Air Suspension Fault Discovery 3

I have a discovery 3, purchased new in June 2007. Having only had a few niggling problems until recently, I thought I was lucky, particularly upon reading some of the comments posted on here. Over the past 2 months however, I've had a recurrent air suspension problem on the car. It has been into Hunters in Derby on 5 seperate occasions, & thus far has had 2 new air compressors fitted. However, despite getting the car back only on Wednesday, yet again today the problem has re-occurred. The car indicates an air suspension fault, lowers & thereafter the ride is as hard as imaginable, cushioning not the slightest bump in the road. Has any one else had this problem, & did their LR dealer successfully resolve it. This car is out of warranty in 2 months, & obviously I'm concerned that thereafter attempting to rectify the fault becomes my problem.

same problem

Hi, im currently having the same problem with my d3, did you get this sorted?

air suspension

I have disco 3 se v8 and I have had that problem and they put in a new compressor and it was fixed now I have the suspension warning light come on and the suspension wont go up or down and when the put the car on the computer it said there was a fault with the front left suspension so they replaced it and it didnt fix it so we have been driving it like that for about 6 months as they dont know what it is they think it might be a bad earth 1 of 300

air suspension

I too have an intermittent Air Suspension problem. The red alarm comes on and the vehicle drops onto the stops, switching the ignition off and back on clears the fault for anywhere between 20 seconds to 2 months, then the fault reoccurrs. It has been on-going for about 3 years, the first event happened just after 3 weeks of ownership. My dealer keeps putting the diagnostic computer on and replacing parts that I get charged for. I have asked them to 'look outside the box' and try to find a poor contact or broken wire etc. but they have refused to do this. I suggest you seek professional advice from a solicitor to ensure your vehicle is registered as having an on-going fault while the guarantee is still active to ensure you don't end up as I have done with no interest of helping from the dealer or Land Rover Customer Care. Believe me once the warranty expired they dropped me like a stone. They claim they have been fixing the fault and won't entertain the idea of the vehicle suffering from an intermittent fault. I think the vehicle, dealership and Land Rover stink, I thoroughly advise people not to buy one!!!!!

Air suspension fault

I have also Disco 3, and we have a problem, aftyer carwashing the yelow ignition lamp is turing on, and on monitor is showing the right whell droped down. after few days the problem is going off, without anythink.

Air Suspension Fault

I have a Disco 3 57 plate i have the problem this is my second system which ahas been fitted and the yellow warning light as started coming on. if you turn engine off the light gose out and can run for days without coming on and then it starts again. Do not fancy putting it into Land Rover dealer what advise can i give to my local garage man to sort the problem.

Air Suspension Fault

I have a Disco 3 TDV6 SE 06 plate, had same suspension failure multiple times. Been in many times at my expense to useless dealers. Replaced sensors and carried out diagnostic checks number of times. Repaired front nearside wiring loom fault with damaged wires! Fault back again, they say same problem on offside of loom, and needs new loom. Cost likely to exceed £2000 as requires body removal to install new loom! Nice! A car 4 half years old needs new wiring loom! Not fit for purpose.

landrover disco 3

i have 55plate disco 3 se air suspension failure had check said new height sensonr i fitted still not working do you have to recalabrate wen fitting sensors

Landrover Disco 3

Still underwarrenty the air pump failed. | had to replace the pump do to sume guy jacked the vechile in the in correct place. Now 1 year 4 months later the pump packed up again. So please makesure the guy jacking your car in not jacking it in the wrong place because it will cost you in the regen of R10 000.00. I still feel that this is a bad design there is no clear indication of warning on the car. Even in the manual it is badly described.

Buying a Disco 3 SE

Any advice on buying a 2008 model disco 3 Se model?

compressor failure

The compressor has failed on our 55 plate discovery3.. It has dropped on right down and the ride is horrible feeling every little bump as mentioned in the first comment on this page!! Is it still ok to drive whilst like this????


Yes, dont!

Disco 3 Air Suspension

Had a similar problem last week with my 2008 Model TDV6 HSE in the bush. It is safe (although uncomfortable) to drive the vehicle provided you don"t exceed 100km / hr. I did this on my return trip for about 300 km. Dealer replaced the "rear diff motor programmed module" and cleared the fault. Seems to be fine now but cost me R 8k as it was out of warranty.

wiring loom

New loom not required you can overlay wire that is causing concern

Land rover disco 3

Just bought an 05 plate disco. Ten minutes from the dealer, the suspension warning light came on. Turning ignition off and on clears it , but it's an intermitted fault - will be going back to the dealer!

D3 Air suspension

I own a D3 2007 V8. So many problems dont know where to start. Out of warranty. Latest problem happened last night suspension warning light come on whilst driving and warning light was amber with burning smell coming into cabin. Stopped car and hear a fast clicking sound underneath car even after engine stopped.A few weeks before that I heard a humming sound coming from underneath the car. It sounded like tyre tread noise but it wasn't the cause. the dealer told me it was the transfer casing needed replacing but don't believe him. Now the air suspension light on and burning smell coming from underneath. Have to take it to the dealer but feel I will slugged thousands. Anyone else have a similar problem ?

