Land Rover Discovery 3 days old and wont start

Only had my 06 Discovery for three days, Been out this morning and ... Nothing system says Transmission fault limited gears available... then shows park brake fault... then says HDC fault system not available and thenturn the key and nothing at all!!!

3 DAYS!!

Land Rover Discovery 3 days old and wont start

Beat you! 12hrs. 55 plate discovery HSE. Same problem - found by chance it was a flat battery. Used jump leads and started - phew! - dont know why it happened. Just charged it up tonight and hoping it ok in the morning. Didnt leave anything on and hadnt been playing around with anything to draw much power. Just finished an 80 mile return motorway run after picking it up. So, looks like new battery required.

Wont start

my discovery 3 has the exact same fault, what did your fault turn out to be?

no start

Good Luck. 1. REMOTE STARTERS: If you have a remote start, remove it. The LR3 key do not contain batteries. When the car is started and running the key in the ignition charges. 2. WATER & ELECTRICAL = BAD: Check for water in the sills and the carpet. The wiring runs though the sills and they fill with water if... the sunroof drains a clogs, the a-pillar is leaking, etc. If there is water, remove it and dry out the wiring. If you are lucky it will be okay. You will also want to check to see if the fuse box behind the glove box has gotten wet. This runs most everything in the truck. 3. NETWORKING NIGHTMARE: The LR3 is a large set of computers (15+) that are networked inline with one another and if one does not communicate, then multiplies will not communicate. Find a list of how the computers are run and that should let you know where it start looking. You will need a diagnostics computer that will communicate with all of the computers (Testbook, Autologic, ect.) 4. INFORMATION: TOPIx has the Electrical/Workshop/TBS/etc. and you can find info there that may help, but you will have to pay for it, only after waiting up to 2 weeks for you user name and password to be authorizied. (I printed out the electrical connectors locations, wiring diagrams, owners manual, and half the TBS and have five 2 in. binders full. The workshop manual alone is approximately 10000 pages long.) Hope any of this helps.

Computer or Gearbox Failure?

Drove our brand new Landrover Disco 4 SE out of the dealership in Sydney Australia today. Went perfectly for the first 5km, we were in love! Then, on a very busy highway, the gearbox couldn't select a gear, it was jerky underfoot and revving like in neutral. Then, yep, on a 40degree celcius day here in Sydney on a 6 lane highway with B-Double trucks, it broke down. We'd travelled 5km since the purchase and it had done a grand total of 14km. The gearbox warning light came on and we were stuck on a median strip between the lanes until Landrover came to collect us. Has anyone had a Computer problem or gearbox failure like this? Landrover has the car now and we have a 'borrowed' car on our first day of ownership. Disappointed doesn't describe it. These vehicles cost Aussies $82,000 . Landrover hasn't been able to diagnose the problem. I am fearful of driving on a motorway incase it occurs with my young children in the car. Anyone out there know of this? Wish I'd discovered this website sooner.

Disco3 jumpstart

Hi. Have a disco3 2006. Need does one jumpstart the disco3. Apparently it works different from other cars???

disco 3 battery

disco 3 hse 09 plate. five years old had four new batteries and it needs a fifth one now

autocar mitsubishe

after the car get start the kilo metrag take up and dowen and after few minet ok .

discovery 3 2006

discovery wont start , showing fault code p0087 and p0405 would this stop it starting

discovery 3 05 plate

driving along the road and you feel every bump can you help

2008 discovery 3

Hi I have this discovery 3 for 4 week and it has been not being able to get started. On the dashboard when I turn the ignition on and it says Transmission fault limited gears available... then shows park brake fault... then says HDC fault system...and Check brake disc. I went to my local dealer and he says this car need a new engine... and then I went to private dealer and he say it need a new battery so I went and bought a new battery and try to start but it did not start. I don't know what to do with car.please help

disco 3

these motors are scary just took my brake light switch off and cleaned it all my dashboard lights have gone and air suspension working again read about the fault on internet could of cost a fortune again
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