My disco 4

My disco 4 has only done 1500 miles when things started going wrong,the service warning came up on the computer.Then the fun realy starts red warning triangle shows must contact landrover dealer.\\\\\\\Next the yellow engine warning came on and reduced powere to a get you home speed only.Contacted landrover assistance they came out and told me the discovery has not being used enough to allow the the exaust to work corectly.they recomended that we drive the disco at a constant speed fo r 20 mins we did this but fault not cleared.Disco went into main dealer i picked my disco up ,the dealer had done 145 mile in it when asked why they said this is required to fix the fault PS they did not replace my fuel,the next day when i started it up the service indicator was on again.I rang the dealer and was told they are very sory but LANDROVER have thisongoing problem in hand and will contact me when this fault can be resolved ?

Discovery 4 still bad

I thought that they may have improved reliability, so according to your story nothing has changed, so the message continues, dont buy a Land Rover Discovery, they are still too unreliable.

Landrover Discovery 4 HSE

I have just bought a new top of the range discovery 4, had it for three weeks and ten days ago went out to take the kids to school and overnight the windscreen was cracked right across the bottom. Contacted Riders in Truro who promised a replacement windscreen in two days, only to be told two hours later, no windscreen until this week. Rang this morning and was told they cannot get a windscreen and do not know when they can get one.

Problems with Disco 4

I am also having problems with my Discovery 4 purchased in Sept 09. Restricted performance keeps coming on due to inlet valve on turbocharger sticking open.Part has been replaced but still have same problem. Car back with dealer Feb 10. News from Land Rover is still no fix!!! The dealer's demonstator has had same fault for over 2 months. I am not hopeful

Disco 4

I also have a Disco 4 purchased secondhand on December 22nd, car went to Restricted Performance on December 25th into the dealer on the 28th, returned on the 7th Jan, then the car has come up with the same fault on 29th Jan and as of today 11th Feb is still there, both times turbocharger problems. Land Rover "Customer Care" are uninterested and no help what so ever.

discovery 4

had nothing but trouble with my discovery first problem screeching brakes been in 3 times still same back in next week geer box exchange replaced also bracket dealer had for 2 weeks had to pay insurance for courtesy car twice and same again next week for brakes anyone know if i am entitled to exchange


My disco 4 has had all resticted performance faults cleared by land rover so far so good,they have also fixed the service request on the display which kept saying it was due for a service.good luck to all disco 4 owners.John

Discovery 4

Picked my disco 4 up in sept,only took a month for things to go wrong.Its now been in the dealers on at least 5 occassions. Lets list the faults- Gear box warning fault light on Not starting on the first attempt Reduced power warning. Low fuel warning light not working (can't fix) Now its in for a turbo failure. I'm told by my dealer that Landrover will have a fix for all the problems by the 26th.Not going to hold my breath. Can I reject the car Red

Discovery 4 10MY RECALL

HOT OFF THE PRESS DISCO 4 RECALL !!! I have a disco 4 with the solenoid fault mentioned above plus the gearbox and autowindow fault !!! went into dealer to be told there will be recall notices issued on 1st March - Landrover are calling it a "Quality Assurance programme" this is BS its a total recall of all 10MY discos due to the numerious faults the car has

Discovery 4

We also have experienced a catalogue of faults, gearbox error and restricted performance. Hardwoods, after a lot of inconvience and time wasting have informed us about the RECAL.

Disco 4 warning messages

Similar problems with my Disco 4after 2000km. 2warning messages appeared simultaneously: a faulty gearbox which needs to be replaced (the car dealer mentioned that the exact same problem occured with another disco which they sold) and a diesel particle filter which was reported to be full. The later problem is seeminglky due to the softwar. I understood that an updated software has been realeased a new version to solve the problem.

Disco4 No Drive

I had my new Disco 4 on 17th March. On 19th I was 1 mile away from home when I lost all drive. Rear prop shaft disconnected from transfer box due to fixing bolts fallen out. Further inspection found front propshaft flange bolts were loose. Also rear transfer box flange threads stripped due to above. Propshaft flange separated and required new etc. etc. To be fair all was put right by the dealer and I was able to go on my way. They were extremely angry and ashamed with the shoddy workmanship of the factory ( my car had only done 177 miles). What scared me was the fact i had a 250 mile trip planned the next day. The dealer said had it broke on the motorway doing 70 mph it does not bare thinking about. All is well now. !!!

Bought Disco 4 Nov09, all well until gbox acted up

Gear box trouble in my new Disco 4 back in dealership for second time. Will at rare ocassions jump when passing the reverse position and when drive is engaged will jump again, if you move the g/lever back through rev location and into park it can stick in park and not release unless you switch off and re-start, this seems to clear the fault for a time at least, dash shows gearbox fault when the fault happens??? Does anyone else have experience of these circumstances??Must say dealership is very good to date. do I need a new box?

disco 4 gearbox alarm

I hope not, my alarm has been up twice and the car is less than a week old, despite LR late build and the gearbox glitch was not supposed to be on this late build.