Disco 3 air compressor

Hi from Spain. I have a D3 2.7 TDV6 SE from 2006 and the compressor was replaced during the 3 year warranty. Just yesterday have gone to replace the 2nd one, out of warranty. Both times the same thing: warning suspension light error that disappears when stoping the engine & next turning on. One compressor each 30000 Km... They say they have changed the part refference. I'm sure that it is a fact of bad desingn ¿Somebody else having experienced the same?

Disco 3

only one word to describe landrover discovery 3 **************TOTAL SCRAP************ THEY FORGOT TO PUT THE MAIN BADGE ON; *************MADE IN TAIWAN************

air suspension

air suspension failed this morning on tdv6 Hse disco 3 lots of smoke and a nasty smell fire brigade attended and put it out. I loved this car but had a few problems now could be time for a change. Why carnet you sort your lives out mr land rover and build a decent 4X4


my 09 plate Disco 3 XS is coming up to the end of it's warranty period and so far have had two new compressors fitted and it is still playing up. It is in Ottons at the moment, they have had it all day today and was scheduled to be completed today but had a 'phone call this afternoon saying they still have not got to the bottom of the problem so need to keep it for at least another day !!!

air suspension

Hi there friend of mine have the Disco 3 V8 as traveling to Arusha to dar we made 10 stops the amber light came on for air suspension fault on the Dush bord then we had to park switch off for 3sec then turn it on then start the journey at the buk it fell like ur in a bumps. i think land rover its not worth for ur customers what ur cousing the problem from the beutyfull disco 3 it matters the value of money especial for the ones in tanzania who loves the Disco 3 and 4. My main Advice Disco 3 and 4 they should not have the air suspension instead being replaced by Coil springa an shorkups, Reduce all ecuipments using toooo much of electrical, replace the electrical four weel put the manual, replace the camber ajstments, put rear and front normal diffs as the previouse ones, then kindly may the landrover Make there own Engines rather than ford Jargua its fine also make sure there V6 Petrol Engenes rather than 4.4 V8 a good example here in Tanzania new Disco 3 or 4 0millage cost nearly 120 Million used ones off lower millage u can get them up to 70 Millions so why having Good look vehicle but having so Much Problem and u cant seel it again? comparing with toyota landcruiser pick ups japan they have tried there level best its only havin ECU only it doesent have a lot of electrical Landrover if not Ur going to loose the market in Africa......

Air Suspension landrover discovery 3

I love my Landrover except for this menacing suspension problem which is on and off. Please Landrover own up on the design failiure and rectify this problen or else this beautiful car will be an extinct Rhino soon!

Air Suspension and others

Posted 27th Nov 2011 Yes, I to have had to replace the Compressor assy on my 2005 discovery 3. Compressor has not been used that often and only 60,481 miles when replaced. The problem has been intermittent for about 3+years. Advised to change to change it, at service. I think we should demand a recall and our money back as I think it should have been more durable and apparently are susceptible to damage from weather elements. Other faults Constant low coolant level warning, faulty switch, but it is part of the complete bottle. Front seat heater element faulty. Front suspension arm replaced at 60,481 miles. All round bushings replaced at 60,481 miles. All should be more durable and should be replaced by Land Rover. Someone hit the nail on the head when they state: Once Land Rover has your money they don’t want to know you. Apart from these little problems, I cherish my disco 3 and think it is a excellent peace of kit. Well done Land rover for the vehicle, so why don’t you look after your customers? MD Limavady, Northern Ireland.

air suspension collapse

got 53 plate td5 commercial suspension at bottom pump not working but when parked up key taken out ,you can hear pump coming on for a split second for about 10 mins after then stops . help please

disco 3 suspension fault

I was sitting in a parking lot and all my air exausted and the suspension went flat. Land Rover dealer has had it for 6 days and haven`t found the problem yet. Reading the above it must be a design problem and should be adressed by Land Rover.

Disco 3 Suspension fault

My Disco III TDV6 HSE has had 3 compressor motors replaced in the last 3 months. By now I know my service dealer so well that they treat me as if I am a family member. I analysed the problem myself and note the following: 1. In all cases the motor overheated to such an extent that the compressor outlet hoses melted. This appears to be common fault as noted by the experiences of other participants on this site. 2. The motor apparantly has a thermal cut out at 130 degrees centigrade. However the temperature cut our sensing circuit is connected to a CPU via a wiring loom that has several connectors which are prone to corrosion. If the signal is not received by the CPU then the motor overheats to such an extent that a capacitor fitted on the brush PC board disintegrates. The PC board is also destryed by the excessive heat. I have stripped 2 old motors which has the exact same problem. 3. can anyone advise me where I can purchase a replacement PC board with the brushes fitted. This will allow me to overhall both the noted motors. replacing the bearings is not a problem.

Disco 3 suspension fault?

