Discovery TDV6 gearbox fault

2006 bought new TDV6. Thought was being clever giving LR time to get rid of teething problems expected with this new model. Loved car v v much at first. Only one ive ever had that i felt passionate about. Then, whilst in warranty niggling problems with brake warning lights, auto handbrake screeching, rear  NS light needing replacement bulb regularly. Had 2 safety recalls - the LR fitted tow bar and brakes.  Now MArch 2010, just out of warranty and only 50K on clock wont engage "drive". Wont work in manual gear box either.

Local Dealership Hatfields in Liverpool unable to do repair till last week of March  - 4 weeks time - NB...this car is off the road as cant be driven!!!. ... Hatfields, Liverpool dealership reports to LR Customer Service Dept it already has a LONG Emergency Work waiting list and only one other dealership reasonably nearby in  Preston (50miles) but their waiting list even longer than 4 weeks. 

Hatfields the Liverpool Dealership  "diagnosed" the problem when car was in on brake safety recall. LR Cust Services agreed job not major and could be done by Non LR garage as out of warranty and they did concede it is totally unreasonable to have wait 4 weeks to get car back on road. Parts needed were supplied to my local garage for job to be  done..... but car no different. Hasten to add my garage  did not agree with Dealership diagnosis but went ahead with the job in any event as advised . 

My garage think its either an electrical or major problem with gearbox. LR now disinterested and unable to help anymore. Dealership willing to have it taken to them on low loader and sit on their forecourt for 4 weeks till they find time to even look at it but Ive no confidence in them now having already misdiagnosed problem and incurred me in unecessary expense and like most people I am very fearful of large bills that always come from a dealership. Anyone else any similar experience or can help in diagnosisng real problem before  gearbox is stripped!!!.  


our td6 has just gone into garage for new gearbox ( manual) just won't go into reverse,after suffering the embarrasssment of having to get it towed out of a parking space so we could get home. We also have had several niggly problems electronic brake not engageing,parking sensors constant bleep even when in forward gear.2 safety recalls. ours also has just gone out of waranty by 3 months 53K on clock loveingly cared for never misused or abused. First quote from lr dearership £7k plus vat after consultation with manager & sales manager left with them to sort out "goodwill"aspect quote now down to £1.5k. have also lost faith in LR our td5 never let us down!

Gearbox problems????

Hi, just reading your problems, we are an automatic gearbox specialist in leicestershire prefered repairer by many main dealers are jobs come in from all over the country - tel simon 0116 2863896 call me i will help if i can

bloomin landrovers

I have a TDV6 08 20K, called out assist x3 for park brake fault. At the garage as I type, they say I may need a new clutch and not cvrd under warranty. Very angry, they want me to auth a £250 + vat strip down (if found not to be down to wear and tear, cost cvrd as is with new clutch). Otherwise, I have to pay for above, new clutch and cost to put bk together. I will not agree auth as 20k is nothing, I have had TDI and TD5 and both never needed new clutches. Any advice from anyone wld be great. Donna

LR discovery 3

I unfortunately own a 2005 LR 3.In past month I have fitted new gearbox,then new steering rack and now I need new dive shaft as I am told you cannot repair old one >continuous problems since day one with handbrake problems ,coolant etc.and totally crap LR service.Every little part is the price of a small family car.What a pile of scrap.Anybody considering buying one be warned!!!!You would need to be printing money!!!!Buy a Jap model

Reverse gear problem

Our TDV6 55 plate 6 speed manual will not go into reverse gear. What is the usual cause of this fault and how is it fixed please?

gerbox fault

in regards to the gearbox fault on discovery 3 if its an automatic the pivot where the selector cable goes on lever at gearbox could be seized worked on landrovers for 16 years dont always trust main dealers

gearbox fault

we have an 06 discovery 3 with 67k on the clock. 5 days ago whilst towing large livestock trailer in farmyard could not select reverse gear. Had to push trailer back with my Husband folloed by the car!! Has been in dealers since then- LR have agreed to replace gear box under extended warrenty- apparently took quite a bit to convince the assessor it was worth repairing !! 5 days later we are still waiting as they cannot source a replacement gearbox anywhere in UK and am told they will get one of the production line- but not making manual cars anymore!! Have now gopt hire car but only for 7 days and as we need the vehicle to tow a signia estate is very little use!!