Poor Land Rover Warranty

Enquiry:my car loko renj rover caler moved when i go to the al tayer delaer in u a e the toold me its not cover this so my car is 2008 model is not three years finsh yet and ihave contract servese .thanks and helb me plaese

Disco 4

4000 miles and we are constantly have loss of power and DSC / emergency brake failure which means car stuck at 20 mph. Has had all latest computer upgrades and turbo / battery upgrades still no use. This is my 16th new landrover in past 16 years and will be my last

Discovery 4 no better

I have a Discovery 4 Reg No - N8WNB which is 6 months old with 4000 miles When I picked vehicle up on delivery it would not go over 30 mph and had to go straight back to dealer. Over the past three weeks i have had serious problems will on holiday in England. Whilst towing my caravan we have suffered approx 8 occasions of loss of power and emergency brake / DSC failure. The car was given a computer upgrade while we were in London plus new battery. This failed to solve the problem and we had 4 further power failures on the MI/M6 while travelling North. Landrover assist was called while at Chester and they could not source the problem. I rang Edwards LR for help as detailed below. We eventually nursed the car back to Belfast on Tue 13th and contacted TP Topping my supplying dealer. Still no solution to car problem - I have spoken to Peter Little at Toppings this afternoon and all he could tell me was that no fault showed up and they had downloaded info to land rover but they have had no reply. Let me give you full details to date :- 1 23rd Mar we had travelled 60 mile approx when we had loss of power and emergency brake mode showing on car dash. We stopped and restarted car and it was ok for approx same distance when same again happened 2 We reached Birmingham and suddenly rear windows went down and would not close again - took over 20 mins to eventually get them to close. 3 When we reached my daughters the alarm went off and would not respond to key fob - took approx 10 mins to get alarm stopped. 4 Rang Land rover and we got car into dealer for computer upgrade inc new battery and turbo update. 5 Car fine for two weeks - short journeys and no towing. 6 left London 11th April and after towing 50 mile approx the same problem occurred. This happened a further 2/ 3 times before we got to Chester. 7 At Chester I rang Edwards LR to seek help - the showroom staff were present but could hardly wait to get me off the phone and would not even take a phone number in order to get someone to ring me next morning. I rang service manager next morning but they would not help and told me to call LR Assist 8 I then proceeded to ring LR Assist who said they would get someone to call out next morning 9 LR Assist arrived 10.30 am and proceeded to check vehicle on computer - no solution found but evidence of our problems did show up along with the computer upgrade already carried out. 10 LR Assist also installed a computer upgrade for tow bar. 11 We managed to get car home - mainly by stopping every 40mile or so to restart car in the hope it would keep system running. After arriving home we :- Contacted Toppings to see if they would collect car and leave us a loan car with tow bar. Told that LR Assist were going to pick car up and we would get a car with tow bar from LR Assist Breakdown truck arrived several hours later but we had not received a hire car so sent truck back Contacted LR Assist who said Enterprise were to deliver a vehicle - when they rang they informed me that they do not hire vehicle with tow bars!!!! Contacted LR Assist again who said they would source 4x4 for next day Got phone call from Enterprise to say they had a 4x4 so when I picked it up it was indeed a Freelander but no tow bar AND no fuel - I only just made it to a filling station 2 mile away. I have still not received a tow vehicle - this is silly if land rover work through a firm who do not supply a tow vehicle - what would I do if stuck in England Latest news on my car is that Landrover have spoken to Toppings and appear to think problem could be to do with tow bar set up - it was factory fitted. They suggest Toppings tow a trailer to see if they can recreate problem - Is this a joke - there is evidence already on vehicle computer. Toppings are also going to redo computer upgrade - trying to say that perhaps it was not carried out correctly????? Toppings can not give me any idea when my car will be returned and we have booked a caravan site and paid money to go away this weekend and we have no tow car. I have informed service to contact me tomorrow a.m. and if they can not resolve problem to put car on breakdown truck and return where I intend to trade car immediately for another brand - I can not take a chance of further breakdowns in Europe this summer. I have been somewhat shocked at Toppings lack of concern for a customer who has purchased 16 new cars in the past 16 years and can not even source a temporary vehicle for me. Friday 16th - had to again make contact with dealer rather than them contacting me - they have informed me that there is a computer problem at LR and can do nothing until Mon19th. They also informed me that insurance on hire car had been extended until Mon. At 4.55pm I decided to check with my insurance company and the insurance had NOT been extended. This was 5 mins before closure and would have meant having no insurance all weekend. LR Assist have still failed to supply me with a towing vehicle and as a result we have had to cancel a weekend trip with our caravan and have lost our site fees. I have lost all confidence in my Discovery 4 and feel let down by both LR and my dealer. I intend to end my 16 year relationship with both ASAP and purchase an alternative product I have appreciated allthe help and advice over the years Alison Mitchell at LR has provided, and it is only because of her that I did not make a change several years ago - this however is too similar to the Milan experience I suffered 6 yrs ago and I will not subject my wife to the stress and worry during our summer trip this year. How can I have confidence in this vehicle as we plan to set off for 7 weeks to Europe with a caravan and tow to Venice???? I have already suggested getting this car back to Landover - or indeed because of the low mileage etc asking for it to be replaced. I would appreciate an very early response before I seek legal advice Regards - Norman Bruce

D4 as bad as D3!

I see the new D4 is no better than the previous model. I have a 2005 SE Auto, thought I would buy new and cherrish it for many years, Ha Ha, 30,000 miles later, 27+ warranty issues, one of which was a new turbo fitted under warranty @ 16,000 miles. Where am I now? about to shell out £1800 for a second turbo! Dealers/mechanics?turbo specialists are all telling me that two turbo failures on a low mileage, regularly serviced engines is a new one to them! Land Rover customer care don't think it's that unusual as they will not extend any assistance to me towards the repair by way of a discount on the price of a new turbo or any other means! Because of the age of the vehicle. 5 years old 30,000 miles two blown turbos, I could almost hear them laughing in the back ground " what does he expect, he paid £39000 for a land rover, does he want it to last for ever?" Mind you, LRCC didn't actually call me back first with the bad news, they told my garage, who told me two days later. Then LRCC called me and were surprised that I already new. Whish the government scrappage scheme was still available, I appreciate that LR's depreciate, but £1800 every couple of years for a new turbo is going to get awfully expensive, what's next, engine, gearbox, air suspension etc etc, very exciting.