I love our 2005 D3 TDV6 HSE but I too have had the HDC error - special programs off - suspension dropping to access level. On a recent 100 mile trip it did this 6 times and each time requiring a reset by turning the engine off. With practice I could do this on the fly by just putting it in neutral (auto). I took it back to Stratstone. They hooked it up to the diagnostics and a whole load of rubbish came out. One of the mechanics said he had seen this before and recalibrated the steering angle. The car accepted it and it hasn't done it since - 1 week on. Think outside the box. If you have any suspension work done (bushes lower arms) you need the suspension recalibrating I was told.

my very_disco does not like dancing

i have alovely discovery 3 looks really nice . drives graet . oh just one thing i am fed up with spending cash on it. new clucht at 56000 and loads of little thing to put right. now my air suspension is playing up well done land rover !! i have had land rovers in the past and they have been fine only running cost so i said lets get a discovery 3 the wife said cool . i do love it but just had it with spending money on it . clarkson drove one to the top of a mantain i cant even drive mine to tesco with out something going wrong!!! loads of people have the same things wrong come on land rover play the game . we dont want fresh fruit on you counters we want cars that work .....

Suspension fault

I purchased an 06 a few years ago from Stratstone and love the car with nothing really to report apart from the boot lock jamming shut. Anyway, after a great deal of 'hissing' coming from underneath when I stopped, I took it to my local garage who welded a piece to the air tank as they said it had holes in it ?? The amber and red warning light still came on though at times. The car went back in and the computer said there was a problem with the 'leveller' ? This has now been replaced however the car has now dropped down really low and I don't feel confident driving it anymore. The car is going back in again Tues however this issue seem to be very common indeed and even more worrying, its not easy to rectify.

Land rover say relay needs replaced as well as com

Having had recurring suspension faults on my disco 3 and doing a lot of research on the subject following my third compressor, I found a LR press release on some obscure website. Apparently LR dealers have been instructed to replace the relay at the same time as the compressor. Fingers crossed it had worked so far, but hey, it's a LR how long will it last?

Land rover say relay needs replaced as well as com

Having had recurring suspension faults on my disco 3 and doing a lot of research on the subject following my third compressor, I found a LR press release on some obscure website. Apparently LR dealers have been instructed to replace the relay at the same time as the compressor. Fingers crossed it had worked so far, but hey, it's a LR how long will it last?

discovery 3

my compressor which has been replaced for the third time exploded and caught fire

Air suspension

My suspension light has been lighting up lately! When I turn the ignition off, then back on it resets and all is well. I can hear the compressor going off at times then stops. (so its working) Anyway the suspension light has been coming on more and more! I took the compressor out, replaced the dryer unit, which stops moisture getting into the compressed air system and guess what? ALL IS WELL! Landrover told me it needed a new compressor!!!! The dryer cost me $145-00 and it took me an hour to take the compressor out, and refit!

Discovery 3 suspension

Hi, we have an 06 discovery. Recently the vehicle has been sitting on the drive for a few days and we have noticed the front nearside suspension has completely dropped to its lowest position. On starting the vehicle and raising and lowing the suspension, the vehicle sits level, leave it over night and the front has dropped again. We have no warning lights showing. Anyone got any ideas please

LR3 Suspension

Hi there. My Disco 3's suspension also dropps overnight to its lowest position, not only the back, but the front as well. We have replaced the valve right next to the compressor and had the car's computer updated. It still has the same problem. What next. How much money does one have to spend to get it right. Should we replace the bellows as none of the pipes or the other valves leak and what is the cost? Please, can someone help. We use our Landy to go on holiday every year in December to Botswana, Zim and Zambia and cannot affor to have her let us down when we are there.


Interesting comments above. We have 06 TDV6 SE and had all lights come on in middle of Australia- nearest captial 1000 ks away. Could not attach caravan. Problem was a faulty rear wheel sensor that can shut down all programs and the supsension. I suggest that many of the faults above were diagnosed incorrectly - also the parkin brake does not like dust or too much water. Seems poor for an off road car specially in Australia. Touch wood that has been the only problem and we have been over some horribke roads the like of which you would never see in the UK.

Drop Suspension

Surely air suspensions are more convenient. Had similar problems back a few months ago. I decided it's much of a nuisance.

Disco 3 Air Suspension

I have an 03 disco 3 which of 4 different Landies we've had it is the worst. Like all of you we experience the amber light coming on and are able to reset it by turning off the ignition and rebooting. elaer said it was a faulty brake light switch and replaced but the fault is still there, now they say replace compressor at about $au1200. Come on land Rover how about a fix and recal.

Land Rover Disco 3

I have a Disco 3 whitch i love but one problem suspension warning light comes on sus drops in 20 secs ok as far as Land Rover are concerened but it happened to me on a motorway with my young daughter in the car .Have to say to Land Rover I agree the car is out warrenty as it is 04 but you dont have a given cost or a given rectification that if I take it to a Land Rover dealership i leave with a car I feel secure to drive down a motorwayw

Disco 3 Air Compressor

Had the same problem which turned out to be a slight crack in the Air Chamber it took Landrover Taunton 2 days to find but they never gave up.....they fitted a new compressor and fault was still re-occuring and finally chased it back to a slighty ( very slight leeking Air Chamber...and Bingo Problem solved

compresseur de suspension

j'ai moi aussi le voyant de suspension qui s'allume et CONCESSIONNAIRE LR m'a dit qu'il fallait que je change le compresseur mais grâce à vos commentaires je vois que je ne suis pas le seul et que la DISCO 3 a des problèmes à ce niveau là

Disco 3

Same as above , had new compressor fitted , mended broken wires , in a stupid place to start with in and out of garage , empty wallet and light still on , it's very very blood boiling .........LANDROVERS are getting a bad name , I would never never have another

disco 111

I have worked on landrovers for 40 years and I consider the disco 111 to be the worst model ever made.They are nice to drive but thats it,air suspension,egr valves,poor fuel economy,electric hand brakes too mention just a few faults cost customers a fortune no wonder its resale value is dropping fast .As for main dealer customer care dont even go there.

