Mobile swimming pool!!

I bought my Disco, a mark 2 HS Premium in 2004, within 2 years it was regulaly filling up with water in all the foot wells, front and back during heavy rain. The dealer could not fix the problem as they could not find the leak. So they replaced the carpets every time they were soaked, dried out the car and returned it to me.

They have waited until it is out of warrenty and now tell me there is nothing they can do as they do not know where the water is coming from.

I have contacted Landrover UK who told me " you should have asked for a replacement car before it went out of warranty" can you believe that !!

It still leaks and I have no one to turn to.

I hope someone out there has an answer.

mobile swimming pool

We have just bought a late 2003 Discovery TD5 and on driving the vehicle home I remarked to my husband that my shoe was wet. He removed the carpet from the front passenger side and was amazed to find it swimming in water. He thought at first that it was caused by the valeter not drying the carpets out properly. My husband dried th carpet out and thought that was the end of the matter but after a heavy rainfall the problem was back again. It is at present back with the garage, in the hope that they can solve the problem. Doesn't seem like that is going to happen after reading your comments. Maybe we should ask for our money back


I hope you have more luck than I had! I still have the car and it still leaks, please let me know if they fix it and I may use the same dealership.

wet interior

It's the front window that leaks. Mine leaked across the top directly dripping water into the two footwells. Get the window resealed.

Swimming Pool

Hi All, I'm giving u a shout from South Africa. I have a D3 TDV6 HSE. Had the same swiming pool issue including water "pouring" out of the center light. After much frustration with Land Rover I did some hunting and discovered there are drains that lead from the sunroof well which were blocked. This causes the water to flood int the roof lining then flood down to the foot wells via the A pillars. A good blast of compressed air sorted the problem out for me. If you have a sun roof this could be your problem. Hope it works for you


Hi after reading your comments on her about your disco's leaking im relieved to hear im not the only one!! I bought my disco last november and its been nothing but a pain in the rear, just recently it's turned into a blinking swimming pool, when we have heavy rain the roof lining is full of water and the floor especially the drivers side is soaking, last week my partner siliconed the sunroofs in hope that would help..... em no did it hell, we had 2 days of heavy rain and low and behold went into the car and its was saturated!!! Today again he smothered it in silicone in the hope this will work but to be honest i can't see it as its just been one thing after another, if anyone has an answer to sort the problem i'd be grateful for the help because not only will i be glad the water stops coming in but i'll be able to get rid of the stinking wet carpets.

Mobile swimming pool

Hi, I have had the same problem with my Disco 2 without sunroofs. My father with sunroof. With sun roof there is a drain pipe that runs down the A pillar to carry away water from around the sunroof opening which gets blocked. If blocked the water tends to gather in the foor wells. The pipe needs locating and blowing through to ensure it is patent. Secondly, mine without sunroofs did the same and I found that the aircon drain pipe was blocked, thus condensation builds up and dose not drain. This results in the recepticle overflowing and venting the water into the car. A hot day with aircon on full chat will flood the footwells on a long run. Drain pipe is locate underneath the car directly below and just forward of the centre consule on the left or right of the gearbox. Feed wire up to unblock (do when cool as water is boiling) and then pop a self tapper in the end to keep open. If you have had the aircon on and when you stop there is no drainage under the car this is most probably your problem

Mobile Swimming Pool

Like may MY04 Disco II owners, I too had a mobile pool, which LR tried to fix for 3 years, until they found that the windscreen/s all had been poorly fitted and thus causing the leaks. Since the w/screen has been properly fitted, NO POOL.