Poor Landrover service

Picked up my Disco4 3.0 XS on the 3/03/2010 initially all seemed OK,very pleased.Vehicle has covered 1536mls.On the 27/04/2010 went to get it out of the garage to find dashboard status said the steering lock was on but actually not and the engine would not turn over. AA arrived couldn't do anything. Landrover Assist arrived next day couldn't do anything,no fault showing after a system reset and running the laptop diagnostic prog,would need to be recovered to the dealer. AA recovery arrived didn't know how to move the vehicle so as I'd gone to work I instructed him over the phone.Vehicle arrived at Guy Salmon - Bristol 11:30 28/04/2010 and stayed in the middle of their general carpark park for 1.5 days,43K spent for anyone and his brother to pick and poke at,because they say they could not move it without Landrover Technical advice,warranty constraints.Eventually on the 07/05/2010 after many irrate phone calls to both parties I'm advised the fault is possibly a earth problem or a broken wire in the steering lock system,later in the day I'm told the dashboard readout module has to be replaced with a back order delivery date of the 16/05/2010.Following a call to Landrover Admin. by me the dealer calls back to say the part will be available on the 11/05/2010 and as he is 95% certain this will correct the problem I should have the vehicle back by 12th-13th latest. Call last night vehicle not ready no part delivered dealer can't contact Landrover customer service to find out where the part is,lottery on a delivery date. 3rd new Discovery bought in the last 6 years and the last. Landrover Admin. never come back to you,due dates never met,and now it would appear back to the quality issues of old.With respect to the dealer I believe they struggle as well although I will say at Bristol they are under resourced on technicians and working area but hey thats what management are paid for to sort these issues out. Speaking of Managers or Principals as I believe they are known at Guy Salmon the last time I wanted to talk him I had to go through Sytner head office to get him to speak to me.Previous dealings with Landrover very good but since the sale to TATA extremely poor. Whenever you talk to the dealer or Landrover about faults you hear "well it all the latest technology" but isn't the price reflective of all the development and durability testing.When I read the other reports here and talk to colleagues there seems to be a electronics theme maybe they should invest in HirRel components somewhere I would rather see the money invested and loose all the bells and whistles and flashing lights when you go to a dealership.

disco 4

bought disco4 se oct 2010 windnoise unbearable 3rd windscreen cracked Apillars are bent have given car back awaiting L R S Africa response will go to court and press if no refund nothing has changed going back to merc

disco 4 gone at a cost

at last got L R dealer to take back LR 4 after all the problems ,lost 7% of purchase price.only to glad to be shot of LR 4 happy with new gl350

restricted performance

I bought my discovery 4 in march 2010 I've had it for half a year and this sign comes up saying restricted performance and the car is really sluggish I start and turn off the car several times and no hope. I rang land rover and they are coming. I need the car for a long journey next week. I hope they can fix it!!

restricted performance

I bought my discovery 4 in October and we have had nothing but trouble. The car went back to the dealer two weeks ago with when a whole range of warning signs came up. Landrover did not have any answers and we got the car back. While driving the car back from school today 10/9/2010 the car went into restricted performance. The car was picked up tonight.

Mobile phone will not sink with brand new discover

I am trying to get my mobile telephone to sink via bluetooth with my 2010 discovery 4 S. Can someone help?

Bluetooth Problems

Hi, have had the same problem, it was diagnosed as faulty bluetooth unit, had this changed, it worked once then has not worked since, it will not connect, its like all thigs Land Rover, nothing works like it should.

bad wheel wobble

i have very bad wheel wobble at 35 mph and at 90mph and some times it so bad i have to pull over !!!!!!! whats going on its been back 3 times now and all i get is b**lsh*t not happy ...please help

Disco4 Gearbox Failure

3months old and "Gearbox Failure" message in dash. No stability control, auto brake, etc. I have never had a problem with a new car before. Should have bought Audi.

air bag warning light

I have a new 2011 model sdv6 commercial just covered 4.000 miles. the air bag warning light came on this week. The dealer in truro booked the car in to clear the fault on tue the 21st dec 10 I told them I have a 14day business trip away over christmas and need the vehicle back that night as I need to begin my trip in the evening. 1630 hr I get a call to say My car will not be ready as the electronic`s have gone wrong and cannot be fixed and they can see no immedeate completion time however they have said they will replace the vehicle with a loan car for the duration of my 14 day business trip with a like for like model. further to my last the sat nav is not functioning the windows will not open and they still cannot resolve the electronic`s issue.I posponed my departure untill wednesday night and as of today 1045 have had no further communication from the dealer.