Disco 3 Suspension fault

The rear suspension on my 2006 Disco 3 goes down when parked for approx 24 hrs. When car is started it pumps back up again and is OK whilst in use (at the moment). It has been into dealers several times but they can't locate the fault and have tried several things to cure the problem, so far without any real success. Obviously Land Rover need to sort this out ASAP otherwise customers will go else where and Land Rovers reputation will plummet.

disco 3 suspension

Just bought Disco 3 out of warranty...Experiencing suspension fault alarm..intermittent.Frustrating.

Disco 3 Suspension fault

I have the 2007 model of the Disco 3. It also started giving problems with the air suspension at 160 000 km. I when to LR and they told me that there is a problem with the compressor and that we had to replace it. So then we when to a company that fixes LR and they said that it is only a sensor of one of the 4 air suspention units that is faulty causing the whole suspention to shutdown. So they replaced it and I had done another 17 000 km with it without having any problem. During the fault all I did to stop the warning light going on was to raise and lower the suspension about two times and then returned it to normal. It would then continue on its journey without the warning light going on.

Disco 3 Suspension Fault

When I bought my Disco 3, I thought I had the car of a lifetime. Little did I know that I was going to spend a fortune on this beast replacing my air compressor every 6 months. It costs a hell lot of money to replace this gadget. Can Land Rover take responsibility for this manufacturing faults!!!! Why would Land Rover manufacture a vehicle that spend most of its llife on top of a tower truck!!!!! COMPENSATION is the only word I have for Land Rover

RR Sport, everything replaced.

I have a 55 RR Sport owned since new. We developed intermittent issues with ride height and warning at 4 years old. We have now replaced all 4 height sensors twice, 1 new compressor, new management unit and 4 new air bags! There is literally nothing left to swap out is still rock hard on it now default raised height setting with a good 5 degree tilt to the left! All mechanics have now given up despite spending many many thousands. What do I do next, springs or a brick wall?!

Rear high mounted lamp

Disco 3 2005 purchased in France,last week lost the Rear high mounted lamp ,I don't know why ,purchased replacement ? How do you re fit ,no screw fittings ,can any one help.

hydrolic foulty air suspention.

pls help to find da prblm of dis fidco3 whn it drops it air suspentiion

Air suspension

I have a Disco 3 56 plate i have the problem this is my air system the yellow warning light has started coming on. if you turn engine off the light goes out and can run for some time without coming on and then it starts again. Do not fancy putting it into Land Rover dealer what advise can i give to my local garage man to sort the problem.can you buy recon air compressors

Disco 3 falty suspension

I have a 2010 disco 3 and after 4 months out of warranty the compressor for the suspension went down and I had replaced at Marshalls Peterborough, they contacted Land Rover and got me a 25% goodwill discount on the new compressor however it still cost me £450 the car is running ok now, but the point is that this is a common fault on the Disco 3 and Land Rover should pay for the total replacement and if we all wrote to them and told them that if they don't we will take it to BBC Watch Dog and see what they do then, so get writing and threaten them it is a bad design and not our fault. with regards PN

Air Suspension

I have numerous fights now with Landrover regarding this issue. I am going to Carte Blanche and Speak out, because my air suspension breaks every year about and then it cost me R8000. I am going to fight my arms off now.

Suspension problem - think out he square

Crazier things have happened with the D3 , check all the lights 'brake , numberplate etc' if one of these is out , it causes the car to play up in other areas. good luck , worked for me , hope it lasts

disco 3 n/s rear drops overnight

I have a disco 3 a 05 and the near side rear drops overnight, ive had a new compressor fitted and it still drops,its been back to the garage a few times and checked but they still carnt find anything wrong with it can anyone help please

Disco 3 Suspension Fault

Disco 3 2009 give same: suspension fault, switch of and on help sometimes. Other red light limit to 30mph. Dealer changed sensor with no luck, want to replace compressor that still work. Advice from some: remove suspension computer box ( somewhere close to battery box), clean contacts and all ok. Did not do it myself yet. Anybody done this and did it work?

Discovery 3 air compressor

It might be worth me mentioning if anyone is still seeing problems with their standard suspension for their disco 3. This looks like a pretty good fix, replacing your standard air suspension with this coil spring conversion kit: - anyone tried this?..

Discovery 3 Suspension Fault

I have am '05 Discovery 3, bought used in '09 and now up to 150,000 miles. It is both my most favourite car I have owned and also the most frustrating. Current problem is the air suspension, with the warning light now coming on a few minutes after I start every time. The dealer's computer says I need a new compressor at a cost of hundreds of pounds, but having read many stories of people with the same problem I am inclined to get my local mechanic to change the air filter/drier. Any other suggestions?

Air Suspension Fault

Can i join the ASF club?... same problem for awhile wanted to replace unit but i replaced the fuse., a 60amp one which operates the unit and i had no problem for a year..but now the fude keeps blowing..reckon there is an electrical fault or the unit is gone..thinking of buying a new air comp unit .any advice?