auto box

i have a discovery 3 2005 i have rev gear but no forward gears gear leaver is stiff its a auto please help

gears slipping

Have a 2005 discovery 3 and we have towed to france and back with caravan,,parked up when home for 4 weeks no use and went out for first time on sunday...brakes were seized on but moved it and then a few feet the rev gauge flew up as if it wasn't in gear, stopped put into neutral then back into drive and it went fine...stopped at a juction about half mile and it slipped again.. its ok when going along only seems to do it when pulling away again...Help anyone please !!!!

LR Discovery 3 2005

Hi can anyone help as it seems the LR specialist that normally repairs my car can't locate a fault. The car clonks really badly on the front drivers side,when I go over the smallest bump. Garage replaced anti-roll bar bushels and link rods on both sides but hasn't helped. They said slight play on the suspension but not causing a problem and shouldn't need changing. Cost me over £200 already. Also they have said that the gearbox is really noisy and probably on it's way out another £2740 to replace. Does this sound right?

All light on dash lit up

Just had gearbox and clutch changed on my 05 disco3, all lights on dash now on and suspension in lowered position , been of the road 5 weeks now getting a bit fed up. Can anyone help ?

Discovery TDV6 gearbox fault

I have a similar problem with the 2006 D3 TDV6 Autobox. I have trawled around other sites for information and came across a really good easy fix for this fault. The problem is the Gearlever pivot arm that has corroded. Meant to be easy to fix and very clear instructions provided on the Disco3 forum. The parts cost £15 and can be done in an hour. Just google it.

Dico 3 Vibration

I bought my Disco 3 new in 2006. It has now done 75000 miles. It’s had a few problems but nothing like some people have had, until just recently. I tow a trailer a lot and just recently I became aware of a vibration when accelerating at about 35 MPH. If I eased up on the accelerator it stopped the vibration or if I gave it full throttle it would also stop the vibration. The garage that looks after this car is a LR specialist but not a LR franchise. They have replaced the track-rods, lower wishbones on the front suspension and anti-roll bars front and back but the vibration is still getting worse. Can anyone help?

No Reverse on 06 Disco 3

Just been visited by inability to get reverse on my '06 Manual Disco3.Only 130000Km(80000mls) So annoying when you see all the boasting and bravado about the strength and reliability of Land Rover disco and you cant get it into reverse ...had to be pushed out of someones yard and faced for home!My Disco. has not even done off road.Surely there is a case for LR to answer RE the quality and fit for purpose of their vehicles.Like to start campaign to get them to front up and be honourable!! I am in Ireland. Oh forgot to say I also had hand brake squeling problem and handbrake light on for no reason ..cost me €100 to get light off


Have a discovery auto TDV6 2006, having problem with going into drive gear,, if i leave the vehicle for a couple of hours it appears to resolve itself until you drive it for a few miles ? love the vehicle ,, but have little faith in dealership... any thoughts please ?

Gearbox Fault

Had a problem with the drive gear not engaging on my 2005 tdv6 auto. Told by main dealer new gearbox required. Spoke to Landyman of Warrington, (in, and he asked me a couple of questions over the phone, mainly was the auto gear stick a little stiff when engaging drive. I told him it was and he immediately diagnosed a selector fault and quoted me £180 all in to repair. Took him about 1 hour to fix and no problems since. Dont be ripped off by main dealers. Most of them replace and don't reapir because it's more profitable for them and expensive for us. Always get a quote and advice from a reputable mechanic. It is there bread and butter. I've always found it's the gnuine Landrover parts that are unreliable and not the non Landrover replacements.

discovery 3 tdv6 automatic

recently got a 2005 discovery 3 td v6 automatic.In the morning wheb reversing it sends signall"Transmission fault and all special programmes off." When i switch off and start again the mesage goes off and all returns to normal,but when about to drive off the vehicle feels like it is being held and take off comes with some jerks from gear box and there after driving gets back to normal.Sometimes in the course of driving the Transmission fault message comes and the vehicle lowers and it continues with all programmes off.What could be the problem and please any solution to this nuisence.