Should i but a New Land Rover Discovery or Freelan

I've read with increasing alarm the comments on your site, as I was in the throes of buying either a Disco or Freelander 2. Having done further research I'm seriously reconsidering. Do you know if the Freelander 2 is also beset with such problems? I took a brand new one going out to its buyer in two days' time for a test drive and its "engine fault" lamp was lit all the time. The salesman said that it was because it had been driven only short distances and needed a bit of a blast. Funny - it had only 60 miles on the clock and there was a terrible smell of bull**t in the air!! Good luck in your quest

DIscovery 4 Restricted Performance and loss of pow

I purchased my new DIscovery 4 SDV6 XS in Dec 2010. I've narrowly escaped a major accident on the M4 as the car suddenly lost power and acceleration in the outside lane at speed. A warning indicator indicated 'Restriced Performance' Land ROver Assistance were called to the rescue and were unable to detect a fault one the engine was re started a few times and allowed to rest. I happened again 2 days afterwards and went into my local dealership Stradstones in Swansea. After 10 days they detected blocked tyrbo valves....apparently a manufacturing fault and also a problem with the ABS brakes. Within a week of having the car back the same thing has happened twice again....I await a response from Land Rover Customer Care as I intend to reject the vehicle on grounds of safety and fit for purpose. Frm the comments above I can see I'm not alone.....

speed vibration

Disco 4 - 18 months old. Have experienced the reduced power problems within 2 days of taking delivery and then continuing for a further 2 months. I did find that if the vehicle was pulled over and allowed to rest for 10 minutes and then restarted the problem cleared itself.....until the next time. Eventually the dealer corrected the fault and have had no other problems until now. I now find that when driving at a constant 65 to 70 mph a significant vibration through the steering wheel develops. When reducing speed the vibration increases and the whole cabin area rattles. The problem is intermittent and of course never happens when the dealer has the vehicle! I have heard a whisper that LR are looking into suspension issues. Anybody any ideas.

Disco Troubles

Jeeezz!! I have a Disco 3 and I'm planning to replace it with a new 4. Only hassles I had was the screeching hand brake all of us seem to experience and the air pump which went at 155 000 km. However, these comments are scaring the living day lights out of me!! Seems like you guys are in the UK. I'm from South Africa and love to drive the desert in Namibia (where I was born). If I get the crap you guys seem to be getting someone might come across my dried out skeleton one day. Surely you must have friends with Disco's that aren't experiencing the hassles that you are? Our Disco's are imported from the UK, so we're buying the same cars you are!!

Purchasing a new Disco 4

I'm currently looking to trade up from a Disco 3 to a 4, but from reading this site I'm thinking twice. Our D3 has given us few problems in 5 years. Are there any happy D4 owners out there or should we go back to an Merc? Al

Purchasing a new Disco 4

Wow.... almost buy a discovery 4 2011 HSE model. Is there any one don't have problem with discovery 4? Please do let us know stories of both sides......

Disco 4

Got a 2010 Disco 4 3ltr v6 XS 12 months old and 17k miles loads of blue smoke under accelleration. Dealer changed turbo and now been back 3 times still embarrasing to drive a new disco with blue smoke billowing out the exhaust. Its been in workshop now a total of 15 days over the last 2 months now the dealer tells me its normal to have a bit of blue smoke. I dont think so and i hate been treated like an idiot. The only reason i know of blue smoke coming out of an exhaust system is if the engine is burning engine oil. The fuel comsumption figures didnt allow for 1 litre of oil with every tank full of fuel. This my first ever Land Rover and my last. Dealer network is a joke. I have had BMW and Mercedes vehicles never had any problems and service is how it should be. A disco is a very expensive mistake DONT BUY ONE !!!

Discovery 3. 2008

We have owned a LRD 3HSE since July 08. It has spent more time in the workshop than any car we have ever owned, and by a considerable margin. Dealer says that as car is "technically very advanced", one should expect a few things to go wrong! Try telling that to an Audi/Merc/BMW owner and they'd be reaching for the shotgun.... At £50k+ to replace it (we were seriously considering this as the warranty is about to expire and we fear what happens to costs post July '11), we just cannot justify paying this sort of money for such a fatally flawed product. I suspect that like most Disco owners, we love the car, it has everything going for it - but regret to say we'd hate to be using it for it's real purpose - offroad - and be stuck in the middle of that desert or jungle somewhere when it "fails to proceed" (it is not supposed to break down, is it?). We've had: failed satnav screen, screeching brakes, intermittently faulty headlamp dip (never resolved), faulty wing mirrors, parking sensor faults (replaced but re-ocurring), smoking pre-heats (causing pedestrians to bang on our window urging us to leave a burning car or make a runner) - replaced, loose nut in ceiling lining since new (unresolved), radio switching itself on whilst car parked in the middle of the night, drained battery, faulty bluetooth phone connection, radio power failing (for no reason) and more. You could argue mechanically it is sound - but the point of owning a mechanically sound car is that it is available for you to drive - not sitting in the workshop all the time while you cope with a clunky courtesy Freelander. Have to say the dealer has been genuinely concerned, apologetic - we've never had an arrogant fob-off from these guys. This almost pursuaded us to get a new LRD4 - but upon reading the tsunami of complaints about gearbox and other "failure to proceed" issues, we feel that finally LR has a balanced product - it now fails mechanically and in the "technical department". Sorry guys, our money is going elsewhere...

Awaiting delivery of my 11plate D4

Paid my £1k deposit end of Feb for my D4 commercial. Am I about to make one of the biggest mistakes of my life if I go ahead and buy it. My local L.R dealers are the biggest bunch of twats you could ever wish to meet. Because the next nearest dealer is 60+ miles away they think they have a monopoly and treat you any way they like. I have bought all previous Defenders from Wales, much cheaper than here and they talk to you. perhaps I should buy another 3ltr Toyota Hilux, had no trouble with that.