Landrover Discovery TD5 Swimming Pools

I bought a Discovery TD5 in new 2003. After 3 years I noticed some water spots around the interior front light. Within 2 years this had turned into a deluge every time it rained. The problem is common to Series 2 Discoveries I later found out. The mastic seal around the sunroof deteriorates and lets in water. Another issue is the plastic drain hopper on the sunroof, there are 2 on each roof. These collect the water when it rains and direct it in rubber tubes down the A & B posts. Landrover have known about this problem since the 1990's and do not do anything to fix it. The cost to fix each sunroof is £850 and Landrover don't want to pick up the invoice. They publish an internal memo and fix for this problem, providing the customer is paying. I have 2 sunroofs so the bill would be £1700. No way Hose. I bought 2 tubes of black mastic and sealed both sunroofs closed - forever. Stuff Landrover, I have had Range Rovers, Discoveries and Defenders since the 1970's but enough is enough. I have an old Pajero and I will get a new Pajero to replace it. The Discovery will be sold as is. I believe the best cars are German I'm sad to say, but Mitsubishi are very good.

LR swimming pool

Had same problem on my Discovery3. Propabably drains are blocked (in the front), easy fix. Have a look on the internet how to take of the drains and blow them clean. Took me 35 minutes to fix this problem, cost 0. All been good since.

water leak

hi in regards to the water leak on discovery 2 has it got roof bars fitted? the sunroof drain tubes sometimes block or become detatched from sunroof

swimming pool

I have a 2000 discovery hse and since I got it I have had a flood of water come in every time it rains . have unblocked tubes, new seals on sun roofs . put mastic on small side windows in roof all seeming to solve the problem for around 8 months then back again..........

1994 Discovery

We have owned our 1995 Discovery for three years. We have dealt with most of the major issues such as Turbo, Water pump, fuel leaks, oil leaks etc. However, It starts first time, goes anywhere and pulls anything and is fun to drive. But, the sunroofs open and close at will, the windows have literally all fallen down at some point and most of them cant be used at present, front passenger door lock wont work with the central locking and if the car stops leaking oil, we need to top it up quickly as its got none! Would very much like a much newer model but it seems that they don't have a reliable reputation either! Have no confidence in Landrover or the Dealerships.

no more soggy carpets

no more soggy carpets cos i took the time to completely seal sunroofs inside and out also sealed around the top of the front windscreen, so far so good all dried out and water tight so far .

water coming in through seat belt apetures

A friend of ours has an 04 disco and leaks water in which comes out of the seat belt apetures on the b posts but do not know where it is getting in. any suggestions please?

Mobile swimming pool

Hi not sure how old these posts are but I am leaving this in November 2012. My 2006 Discovery (LR) 3 had same problems and it turned out to be the sunroof drains as mentioned above. Landrover has issued a Technical Bulletin on how to fix the problem. Go here to download the PDF, air blowing didnt work for me but accessing the tubes did. KB

water in wells

check gromets in valence that presses up against bottom of windscreen.Mine had been replaced way out of line and water was coming in through the polen filter.We realigned looks like cure

on its last breath

i have a land rover discovery 95 with numerous problems.....leaking oil,making funny noises,moon roof issues.I have replaced the timeing belt,the alternator 3 time and the starter,the battery twice and i justdont know what to do anymore! it has a mind of its own.

Wet foot well

Hi all. 2005 D3 HSE TDV6 My mechanic found a different access point for the water than stated in previous posts. He traced the source of the leak to the body seams at base of L/H 'A' Pillar. It involved removing interior trim, console, passenger seat and carpet. Removed grille,headlamp and L/F Guard to access body seams. sealed leak and water tested. so far so good 8 hrs labour and $7.50 part. Fingers crossed!

swimming pool

My mate had well used mark 3 land rover a few years ago. Water collected in foot wells and everywhere else when we took it through a car wash. Was like sitting in a block of Swiss cheese and pouring water all over it. Bloody hilarious and added to the charm of the vehicle. Guess this is the difference between Land Rovers and Discoveries!

Range rover sport

I have range rover 05 passenger front foot well full of water after it has rained cannot work out how it is getting in has any body any ideas

fix blocked drain pipes from sun roof,

you can clear the drain pipes by removing the trim on the window pillers L&R,cutting the pipes and blowing them out with the garden hose, then re-join the pipes with 3/8 hose joiner from halfords, the block will be in the 90 degree bend, which you will not find,

water leak

My,2003 hse has no sunroof but everytime it rains sure enough water only on passenger side foot well have had new w/screen fitted but still leaks can anybody help me?

water leak

My,2003 hse has no sunroof but everytime it rains sure enough water only on passenger side foot well have had new w/screen fitted but still leaks can anybody help me?