My Aussie TD5 had airbag failure so I installed coils with air bag inserts to assist with towing an 18' tandem caravan. They work a treat and have never had problems since. The air inputs reside next to the towbar and this now frees the air compressor for random air supply tasks. But more LandRovers!

Air Suspension

I Replaced the Dryer, on My LR3 and the alarm comes off again, Normal Hight only, what is next should I Replace the Controller Next

replaced air suspension with coil and shocks

How do I stop the faulty light and failing compressor to stop working after the aftermarket suspension replacement is installed. Do I remove the fuse or do I need to do something else to prevent the fualty reading to appear constantly on my dash. Thanks!

Land Rover LR_3

Suspension Warning Indicator Iluminated in my Dash indicating normal hight only, After I drive it for a mile, I Don't want to take it to the Dealer because they are a Replacement parts Technicians, wherever they see in the computer gets replaced without checking for reazon of failure, it takes a week just to find a problem with the suspension, I removed the air pump and disasemble the air dryer and noticed that the Desiccant was saturated with moisture, this small pellets are Silica Gel, that helps remove the moisture in the Air so Clean Air is intruduced in the pump I changed the silica asembled back together and That fixed the problem,

Air Suspension

I have been reading all the comments on this site. I encountered the same problem with my Disco 3 with the light coming on. I changed the air dryer and everything has gone back to normal, after you have changed the air dryer, lift the car fully up and down a couple of times to clear any mixed messages. People tend to change their pumps when it is only down to the air dryer being blocked. I will be changing mine now every couple of years from now on. Hope this helps.

Air Suspension

Hi all, I don't have any problems with the air suspension on my Discovery 3 !!! it came from the factory with springs fitted .. Neat trick !! What I would recommend is dump the air suspension and fit a Dunlop upgrade .. SPRINGS.. No more trouble ... I have a friend who has already done this.... They also supply the electronics to stop the dashboard looking like a Christmas tree... About 700.00 quit plus fitting .. Only problem I can see is all the Chelsea Tractor mob will need to remember that the knob that raises the suspension to go over the high speed bumps in London won't work.. !!!

Air Suspension

In Australia there was a recall on all compressors so the problem will be fixed under warranty even when the warranty has expired. I only knew about the recall when I took the car for service because of the air suspension problem and it is being fixed for free.

Suspension light on

Hi, I have a 2008 discovery 2.7TDV6 SE the suspenion warning light is always on but everything works okay, suspension goes up and down as expected and sits well do I need to worry or just ignore the light

Air Suspension Fault Discovery 3

I have the same problem, the guys tells me its the rear diff motor, will this resolve my problem?

air suspension

hi have had this problem with the suspension lowering HDC fault brake lights flash on the dash and the bottom left suspension came on with the other suspension light with a arrow going round it I have had the compress done a month ago and had the brake light switch replaced and the brake lights bulb am ok hope this as sorted the problem


Hello all, I have read the above comments and I am in a similar position. Run of bad luck, Alternator went last week, dashboard like a Christmas tree, sorted that and now Air suspension, took it to a local 4x4 who I trust and know diags do point to compressor so being swapped out with genuine LR and also it has to be remapped to original firmware of car, cost £700.00 I hope this is now it!.

D3 Front Air Suspension

During bush trip had orange light on intermittently. Car performing normally until chime/red light followed by complete suspension deflation. My problem was leaking air bladder. I am guessing initially leak was small enough to not overheat compressor compensating for air loss, but as leak developed, compressor overheat shut system down. Wait for 10 min then drive for 20min cycle. I drove car 700 odd kms by clamping supply line to suspension unit with vicegrips, use compressor to pump up to extended height, then removed 20A suspension ECU fuse. Cause- ring of calcified road grime about 50mm up on inside of aluminium bladder support tube had worn numerous grooves in the bladder, one groove had a pinhole in it.

Disco3 Air Suspension

Bought a Disco3 2005 a couple of months ago and the amber air suspension light kept coming on then after a week or two went to red. Decided to get it investigated by an independent 4x4 specialist (Frogs Island 4x4, Milton Park, Abingdon Oxfordshire) who put the diagnostics machine on it. The fault came up as a problem with the suspension compressor air exhaust gallery and air dryer. Frog's Island fitted a new compressor and just before I picked the car up the fault re-occurred. They then fitted another new compressor and this ran ok for a couple of weeks and then the warning light came on again. Had another new compressor fitted yesterday so fingers crossed. All the compressors have been brand new and genuine Land Rover parts.

Disco 3 air suspesion

My vichcle displayed nearly all the faults covered above comments. In South Africa you do not need a dryer. remove face plate and dispose of all its contents, vucuum the dryer cylinder, blow out all dust particles refit and run it. My one responded immediately and fault readings dropped 50% but certain faults remain. still working on it. One can not rely on agents as they swop out components,at your expenses and do NOT solve the problem. Disgusting service from land rover who do not acknowledge nor accept design faults for recall purpose.


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Air Suspension Fault Discovery 3

The garage Change the gearbox sensor and configurated it! the artnr. is 1AB500191. price 150 Euro Now my car is perfect again!