On Discovery 4 all the curtain airbags, both sides

I will keep it brief. But basically 20 mph on a country Road BANG, all the curtain airbags, both sides deployed. No reason to do so. LR had the Disco for 6 weeks running tests and reports. Today they contact me and tell me there was no fault and that they are washing their hands of the matter! Brilliant customer service thanks very much going to cost me a fortune to repair an I am left stranded. Has anyone else experienced this?? They will not give me the reports. They are just giving me the brush off

Discovery 4 - Engine System Failure Hassles

Fort he first year our Discovery 4 was great then each time we travel we are also subjected to Engine Systems Failure issues - been to Landrover 5 times and is still unresolved. Various excuses, software upgrades, faulty ECU and eventually they admit they have no idea and are waiting on an answer from Landrover UK. Been to test drive a Landcruiser in the meantime as Landrover have one last chance to resolve. Does anyone know of anyone who has resolved this issue once and for all??

One problem after the next

We bought a secondhand Disco 4 and it has one problem after the next. No sooner has problem been fixed than there are 2 more. Airbag warning light come up time after time. They say they have fixed it and a couple of months later there it is again. Water in the foot wells. I have had nearly all the warning lights come on for one problem or another. Now it is the central locking key fobs do not lock the car and neither does using the key in the door so basically I have an unlockable car...luckily I live somewhere where there is little crime! I was advised to keep taking my dogs in the car to prevent anyone removing stuff out my car. Apparently when doing diagnostics on the computer it says there isn't a problem my Disco 4 is absolutey fine, so they cannot fix the locking system. I have had the Disco 4 a year 8 months and of that it has spent at least 6 to 8 months in the garage. I have about had enough has anyone else had a similar locking problem?

Disco 4

Have had a Disco 4 around 18 months now. Will never touch a Landrover again. On my 5th windscreen, continual loss of power which is simply hair raising at times as I live in Germany using Auotbahns. Steering column and cabin vibration fit to mix a cocktail with. Nav system failiure and when it does work only mode is the woman shouting....and that in gutteral German! Constant dealership warnings etc etcetc. Lord I could be here all day.....just dont buy these vehicles!!

Landrover's standard of quality is low

Enquiry:Greetings. I've had horrible experiences with my DISCO and the customer service that I received. Landrover's standard of quality is low, this is why it is acceptable to management when people complain about their products. I want to join forces with you in a very very long and negative campaign.

Hmmm, time for a re-think..

Wow, I was all set to sell my Z4 for a deposit on a MY10 D4 XS for work. I think I shall re-visit that one after reading this website. Would be interested in seeing what changes the MY12 D4's have brought, namely new turbo designs.


Thank God I bought a Freelander2 then! (although that did just have a rear diff change under warranty at 2 years old)...

Wrecking Disco 4 in SA

there is a wrecker in SA with a complete disco 4 (storm damaged) all working, but selling it as parts because there are so many unhappy D4 owners already needing spares and it is worth more as spares.

Disco 4

Does any one have any problem with their disco 4 chucking out blue and white smoke, it's been back four times but keeps coming back with the same problem. Peter

Disco 4 - Starting Problems

We have purchased a 2010 MY TDV6 3.0 and in short are having difficulties when it comes to it starting. It either false starts, (quick attempt and then it halts the starting process) or it simply turns the engine over and over without starting. Having been stuck in various places and worried everytime you go to start it is simply unacceptable. When we test drove we were told you need to turn the ignition on and wait 20 seconds to "bring the systems up" before putting your foot on the brake pedal and then initiated the actual starting. After my wife got stranded in the car I sent it into LR Guildford to be checked before Christmas only to be told they have updated a couple of the software modules and that the battery was low. The latter is no surprise as the damn thing hasn't been starting - but hardly the reason why it hasn't been starting as the engine is turning over just without actually starting. When i picked the car up and explained the starting inconsistencies the chap on the service desk looked at me in confusion when i explained the waiting 20 seconds procedure. He confirmed you simply get it, put your foot on the brake, press the start button and let the car the do the rest, (coil heater etc). Within a day the same starting, (or lack of) is back again. In summary the car appears to get itself in a electronic mess with warning lights and 'restricted performance' if it doesn't start first time. I have had all sorts of cars over the years and in my book its pretty simple, if a car won't start there is a problem. Land Rover need to take this problem seriously and get to the bottom of this software problem that is blighting an otherwise brilliant vehicle. If anyone else has this problem I would be keen to hear from you. If anyone from Land Rover actually takes serious interest in their brand then please feel free to contact me. Best, Nathan

Disco 4 - so many problems

Purchased my Disco 4 in October '09 and had sold back to Landrover by November '10. Why? It would not start on any warm day, battery consistently went flat for no explainable reason, windows would go down when parked for no explainable reason, central locking would intermittently not lock, vehicle would display power reduced when driven hard and go into limp mode. It got to the point where I bought a second hand Prado to use while Landrover tried to sort out my Disco as I was too scared to take my family anywhere in it. The last time it was towed away by Landrover assist (7 times in total over 11 months for not starting) I sold it back to them and bought a new Landcruiser. I wish I had listened to my mates and my head and never bought the Disco. All the rumours about Landrover quality (or lack of it) have been confirmed in my mind.

Disco 4 Regrets

I should have read and believed more of the negative press re the Disco 4 taking delivery of my brand new silver dream 3.0 HSE on 30 Dec 2011. Five weeks later it has just returned from its fourth visit to the Dealer and is still making peeping (alarm) noises intermittently and I cannot open the back door. What I pity that I have also just fiiten R80k worth of accessories to it. Just as well that I have not sold my Toyota Hilux yet. I plan to fit an A-frame to it so that I can tow it behind the Disco when we go roughing it. At least I'll be abel to tow the Disco back home when it breaks !