07 Disco 3 just cut out and wont start again

My 07 reg Disco 3 auto stalled whilst driving and wont start again, i just get a whiring noise when i turn the key. Why anyone.


I have discovery 3v6 it has one problem when i use emergency foot brake RH FRONT side it makes a noise.

Disco3 2005-tdv6

Shudder from gear box ,only between 3& 4th Transmission oil &filter changed ,but no improvement This is auto box,when using sport mode no shudder

Gearbox judder

Ok I have a really nice disco3 on a 57 plate. I love it like one of the family.. She has 180000 on her clock, only thing is when pulling the gearbox judders, not all the time. When I speed up a little or slow down a little it stops. It's a auto box.. I have been told its common on higher mileage discos and to get the oils flushed and changed inc a re calibration ? What ? Can anyone tell me about re calibration. Thanks Big Andy .. Ps thinking of a re map as sluggish on take off.. Good or bad idea.

Disco 2005 2.7 tdv6

just bought a 55reg lr3 and wen am driving and cruising speed (not putting any force on accelerator pedal it the accelerator seems to bounce between 2000 and 3000 revs its driving me crazy it feels like its slipping anyone else had same problem ? want some background infro on it before i go the garage and then rip my pants off any info appreciated cheers

Disco 3 transmission fault

I own a 57 plate 2.7 tdv6 automatic... with 96000 on the clock. Just recently I've got the msg transmission fault on when i'm braking ,also the reversing sencor's have stopped working doesn't go into limp mode and still drive's fine any idea's please ?.

gear box problem

I was driving a friends land rover freelander 2005 model suv and all of a sudden the automatic gear stopped working, I parked, turned the engine off then on again but still it wasn't selecting just making some grrrrr sound. please what could be the fault and the solution?

dico 3 2007 auto

my 2007 disco 3 has 158k on clock runs well but!!! i have had a catching sound on the front sounds similar to brakes scraping but theyre all clear fitted new hubs drive shafts lower wishbones track rod ends ,and transfer box it's still got the noise any ideas malc

1st gear slow warning light on automatic landrover

Problem landrover struggles slow in first gear warning light comes on

Disco 3 Transmission & Transfer box fault

2009 Disco 3 drop to access hight after engage low range for steep gravel road. Could not engage high range again. Computer diagnoses show actuator fault. Machanic put direct power to actuator to release low range. Now disco lights ABS HDC Low Range, on dash-transmission fault traction reduced, HDC fault system not avilable, special programmes of, low range light on dash flikkering and actuator krrrr when switch ignition on. Suspension lock in normal drive but gears slipping up and down. HELP

My landrover freelander hard to put into gear plus

Jhave a landrover Freelander and it is diffulcult selecting Gear what does this mean also the fob does work and is separate from the key to the vechicle where doi purchase one from and how much someone said to me go top the pound shop and they are fine there lithium batteries sorry spelt wrong and ideas please

RR Sport Gear Box Rasping Noise

does any1 else have the same problem as me, when releasing of the accelerator makes a rasping noise (rattle)

RR Sport 'Metal on Metal' screeching noise

Recently purchased a 56 plate RR sport auto. Noticed a terrible intermittent grinding, scraping, screeching noice when driving. This noise does not appear to happen below 30mph and over 30mph it is total random. Difficult to determine where the noise is coming from, any ideas please on what it could be and how to resolve it.


When i select drive it seems to slip in and out , hold my hand on it and it drives perfict , take the presher off and it slips back out ,i was told the selectors need to be oiled ..anyone help please ....

vehicle shudders & vibrates on neutral gear after

changed Injector Nozzles & EGR on my 2005 Discovery TDV6 and vehicle shakes/vibrates on Neutral gear after running for 2 minutes+ on starting up. It also reads a HTC error on starting up. What could be the issue?

auto transmission oil leak

I parked my LR Disco 3 2005 model TDV6 S. After 2 weeks parked (for I am abroad) the vehicle just leaked out all the transmission oil. What can be the problem.

