Land Rover Overrated

I have had for land rovers. Yes I am the fool.

A series 2A a series 3, a 1.8 freelander and a disco tdi 1 with R 146 000km.

I bought the disco against my better judgement. I knew the previous owner and the vehicle went off road once.

In the 5000km that i have had the vehicle I have replaced the brake booster, the water pump, the cam belt, the alternator, the hoses the hydaulic brake line hoses, the clutch and I can go on and on.

My freelander was a hateful hateful car, and I am begining to get the same feeling for the Disco.

My advice to anybody, no matter how desparate you are for a 4x4...STAY AWAY FROM LAND ROVER - THEY ARE OVERRATED.

I was a fool, do not make my mistake, buy a Pajero or a Toyota.

Land Rover shame on you for building a vehicle that people will think they can use to explore with that is totally unreliable.


I own a Disco 1 with 127 000km that i bought second hand against my better judgement. This vehicle is pathetic off road. I am not able to keep up with a 4x4 Japanese pick up on a off road trail, let alone a Land Cruiser or Jeep. The vehicle stands and bounces around and refuses to move forward where all the vehicles ahead of me have passed through without any difficulty. I am trying to get rid of the vehicle to buy a hilux.
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