

Spent over 100k in repairs over last 8 months. Lack of power on take off when cold. Changed air sensor, turbo and related pipes, 6x new injectors and blanked EGR. All on workshop recommendation to now avail! Can anyone help?

Was about to buy

Was about to start to look for Disco4 around £40,000 but will now go for the Q5 thanks for the advice . Dave

Toyota Hell

Tried googling Toyota Hell just for kicks, there isn't one.

LR Disco 4 down under

Oh dear. I guess i'm not the only one. Bought a Disco 4 se 2010 brand new in Brisbane, Oz. As soon as the warranty expired we started getting performance restriction happening over and over and over again.Despite taking it to the Lr specialist 4 times, nothing has changed. I need to buy a Landcruiser.

Thank god...

Thank god i read this. was going to a LR dealership in 2 days... Luckily Toyota is just over the road from it

Restricted power

My disco 4 2010 model ,just got back from garage and spent £800 on the turbo pipe etc.Drove down to Cornwall and had to pull over four times due to loss of power ,my worry is safety of my family !.Why should I pay for a Land rover R+D problem.We run Vw vans in our business ,may be I should by an Audi Q7 !

Landy vs Toyota

I don't understand why you guys insist on getting Landrovers when there is an alternative called Toyota. Toyota resale is better Toyota quality is better Toyota reliability is superior. Competence is far superior. I understand that everyone has a choice but, when you go for holiday especially into africa and the African bush, the last thing you want to do is repair your vehicle. Then there is the other issue of getting back home, I've seen countless Landies iether broken down or on flatbeds returning home. The Landy is by far the more luxurious vehicle. But I'd sacrifice those luxuries in a wink over reliability.


Never ever again. I have had 3 range rovers numerous defenders and two disco 2 commercials. We got a new disco 3 a few yeas back and have just got rid of it. Thank The Lord. If the manager of Conway landrover came here and said I'd won a new discovery I'd give him a grand to take it away. They are by far and away the worst built cars I have ever owned. The disco was my wife's and by the end she refused to he into it. Wishbones,clutch, engine power, computer,steering,suspension etc etc were useless and bloody expensive to fix. I recon I spent half again repairing as the cost new in only 80000 miles. She now has a merc estate and I never see her as she loves it. I'm sorry to say landrover have lost a life long customer

Discovery 4

how is it possible that the Disco 4 has so many troubles and the prices for second hand cars stick so high?

loss of power

loss of power, restricted performance,14month old and a new sensor fitted, then 18 months after that, out of warranty, another one fitted, then 4years and 1 mth again the same thing. loss of power,2 new air mass sensors fitted, a week later another one required ,3 days later same fault. the turbo, has been leaking oil down some internal pipe into the intercooler 1/4 full of oil, not allowing the valve to work sending a faulty signal to all the sensors. quote for the work,4k,,bye bye disco 4.

Restricted Perfomance

Loss of Power Disco 4- check Rocker Cover for cracks (very common problem). "Only Normal Height available" message - air suspension compressor failing

Disco4 loss of power

power loss at around 10000km while towing caravan , LR dealer in Adelaide worked magic all good for 4 years then same failure at around 110000 km spent a couple of grand the computer comes up with a different cash cow on each failure for the dealer to further rip you off , great vehicle stuffed up by piss poor dealer workshop knowledge , as a tradie if every power point or light shit itself with same regularity would be un employable. dealer technicians need proper training and skills and a smattering of MANNERS, reckon a Lada NIVA is a better more reliable option !!!!

I need the warnings

I was going to purchase a Disco 4 as have always liked the model but not appreciate the level of faults customers are experiencing. I will now consider an alternative make, shame but cost and reliability are more important with limited hard earned cash to waste !

2 weeks in!

This is week 2 of owning a disco 4. It's been 2 weeks of horror stories and warnings from friends about what WILL go wrong and how LR will totally desert you when it does. Today it began and it wasn't disappointing; it was devastating! In an instant I had DSC failure, ABS failure, gearbox failure, parking break failure and traction control failure. When I got out of the car there was a respectable cloud of smoke coming from the engine compartment. I've had 7 Range Rovers and this is my second disco. LRs should be the best cars in the world but there is one massive problem that makes them possibly the worst and that is the total lack of after sales service and absence of LR spine to accept any responsibility for their failures. My last RangeRover had 4 gearboxes in 90k miles. Thank you LR for 30 years of disappointment and staggering expense.

NIce car, crap quality

I swapped from a Merc ML to a Disco 4. Now after 80 000 km with the car I have spent twize the money on repair to what I spent in 200 000 km with the Merc. Don't buy one if you don't have a spare car for the times you need a reliable one.

Screen loss from flat battery.

We had a flat battery last weekend, which was our fault (kids, 35, left light on). We live in New Zealand and it's a 2011 Disco 4. We had, still have, a 1997 Disco with manual V8, which never gives any mechanical problems and we had it from new. Anyway back to the series 4, the next day after having jump started it, the screen wouldn't come on. No radio, no rear vision, nothing!! On another blog I had read, that if disconnecting the negative on the battery for a min of 2 hrs, the computer would more than likely sort itself. It's worked, so that's great. What's not so great is that I just read this/the Landroverhell blog, a month after buying the 2011 series 4.. I had somehow thought that cars usually get better over time???

Disco 4

Wish I'd found this site 3 weeks ago. Bought Disco 4 collected ad dealers Thursday afternoon, Friday Drove 4.5 miles to shopping center, noise developed rear brakes. Drove back to dealer 2 miles , brakes seized solid on forecourt while the manager tries to drive it. 5 days in shop still not fixed. I rejected the car totally. Got my old car bqack and refunded purchase price. Next time I follow my gut instinct , no more LR ever, bottom of the ladder for reliability both here in Northern Ireland , UK. Also the USA . absolute scrap. Back to Japanese engineering for keeps.

Discovery 4 - its comedy gold!

MY2010 D4 SDV6 3.0 UK. Owned for 5 weeks Door actuator failed. Rear calliper siezed. EPB failed (nightmare to replace). Anti roll bar bushes worn Door mirror heater failed. Can’t fix the bushes as the starter motor has now failed. My e Class Mercedes has had none nil nada zero issues. Having said that.... the Disco 4 is for a bit of off-road fun only and is incredibly capable. That’s why I’ll be fixing and keeping it.
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