Disco shudder

I have shudder between 25 and 35 miles per hour. Just changed gearbox and diff filters etc. Please help shudder is still there Discovery 3 hse auto 54k. Thanks

m. discovery3 tdv6 shifts 1 and 2 gears

All another gears shift bUt when on road itt revs up 2 around 3000 revs then shifts 2 gear 2 and now when abt 2 give me the 3rd gear the rev iss reduced

LR43.0 tdv6 Gearbox judder

I have a judder when I come to a stop at a junction. it goes away if I select N or P. as soon as the wheels start to turn the judder stops. any ideas? Am I causing more damage continuing to drive it?

How much have people paid for new gearbox??

Cannot select reverse thinking worst case scenarios - new gearbox? In garage at mo 56 reg diesel manual Anyone had any quotes/ work done??

R R gear box 2012 model

R R sport crank shaft sensor fault dealer changed sensor fault still there. Dealer now say's gear box has to come out as fault is in there some where, luckily car has got 2 year warranty, only had it a month.


I had the same problem with vibration on acceleration and after many hundreds spent changing things that were suspect the issue was eventually resolved with a gearbox mega flush. There are only a few garages that have the machine for this. You can look online for a specialist that does it.

range rover sport

i needs help for a friend of mine is range rover sport gearbox is playing up the gears are sometimes taking ages 2 change like no power and the other thing is when im in like 3rd gear it keeps dropping down a gear and it wont let me go faster then 60-70 it keeps dropping down gears any help plz

Gear selector

How can I get a new gear selector for HSE Land rover 2005 and ow much does it cost? mine is faulty. Help me please

Landrover duscovery 3 hse v8

L3 auto, drops out of drive after you have slowed down and re excellorate, my dealer or landrover cant seem to find the fault. Any ideas?

Transmission faulty

Discovery 3 tdv6hse 2007 , gives message transmission faulty when driving above 120km/h , when switched off disappears and come back again. Please help.


56 plate discovery 3 127k on clock.....recently had 2 new solenoids fitted, re conditioned gearbox and brand new torque converter. My symptoms started of with automatic transmission light coming and engine making strange noises. next to happen was the rpm not reacting. To the accelerator, what I mean by this is the rpm would be between 3000-4000 and my foot wouldn't even be close to the floor. Cost me 2700 plus va I now have a new issue in which when the car is between 4000-5000 rpm and I take my foot of the accelerator as it's dropping I heard a loud bang noise almost. I almost at my final straw with this car as I have invested so much already and it's still not working as it should be. Is this issue related to the work I had done? Or something completely different? I am based in Liverpool if someone could give me some information on the issue I would appreciate it so much. Please feel free to email me also Thanks Dan

Discovery 3td6hse 2006 give message transmission


Transmission faulty

My automatic transmission freelander 1 v6 does not engage gear 4, thus it slips, rev count gauge moves up so fast then back. It wont let me pass the 40km/h

technical advise

recently got a 2005 discovery 3 v8 automatic. when ever select drive it sends signall"Transmission fault and all special programmes off." When i switch off and start again the mesage goes off and all returns to normal,but when about to drive off the vehicle feels like it is being held and take off comes with some jerks from gear box and there after driving gets back to normal but when I get to stop same thing happens.Sometimes in the course of driving the Transmission fault message comes and the vehicle lowers and it continues with all programmes wont go up the slope.What could be the problem and please any solution to this.

Gearbox problem

Transmission problems

d3 transfer box renewed

just changed the tranfere box and quite as it should be but when turning its kinda locking up ?/ any ideas mike

d3 transfer box renewed

just changed the tranfere box and quite as it should be but when turning its kinda locking up ?/ any ideas mike

Gear slipping

Gearbox Fault pops up Switch vehicle of and on and message disappears..when driving gears slips and fault comes on again.was told its the cluthes.then the gearbox radiator.not cooling down the oil..not sure what to do..when in top gear it goes when shifting sometimes limited gears fault pops up
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