Discovery 4

I am not sure how old all these comments are? Are there any people out there without problems on the D 4? and have the new D4's been rectified? Not sure now?


Had a D3 HSE for 48 months and in that time, it was in over 15 times! Back to BMW for me, sorry LR

Discovery 4- Restrictive Performance

Driving the 2nd Disco 4 in 2 years. 1st Disco started with the Restrictive Performance errors akter 17000km. After several visits to dealer with no luck, stupid me traded it for new one. After 30000km same problem. Will surely not fall into the same trap. I had 3 Q7's, awesome cars. Will have to go back to Audi!!


Bought HSE spec brand new £50K+ from Stratstone. Have experienced the restricted performance problem on and off since day one. I get bad vibration through steering wheel and pedals. Fed up with Bull***T from dealers about nothing wrong with it. In the process of bringing in a friend from trading standards to get my vehicle sorted out properly. I too wished I had listened to friends advice and kept away from this brand. Customer service is at best 'defensive'. Car itself is sadly plagued by so many many constant faults I just wished I had stuck with my old X5!!!!

Poor acceleration response

Bought new D4 in 2010. Often when I set off from a T junction or at a roundabout, there's no immediate movement response. The engine revs but the gearbox fails until about 2000 rpm, then it grabs and I'm off like a bullet. This is REALLY disconcerting when there's a gap in the traffic but nothing happens. LandRover says the car is "operating as per design intent." Many other odd electronic problems and I have lost confidence in this car which cost me £50k. It's a shame because it has many good features, it just hasn't been fully developed and properly tested before being unleashed on the public.

Buying Used LR4 HSE

I've been looking into buying a used Disco 4 2010 HSE in Australia. All the reviews have said nothing but great things about the car until i got here and now i'm really thinking if i'm making the right choice.. Has anyone had any issues with the Disco 4 after about 40k on the clock? What shoud i need to be aware of? Would appreaciate anyones input. Cheers, Stefan.

Land discovery

I own a Discovery 3 and experience intermitent limp mode issues when driving past mobile phone towers. Is there a connection or is it something else?

Disco 4 Satellite Linkage

My 2010 Disco4 SDV6 XS has seen a catalogue of visits to my main Land Rover Dealership. Restricted Performance, Turbo Valve replacement, ABS replacement, Satellite Linkage and main healamp bulbs blowing.....what a shame expensive, shoddy and unreliable. Do not buy!

Thanks for the warning

Thanks for the warnings. We've never had a LR and we were in the process of choosing a Discovery 4 as it matches best what we want on paper. However, your website and this article have convinced me that there is a significant chance we will have reliability issues. We've never had problems with our previous Hondas and Subarus. We're in Sydney Australia and while reliability on the few times a year we get out of the city is essential, I love my existing car mostly because it never misses a beat day to day. Thanks again.

Disco 4 Service Light

Own a Disco 4 Serive Light comes on and L.R fSouth Africa resets it, and on it comes again. Just drive the vehicle noww with the service light on. Also poor accelleration response. LRSA say they dont know what the problem is. Will buy a Jeep next time around.

À positieve comment on LR3 and LR4

I bought à new LR3 in 2009 and sold it just 3 wks ago.(june 2013) I have driven 127000 km with it and only two problems occured in That time 1 in the beginning sometime's low engine power ( resolved by changing the exaust sensor ) and 2 a malfunctioning backdoor lock. I tortured the Car with offroading, mud/water driving, horsetrailer and fast driving. I can say it was à good Car ! Beter than my last 3 Volvo's . So now I bought à young used LR4 and its far better driving than the LR3 and still no problems. But I learned one important thing with driving cars . Verify the knowledge of your dealer/service ! Some of them are idiots . And Give An engine with oilcooled turbo's a chance to heat up and to cool down a bit with a running engine.

4 day old disco 4

Got rid of Disco 3 following a year of landroverhell. After much deliberation and reassurance just took delivery of New Disco 4. 108 miles on the clock and the gearbox goes whilst doing 70 on a motorway with 3 kids in car.


just cancelled my new disco 4 hse after my horror of reading all the posts an others whats gone wronge with landrover is tata

D4 transmission fault

MSG appear transmission fault and restricted performance, then gets into safe mode where you can drive only at a crawling speed, happen several times. but when you restart the engine, rectified, but happens occasionally. agents say fuel pressure pump defect, needs to replace. Any advise!!!!

Disco 4 2012

I own a disco 4 and have oil leaks, replaced engine, still more leaks, oil monitor not working, air con not working. I have been without a vehicle for weeks and now writing to LR for a replacement vehicle. i have owned many vehicle and this is the pits. I am sorry I purchased a LR.

Discovery 4

Steering vibration, noise from transmission, battery, windows,etc

Discovery 4 complete gearbox failure

59 plate sept 2009 gearbox issues. Does anyone have this problem? Problem shifting up gears, sometimes loses power and cuts out completely, meaning that I need to poll over immediately. has nearly caused accidents on numerous occasions. With 3young children in the back to get around safely I am beginning to wish I had chosen another car..... After and expensive gearbox oil change @£300 have been told that the gearbox needs replacing. Aaaaaaaaaargh!! Anyone have same problem out there?


3 1/2 year old d4 now showing all the faults as above,£100.labour don't kid me. time to move away from lr beautiful to drive, high road tax, and very frighting to belts £1200 in labour plus parts.