Air Suspension

Air suspension fault. Had this when I purchased my 04 LR3 in 2014, as it would drop to lowest setting & ride hard as rocks! Spoke to people who I bought off & they said it was because the rear brake light wasnt working & to replace the sensor under the brake pedal. Got my local chappy to do & it only cost £25. Been working great for the last year....

Air suspension

Just had Amber light come on for suspension warning, on my 55plate discovery 3.. Took it down to the local garage here in hadliegh,Suffolk.. and iv been quoted £750 to fix the problem does this seem to be the normal price for such problem???

Suspension Faulty

My vehicle shows Suspension Faulty warning Indicator. this has been going on for some time, can you please advice on this problem

Suspension Fault - Needs to be a Recall

It seems there are numerous LR3 with this common suspension problem. What I don't understand is why Land Rover DOESN'T have this as a recall. Suspension is like Automotive 101. I've owned and driven many makes and models of vehicles and NEVER had any suspension problems. I thought Land Rover was suppose to be a higher standard of vehicles. Looks like they failed in that category and are seriously incompetent. Thanks Land Rover. Will get rid of my LR3 and go with my other reliable vehicles.

Suspension fault

57 plate disco 3 SE left it standing for 1 month battery went flat charged it started first time ok you think. engine system fault first problem had it looked at turns out possible actuator stuck advised to take it for a run see if it clears so set of felt a vibration everything lit up HDC fault now suspension now in locked mode what the hell sat for 1 month and all these problems that will cost £££££ to fix what a heap of S**T, Land Rover your cars disgust me never buy one what was I thinking. If anyone out there is considering buying one of these vehicles Please Please Please think again. I am disgusted with the poor quality and the do not care attitude from Land Rover Did I forget to mention the hand brake unit went 6 months ago at a cost of £1067 again no assistance from Land Rover surprise surprise. CRAP CARS Will never buy another Land Rover. Don't you make the same mistake.

landrover disco 3

thought I had a lovely car until the faults started appearing warning light suspension fault rear wheels getting hot another pump last one only 18months wheels squeeling in reverse averaging 2500GBP per year in repairs have still got my old disco190000miles only thing had go wrong alternater and tyres why cant this heap match. this poor service from landrover never again probably another pump needed have to see

air suspension fault

hi all i have a disco 3 55 plate with a air suspension fault on the dash i have tryed all the above comments posted by all of you but they dont work. the rear air bags lift but the front doesnt iam a hydraulics tech and it seems that the compressore has failed becouse the rear lifts and lowers. the compressore hasnt got enough guts to lift the front end up. please come back with any advice cheers.

Land rover

This is the best advice you will hear all year. DON'T BUY A LAND ROVER They are all rubbish. Over price crap Peugeot and Citroen are more reliable and that's saying something

Air suspension fault

I have a disc 3 v6 ...Its been bring the suspension fault indicator on the dashboard but after switching off it clears all the error until recently it stopped working completly.Took it to an auto shop.We changed the pump,height control sensor ,maf sensor ,o2 sensors ,expansion valves etc only for the diagnosis still failing to recalibrate the car.for now the car is useless as its not driveable ...what can I do to get out of this shit hole.

air suspension fault

I had same problem and I had the steering angle sensor reset and this seemed to correct the problem

system failure

We bought 2nd Hand Disco 3 with only 85k on the the clock, thinking this would be a great purchse, one previous owner, German Doctor, where could we go wrong!? 6 months later it sits on our drive which is on a hill not accesible by tow truck. I cannot open the boot, I cannot lock the car that happened on collection, three weeks ago it started sounding like we were driving an old bed down the roads as it squeaked and bounced up and down the hills. Anyhow got in the car to do a run to Carcassonne and back fine there and back, got back in it at lunch time and all lights were flashing, hazards included basicially it is telling me that the handbrake has failed, gearbox has failed, suspension has failed and basically the system has failed. Tried deconnecting battery and restarting then the handbrake did fail and started rolling back, had to leave it on the hill in gear. Tried it again 2 hours later, handbrake working again but that is it. Have noticed it is lower. We have no Landrover concession near us, nearest 70km away so we have been left witha dead Disco which we paid 14 000€ for . We have had 3 now and I will never ever buy another, absolutely devastated.

HDC/Suspension fault/transmision fault

2008 LR,Discovrey 3 TDI V6 HSE. After EBP motor replaced by Dealer.The intermittent fault comence happening. I have submit the vehicule to differente authorized dealers without good result


Biggest issue is the ODB2 error. No one seems to know why.

Air suspension

I have a 2005 lr3 the air suspension will go up but not down when I press the botton only when I drive over 30 mph it will come down what can be used he problem

Advice on buying Disco3 2008 SE

Why yes, I have an advice for you: DON'T buy one!! I had the exact same model, barely over 120.000km and tons of problems. Steer clear of all LR models. Go for a Toyota instead and be a happy human being.

Air Suspension Fault

I to have had the random 3 light suspension fault problems,'special programs off' fault. Very intermittent, can go for a week or 10 minutes without the fault. After reading these posts, i had the steering angle sensor recalibrated with autologic , steering wheel removed and reset to the dead straight position as it was tilted over to the right when driving in a straight line. I truly believe that this is where the fault lies as its never happened since. Cost £45 for the reset. Also, if you have had any suspension wishbone bushes replaced, you definitely need a 4x wheel alignment check as this will throw up the same problem.

