Good job on the web page, it's a really professional venture.

Enquiry:Hello, I read quart'of a webpage here and began to be seriously concerned with my wife's and kid's safety. We own a LR2 TD4 (2008-2009) and an a couple of occasions, while starting the car on cold weather (below 0C), when thick smoke comes out of the exhaust and through the AC vents INSIDE THE CAR... What could this be? Seriously, i drive a small 1 series BMW and drove a faulty Golf 4 for years. Never had trouble like that except when the golf went up in flames like a mob car. The difference is that my wife drives the kid to kindergarten with the LR daily, .. I'm scared here.. Furthermore, if you google this situation and try to link it to the LR official forum, you get tons of responses, just that when you access the page there is no link. Good job on the web page, it's a really professional venture. 

Thanks, we are receiving loads of traffic

Thanks for your comments, yes we are receiving loads of traffic, and proving to be really helpful and has stopped people from making a mistake and buying Land Rovers.

transmission warning

I have purchased a disco 3 DEC 2009 i paid £ 40,000 for the HSE, It has so far been in for repair 4 times as it states a transmission warning on the dasboard I am very very upset and angry as I do not know what to do the dealership has replaced the battery and I am awaiting the car back it has only done 1000 miles can anyone help me. Thank You

Reject it

If your car is giving you problems and has is less than six months old, write to the dealer, land rover and any finance company(if involved and reject it under the sale of goods act. Check with consumer direct. Put it in writing and do not accept the car back without checking you legal status. This is vital.
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