Disco 4

My 2011 D4 has done 45,500 km more than 60 percent towing 3000 kg caravan. One warning light came on. Road assist were excellent. Vehicle taken to dealer and the light was fixed. Software upgrade performed and vehicle working perfectly. Poor service availability in Australia is the main drawback. In speaking with other caravanners in Australia, I find the D4 no less reliable than other makes doing similar work. Only real complaint is with servicing and a lack of understanding in service departments. They are not prepared to discuss issues with owners adopting a superior attitude.

EGR Valve

From the sound of that, it seems like it may be the EGR valve (Exhaust gas recirculation value) This makes it so the engine recirculates the exhaust gas, so they have better emission ratings, stupid really because it cakes used rubbish back in to the system, I mean the engine has finished with it once so why throw it back in again!! Anyway, it sounds like the value has got full of crap and is not opening and closing properly! If you look on eBay you can find blanking plates, so you take the pipes out, blank them up and take the value off. You leave the value motor on so then the car ECU (Electronic computing unit) thinks it is still working, although there's no valve on to work, if you were to disconnect the car would display numerous fault codes and warning lights. All the best Jake

Disco 4 fuel gauge

I have a Disco 4 and the fuel gauge has been going on and off at random for a while until last week , now its packed up completely , So sympathy to all you guys with bigger problems ,The care and quality are no longer there and after owning a total mixed bag of 12 l/r brands in 20 years they probably wont be seeing any more of my hard earned money in a hurry . Good luck to you all .

Disco 4 problem, engine oil, filter seal

Hello dear LR owners, excuse me if I have to write with mistakes. I buy a Discovery 4 in 2010 from official dealer. Disco for us is a part of our family and we like this car. I change engine oil and filter last week, after driving around 200 km car its stopped and engine its blocked! I start to study this problem and understand it's a big problems of engine,this kind of trouble appeared in several LR discovery 4, place where the oil filter its fixed in engine have problems. Filter seal after fixing in the engine compartment does not install correctly and there is a rapid loss of oil in just a few minutes. The warranty for the car is already past 15 months. Who can give me advice if I could or how i can ask for compensation from LR company. Thanks in advance.

Disc 4

I have a disco with spare wheel issues. The spare wheel lowering device will not work. I have yet to call landrover

fuel tank sender

Best way to test fuel tank sender unit

land rover reliability issues

I shall be keeping my 02 disco 2 .which I believe was built when BMW owned land rover, not happy hearing about TATA cars.

LR Discovery 4 XS 2012

This note posted 24.05.2015: Today took my kids to Newcastle via A1. En route experienced sudden and persistent vibration through the wheels as if we were driving over a ridged road surface and then the car lost power. We were then able to coast slowly to a layby. Stopped car, popped bonnet and had strong whiff of excessive heat, a burning smell. Waited five minutes started the car and drove back home to pick up partners car, a Citroen DS3. Took same route to Newcastle with no issues whatsoever with either her car, road or partner and the kids. Will be having a word with the dealership, Lloyd Motors Kelso, tomorrow morning. Having owned six LRs to date, this supposedly wonderful world beating car is now beginning to look a not a little not so good!!

low pad warning light ?

doess the disco four have low brake pad lights on rear as mine is between services and the pads on the rear have started to score the disc think if you pay for a expensive car they would have that small gimic on it any ideas guys ? thanks ?

Gearbox failure

Gearbox failure when entering 6th gear= highly dangerous on a motorway. Thanks so much Landrover, you nearly killed me and my family.


Why don't you list the registration number so we can spot the lemons when we come to buy a second hand discovery 4?

Gearbox Fault?

Gearbox fault, restricted performance several visits to Landrover no joy and poor service. 34 years of driving never experienced anything as poor as D4. Will be buying another BMW asap as they have been reliable and customer service is top draw!

Resticted Performance

09 Disco 4. Has been to the Workshop 3 times now for Yello Warning - Restricted Performance. Everytime they tell me it has been sorted out but on my way home it comes on again. I have had so much trouble with my Disco 3 and 4 over the past 6 years. Will never buy one again. Cant even sell it. Maybe I should give them away. Second thoughts no one will want them.

Disco 4 -Botswana

I have been excited about getting Disco 4 but after reading all your comments I'm now in a limbo. I wonder if South Africa has the same problem because in Botswana we only have two dealers that means driving across the border if troubles arise.

Disco 4

We have a Disco 4 major engine problems to repair £6000.00 +vat have to take body off to get at engine. DO NOT BUY

Oil leaks gear box LR disco 4 SDV6 2011 model

Hi my disco 4 sdv6 started leaking oil this past December 2015, I took it to Land Rover Rustenburg on the 6 Jan 2016 to fix the engine or gear box oil leak and the handbrake. I collected it on 30 Jan 2016 and the car is leaking more oil than before. After paying more than R44000 for repairs. This is just not acceptable Land Rover has to sort out the quality of repairs. The time and money spent is totally unacceptable to still have the same problems.

Steering vibrations,

Just reading all the negative comments here and I am getting worried,I bought a full spec Disco 4 in May 2014.i just love this SUV,,recently vibration problems started intermittently ,,yesterday i was lucky I did not crash.the vibration suddenly started at 160 kph on a motorway,it was so bad when Braked it got worse and I very nearly lost control.lucky I did not have a collision,this vibration has started in the last few weeks,35,000 KMS on clock,Juts fitted brand new tyres as I thought they might be the problem,but noting has changed,I would drive along a nice smooth motorway and suddenly the vibration starts for no apparent reason,anybody have any ideas what the cause could be,

Restricted performance

I have a 2nd hand disco4 2011 with 730000 also experiencing the problem! Dealer promise to fix it but am scared now since reading this article!Joooojooo! Really think of taking it back for good!

