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These photos speak for themselves...




Cant understand why Autocar keep pushing these cars when they are so unreliable.

To trap consumers like us

To trap people like us who though its the best SUV was ever made , never LR again .

This is awesome.

This is great, this guy actually parked it in front of the dealer? Awesome.

Did you ever get any compensation from Land Rover

Did you ever get any compensation from Land Rover. Preloved UK do not seem to have the discussion board that I use to enjoy. Having owned the awful Freelander 1.8 petrol. I asked a question on Preloved if the Multi Layered gasket had fixed the Freelander 1.8 petrol problem, got an answer back saying that the Freelander was still blowing its gasket with the multilayered gasket, although not as often.

I purchase a 2004 / Chinese quality

I have owned 2 Jaguars 12 cyl and a 2004 range rover. All of this cars are only ok to own under warranty. They are all pieces of crap after that!
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