Amber suspension light coming on

Compressor dryer cracked between pipes. Easy fix £39 . Lot cheaper than new compressor

Landrover D3

My 2005 D3 diesel lifts and falls after 1 minute. Please advise

air suspension fault

me too have same problem with my fellow lr3 owner have ,i do not go to land rover service ,because i know they will have my air compressor change,instead i spend time have it figure out what the problem is,and i just spend less than $ 100 and problem solved,all i can said,air leak cause it ,as to change the desiccants it only helps little,or no help at all,the design itself is a fault,but there are solutions ,any body need help on this subject may try contact me,at this e-mail skhp88.rizal @g-mail .com,edison,

Land Rover air suspension

We had same problem with suspension dropping and then ok when ignition switched off and then restarted. Turned out to be tracking was slightly out after having new tyres fitted. Had it re tracked and hey presto problem was sorted. So simple.

Front suspension drops

Hi my 55 d3 front drops down every morning and in the day but as soon as I start it it will rise had new compressor about 3 months ago anyone have any idea


We had all the same problems with suspension on brand new Disco. After the product recall, same problems occurred. In August, our back axle snapped while we were driving in the west of Ireland. Whole family in the car, could've been killed if the road had been busy. Total nightmare and the response from LR has been APALLING. We now have no car and no refund pending. Escalated our case to the CEO this week and response from his office also very disappointing. No one is taking responsibility for this obvious and very dangerous fault. Thinking we may now have to sue. BE CAREFUL AND DO NOT DRIVE THE CAR IF THE SUSPENSION FAULT PERSISTS.

front lowering especially the left side on disco 3

Please help

air suspension fault

i have disco4 dissel v6 3.0l engine ,when i drive over 100Km and arround in 15 min .they are drops down . ignition on again after they can keep normal drive all day . other fault code is C1A07.thanks

My range rover discovery 3

My range rover discovery 3 doesn't exceed 30mph please any solution for me

My range rover discovery 3

My range rover discovery 3 doesn't exceed 30mph please any solution for me

Front Suspension Drop

First thing to check if it is the front left side. Check the small exhaust pipe coming down from the diesel warmer. There is a flexi hose half way up that cracks and causes hot air to leak onto the left front(Plastic) suspension hose. This causes the hose to pop when under pressure. This exhaust pipe can be replaced for less than £30 if leaking. Also check suspension hose that not routed to close to this pipe as gets extremely hot. You can check if there is a leak in the suspension hose by letting the car idle for a few minutes(2 or 3), turn off and listen in the left wheel arch for a blowing/hissing sound. You can cut and put in a connector from your local auto spares, remembering to go through the depressurization process first. Just replacing air pipe (£90 for pipe) from suspension to front valve block is a nightmare job, looking at 5 hours for first timers and need some tools not found in most toolboxes. Good luck!!

Air suspension problems

Hi I own a Land Rover discovery 3 My car goes downwards after 15 min of parking the car and ignition off Is it any fault or a part of the behaviour of the car ?

Discovery 3 07 model

Hi all have spent a fortune on this car since bought it 3 years ago suspension fault replaced compressor and relay park brake module rear discs and pads gearbox sensor missed gear position park brake would not auto release on top of running costs no wonder football players and wags can afford Land Rover products

Suspension lower disc 3

I had that problem. I had a new tow plug fit Ted the electrivia changed the wirING because the tail board on my trailer was doing strange things. The AA found the problem believe it or not it was the lighting wiring which is connected to the sensor loom. Ie if you get a blown bulb the computer somehow confirms with the Air suspension and causes it to lower.changed the lightING wiring back and the suspension worked


The new models are driven by marketing and not by purpose. Fancy toys help sell the cars, but when a new model comes out every few years, how much time do you think they've had to test and develop these fancy systems? Air suspension cannot be reliable on an off-road vehicle. It's just about passable on S-Class Mercedes for flat roads with more thorough engineering than JLR can muster. Over-complicated electronics don't help. What on earth are all the 4-wheel drive modes offered for snow, sand, grass ? I think JLR should take closer look at the Toyota Landcruisers or Mercedes G-Wagen, if they ever intend to build a proper 4x4 again.

Disco 3 suspension

I have the problem that on turning on the ignition, the suspension goes into the raised position, no lights come on the dash and moving the switch back once or driving over 60kph lowers it to normal position with no further problem, does anyone have any ideas why this would happen - its been with Land Rover 3 days now and they cannot find the problem.

discovery 3 suspension problems

I have a 2005 discovery 3 v6 . 95000km and the suspension light keeps coming on , on fitting new tyres , we discovered the dust cover completely shredded .... ordered a new one an so the saga begins ......

Suspension Failure

I have a 2006 Disco 3.To be honest this is car has so much going for it in terms of comfort,power,offroad capabalities,reliable engine,,BUT DAMN that bloody air suspension..been having problems with it since day 1...Can it be deactivated so that it just stays at normal riding height..dont really need to be able to lower and raise it this car but sadly suspension going to make me divorce it and move to another brand,,,fed up..Land rover just replaces sensors and clears fault...I think they messed uo in the design dept.