Land Rover Discovery 3

I have just traded a 2007 Disco 3 with 214,000 Klms In that time main engine seal leak, Steering Box collapse otherwise fantastic! Purchased a Disco 4

Broken down again

This is my second discovery. This one keeps breaking down, is only four years old and keeps getting engine fault and the fuel has failed. I just don't feel safe in this car any more. Please advise which 4x4 to buy, one that will not leave you stranded on the motorway hard shoulder.

nu13 eao disco 4

pmg just bought a disco 4 traded my disco 3 in took delivery 19th june got on m4 to go home to wales 225 miles one way twice a week ... and restricted performance mode comes on pulled into service station to get out to lock car and unlock to clear fault . fault still there had to drive the rest of the way home in restricted performance mode this has happened now 8 times in less than a thousand miles .. into dealers guy salmon thames ditton ... they say its mass air flow meter but lr assist say its turbo guy salmon have had the car now two weeks taylors have had it for 2 days .. i only got the car on the 19th june after reading all these stories i think i should have bought a volvo xc90

Restricted Performance

Had my Disco4 since July 2011. After about 8 months, "Restricted Performance" came up. WAs "fixed" by the shop, came back. Changed Landrover repair center after 2 "fixes". Same thing: error keeps coming back now and again. After having it "fixed" 3 times over the last year, it still comes back, and they now tell me I need some valves changed, another 3000 EUR. No way! "Restricted Performance" is now coming up about every 5km... I'm contacting Landrover to ask for refund of all those "fixes". NEVER EVER buying anything from Landrover again, not even if if were a tricycle...

Restricted Performance

I like many others on the post have had issues with the restricted performance warning. With mine it always happens when the outside air temperature is warm (18+). I'm driving at 69-70 and it feels like I'm suddenly slowing down even though the accelerator is depressed. There's a slight cough and it speeds up again and then the restricted performance indicator comes up. Happened the other day and yet on the same drive home after it had rained and the temperature had dropped to around 14, it drove like a dream. Have taken it into the garage many times and they can find no codes or answers. Very frustrating.

Why buy another one??

What the hell is going on with all of you commenting that you are looking to buy another LR?? Have you not learned ANYTHING from this site? You can't be serious even thinking of purchasing another one of these major crap vehicles when you know how poor the quality is? Both on machine and "customer care". You are ruining the whole purpose of this site. Stay clear!

Discovery 4 Door locks

Having had my Sat Nav stolen I have learned that O/S rear door locking mechanism needs replacing. Why doesn't the "not locked" alarm sound when using the fob and hearing (what you think) are all 4 doors clunking locked & deadlocked.


I am trying to find a solution for a friend who is stuck in Mozambique with a warning engine restriction and see all your problems...surprise a bought disco 4 since 2010 went fast, sand, mud, rocks unbelievable vehicle...not one problem...was Toyota prado before and very happy with my disco 4 Daniel

Disco 4 Durban S Africa

Our disco 4 - soon after the maintenance plan 100000 kms while driving on the highway the car suddenly stopped couldn't workout what was wrong with it. Eventually LR came to assist only to discover that the turbos had packed up and the engine blown so I had to replace with a new engine- not impressed at all no warning that something was wrong with the turbo . Very disappointed no more disco for me!!

Vibration steering

I purchased a discovery 4 3 ltd V6 brand new ,since then i have had nothing but problems with steering wheel vibration,it happens mainly on motorways and at higher speeds,fitted new tyres,balancing tacking all done,had it back to main dealers on numerous occasions ,they currently have it for the last 2 weeks and still waiting to get my discovery back,I have had it in garage probably 5 times with same problem,,its completely intermittent so not warped disks or balancing,at my wits end and getting nowhere,think its time to go legal,,anybody else have similar issues and know what the fix is,

Steering vibration

I bought a Disco 4 brand new in 2014,3 lite V6 loved the SUV but sadly overtime I go on a motorway the vibration starts in the steering and its a bad vibration,felt like warped disks but they were replaced by dealers and still no improvement ,had it back to main dealers on numerous occasions and it seems to me they have no idea how to fix the problem,I see some owners had similar question is they did they get problem fixed? what exactly is causing the vibration.I had all balancing done ,new tyres,new pads new disks..


2nd landcruiser, 100,000miles only pads and tyres.disco 4 has to go.


I own a LR 2009 with 115k miles on it. Problem is when I replaced the turbo charger, the car started smoking after a week. This problem is still there and dealership has no idea what is causing it to smoke. There is oil in the intake hose>>> Any help would be appreciated

Bottom end

My bottom end has gone on one of the pistons possibly a landy fault on the disco 4 2010 this truck has done about 9k a year nothing for a so called indestructible Landrover has any one had the same problem and how did you deal with it

LRD4-Restricted Performance

In july 2017, I got from Jaguar Landrover Waterford, RSA,a secondhand discover 4-xs, 3.0, 2014, with 47000km. After a regular service in January 2018, by May, I took the vehicle to Jaguar LandRover Nelspruit, reporting Restricted Performance and Audio failure. They gave back the car with windscreen brocked and voiced no replacement or compensation as the crack was due to a stone during their test drive and no proof of their negligence wich means in handling the car to the garage the owner accept and bear all risks, according to clause 9 of their job card. The problem of restricted performance and audio system not responding well continues.

Fuel filler door won't open

Went to fuel up my disco 4 and can't open the flap to the fuel filler. Can anyone help
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