More water

My 2004 disco2 started leaking today. From the above comments I hope to find a cue. Thanks to all.

Front driver floorboard full of water

Help. I have a puddle in the front driver side footwell. It just rained and it is full again. It seems to be comming in on the left front side of floorboard.

Disco 3 water

Most water leaks are via the sun roof drain tubes which either leak at the sunroof outlet above lining or at the bulkhead where the exit the vehicle. If allowed to persist will surround the loom in water to the passenger side. Revised tube design resolves issues passenger side worst to fit as Central fuse board has to come out. Dont blame the car blame poor dealer back up I have done mine it can be done and will improve the whole situation.

water leak from sunroof

Hi Every one I had the same problem It's one of my customers vehicle.It's leak out from the sunroof frame which is bonded around the roof aria you need to remove complete sunroof and reseal .

Water in pass area front

2007 HSE leaks water to interior. Read about drains but do not know where they are or where they exit car. Had same issue on my Cadillac SRX, easy fix . If I knew I would blow them out or try to fix hose before pulling sunroof out. Thx, Jim

fod a solution to the flooded footwell

My Disc 2 TD5 had developed a flooded footwell in 2014. during the halliday I found tgeh carpets to be wet every day it rained. when coming back i check all the obviuos, window seal, roof drain etc. however no luck. then I found out that the drain outlet just behind the right hand doorpost had been block with mud and therefor the water comming from the sunroof drains could not get out. the water accumulates and then leaks trough the screws and wiring of the passanger door. deblocking the drain holes fixed the issue. Just check after every off-road trip. see my web site for pictures

Diso2 head leaks

Hi my disco 2 leaks around the head liner from the drivers door to the rear view mirror. No idea were its leaking from.

disco 2 head leaks

Mine does the same,i siliconed around the roof bar but it still leaks,think it must get in from the front rain channel somewhere so siliconing this area next then wait for rain !!!

fod a solution to the flooded footwell

Thanks to your article and the link to I have also solved my problem of a flooded footwell (drivers side on my RHD TD5). Very frustrating at first but easily solved when you know how. Deblock the drain hole on the inside of the sill as per instructions and I too got a face full of water. Brilliant! Forever indebted to you for your help.

swimming pool/water leaks

Can't believe some of the comments on here!! If you have a leak when the car is stationary, then it's coming in through the body somewhere. So it's a process of elimination. Start from the top. Sunroof, alpine window seals, front/rear screen seals, side window seals, door seals. If you have a sunroof, then check the drain tubes are clear and draining. If you have aircon then check the condensate drain tube is clear and draining. NOTE! condensate will NOT be 'boiling' as it is the moisture in the air that has condensed on the evaporator which is cold! If you are getting water in the car when you are driving, then it could be coming up from the road, so check for holes in the floor(rust) badly fitting door seals including back door seal. The easiest way to pin point where the water is coming from is with a hose pipe and a helper. Also narrow down the search by seeing where the water ends up. Is it in the front or back? It's unlikely to have a leak at the back that soaks the front. Although that IS possible if you park on a slope. My alpine roof light is rusing around the edge and this allowed water in under the seal which would result in water running along the roof lining and down the A post when I got in. If you park uphill on a slope, try parking pointing the other way, then get the hose pipe out and look for the leak.

Td5 no sun roof but headlining wet

Please can you help roof lineing wet but I have no sunroof sealed roof lights and roof bars. Help please.

Mobile Swimming pool

...if this is a D2, you might check the AC drains in the transmission tunnel. Mine were plugged and shortly after I purchased it way back when, my footwells were wet as well. I ran a coat hanger in it a couple inches and seems like a quart of water ran into my shirt sleeve.
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