D3 suspension

I have a D3 and like so many of you I have constant suspension (and other) problems. My LR garage owner's kids will have a trust fund on what I've spent on it. We've had various LRs for years but if this latest fault can get fixed I'm chopping it in and never buying another one. The latest thinking is that it needs a new air suspension control module. At this rate I'll have a completely brand-new 04-plate car.

After Compressor CHANGED "The Normal height Only S

After I replaced the COMPRESSOR, the compressor cant start, I dont know what to check NEXT

Discovery 3 suspension faults

I have a 2005 disco 3 and I like everyone else on here had a problem right from the start. I won't bore you with the details but all I can say is replace the system with coil springs. The job is fairly straight forward and will end up costing you a lot less to fix. One slight hickup that I found is that even though I wired in the module to the Ecu which turns the warning light off........the words and the famous bing bong sound comes up with suspension fault. Can anyone help with that??? The car runs even better on springs by the way

Suspension fault

I too have a suspension fault that occurs when I drive at around 40mph & above it just suddenly drops & red light stays on & say to drive at 30mph, I have just had a diagnostics done & was advised to replace the sensor attachment kit, so we had that replaced & assumed all ok to find I drive it all of 2miles down the road for the exact same fault to happen.... if I pull over & restart engine I can reset the suspension back to its normal height rather than being almost on the floor & have noticed if I drive it around 30mph it doesn't occur?? Why would speed make any difference, also have never noticed suspension dropped when stood overnight so assuming here that it is not a leak? I am not a mechanic but I am also not a mug & don't wish to spend hundreds or thousands on something that may or may not be the problem I think it's criminal that this seems to be the way mechanics work these days it's all done on a whim with no sort of guarantee, they make cars impossible to work on yourself you can't even see the engine everthings all covered up with plastic, Cars are more like computers these days... the amount of time & money spent to find what LANDROVER DEALER suggested was probably a 'loose wire' is just absolutely ridiculous they wanted my car not for a day but for a whole week to find it!!! What on earth is this going to cost??? I'd like to see LANDROVER do a recal on their faulty air suspension falliers rather than charge people the earth for incorrect diagnostics! Sorry for the rant but I am at my wits end... I loved the 'British' landrover & relied on it to tow my horse trailer perhaps the problems have started since they were bought out by Tata... but I am seriously considering something which is less hassle if this cannot be solved at a realistic cost I have friends with very old landrovers/discoverys & Rangerovers that just go on & on & on with no major problems that an everyday garage man can fix the old landrovers were built to last a lifetime still going with even 300,000 on the clock & their still going strong! Why mess up something that was trusty & reliable, to replace it with computerised rubbish that not even you 'LANDROVER' understands!!!

Intermittent wiper/hdc in cold weather

D3 2005 it has intermittent fault when weather is very cold wipers stop working , have changed the stalk and wiper relay Aslo the hdc This comes up faulty . When the truck has warmed up everything works normal any ideas Please .

Air suspension fault

I bought my disco 3 hse nice and cheep because it was on the floor I replaced the air suspension for springs easy job and unplugged the air mass sensor to bypass limp mode threw up from suspension still thinking a problem still exists. I've still got low box and highway that's all I need . Love mine the springs cost me 140 qwid second hand from a breakers off eBay

Solution to anber suspension alert Disco 3

DISCOVERY DIESEL SW2.7 Td V6 XS 5dr Investigated Suspension warning fault. Carried out Diagnostic fault code read. Codes stored - C1A33-01 - Rear left corner valve - electric fault C1A03-92 - Front left height sensor - Incorrect operation C1A07-62 - Cross Articulation - Signal compare failure C1A20-64 - Pressure increases too slow when filling reservoir Checked Rear left valve connector - all okay. Checked for voltage drop between valve and connector in harness. Found high voltage drop on Black/green wire to valve. Traced wiring back to find break/corrosion within wire - replaced section of wire as required. Cleared fault memory and carried out road test. Suspension functioning correctly

Park brake light

My 2007 disco3 park brake light keeps on flashing,especialy when driving on gravel road.

Air suspension

On my 3rd discovery 3 and all have suffered with suspension light on. Changed relay on all 3 and none ever suffered again. Cheap easy repair. Lots of people including Land Rover dealers going down expensive route instead of checking basics


Fault on screen. But dose not show up on diagnosis. Help. Any idea apprsiated.

Air Suspension

I currently have a 2009 LR3. The air suspension has been playing up for a few months. I have had three Discovery LR2s before and the air suspension on all of them failed at some point. Surely Land Rover should be held to account on this common problem. The excuse is that if it is out of warranty then they are not liable. I'm not sure if this answer is good enough. They ought to honour this common problem which is clearly inherent. When researching about this particular fault it seems it's almost customary for most LR owners to experience this.

Air Sus Fault

2006 D3 V8 - amber warning, air suspension fault, fails to adjusts to correct height and then eventually dropped and unable to raise. There was a slow 'hiss' or leak from the front. Mechanic just informed my that I need to replace front shocks...not sure if this is it, but they only work on LR/RR and said they see this all the time and have worked out the main issue and resolution. Once I get the vehicle back I'll send an update on whether this fix works.
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