Warranty denied by Land Rover on New Discovery 3

I have just purchased a new Land Rover Discovery 3 HSE V8 from a car broker (Charlesworths of Derby) they told me that it had 3 years full manufactures warranty, upon going to a main dealer for warranty work, it was denied because Land Rover would not offer a warranty on my car, Land Rover customer relations tell me that the car was sold to this company as seen with no warranty, Charlesworths deny this and said that it was not made know to them and it should have a warranty, so what do you think i should do now, i find it amazing that i bought a new UK registered Land Rover and it apparently does not have a warranty?

Warranty denied

This is typical of Land Rover, they appear to be in such a tricky financial situation they are looking at all ways to save money, i would suggest your local trading standards, or return the vehicle to the suppliers.

Put me off

The JD Power Customer Satisfaction survey shows similar results for the Discovery, even the Mk3 is slated. Have to admit, i have both on my shortlist, but i think the Sorrento is ahead. Phil.

Warranty denied

WOW. I'm confused why you bought new from one place and didnt go back to them at first for issues and chase the warranty with then from the get go of problems. also with others stating figuirs they should provid the details for confirmation else it's a possible setup. I would ask how many sold to how many have issues at a % level and then compare to other manufactureiers (it's not a perfect world YET)

I will not buy a new New or Used Land Rover

Thanks very much for the web page.I I h ave a Diesel Free 1,80.000 Kms,and the only problem was to replace the auxiliary fuel pump(not cheap).From 2 years I have a Free 2,diesel,50000 kms,that needs replace the device inside the fuel tank for the signal empty/full¡¡The chilean L.R. dealer said to me to buy a Disco 4 diesel,¡¡??and,thanks you,now,I will not buy a new LR. Thanks very muchu.I think that this is the purpose of your homepage. Santiago,Chile,SouthAmerica

Freelander which gave her never ending trouble, a

Enquiry:my wife had a Freelander which gave her never ending trouble, and expensive to fix, but we thought maybe it was a one-off, and that we had bought a dud. The tow truck driver told her that DISCOS were their biggest customers! We also found customer service dreadful, here in New Zealand. We had always thought of LR as a solid reliable British car, but would not touch one now. Will stick to Toyota Landcruisers! Ive had mine for 8 years, never had a single problem.

I have disco 3 2005, which I have owned for 4 year

I have disco 3 2005, which I have owned for 4 years, during which time I have thrown exhorbitant amounts of cash into it! Unfortunately I am stuck with it until I don't owe money on it! So far I have replaced all the brake pads and shoes but still can't use park brake without the car screaming in protest. The tyres wear unevenly too, despite having laser four wheel alignment. All the bushes have been replaced. We have had so many SUSPENSION FAULTS i have lost count but we did have the hydraulic pump replaced TWICE!! The cam belt costs a small fortune to replace too btw. A few months ago the car started vibrating when going 70mph to such an extent tat my kids were scared! So we replaced the transmission fluid, ok but now have HDC fault.....AGAIN! Last Monday the car died on my way to work in the pouring rain of course. Now the EGR valves need replaced, and the fuel pumps, yes, both of them (over £500 each!) have broken, bang goes my holiday money. I have a small courtesy car again, no money again and a land rover I can't use again! Joy oh joy!Hopefully one person will read this and think twice before buying a disco 3.

Land Rover Discovery 3

Had my Land rover just under a year now 57 plate and suspension fault showed. Took it to a garage who advised me to take it to the Land Rover Specialist as they would be second guessing and it could end up costing me a fortune. So that's what I did and guess what they have replaced the bushes which they thought was causing the fault also said I needed new back break pads although it went through the MOT and full services 3 weeks prior. Now they say it not the bushes as the fault us still there and it could be the compressor and that they would have to investigate further. So thru put a compressor on without permission and it's not that so did we still want then to investigate as it cost £120 per hour labour to try and find the fault! Bill now standing at £1,500 plus and still not found it! Could have left'd it with the original garage if I wanted second guessing with probably a lower bill! Call them selfs Specialist, it's a good job they see not specialist in open heart surgery they would be struck off! It's about time Land Rover stood up and be accountable for the crap they produce it not as though they are cheap cars to buy!!

Discovery 3 Auto is the worst

I bought a Land Rover Discovery 3 Auto with 80K on clock 55 Plate. First week suspension problem and then less than 3 weeks old gear box went. I was averaging 19MPG and driving carefully. I do not reccommend a used Land Rover of any type because they are absolute rubbish. I've ended up selling our horse trailer, buying a horse box and then buying a Peugeot 308 1.6 HDI Estate 59 plate 17K on the clock that does 70 MPG. Now very happy.


I bought a second-hand 07-plate Discovery 3 in March 2010 with 28,000 miles on the clock. September 2010 - clutch needed to be replaced. 2011: turbo replaced at under 50,000 miles (£21,00); fuel tank gnawed by rodents and had to be replaced (£900); and now 'new' clutch is slipping at under 20,000 miles of gentle driving. Never again! I will sell this pile of ---- and cut my losses by purchasing a reliable Japanese alternative. Take my advice NEVER buy one of these dreadful vehicles from such a dreadful manufacturer!

cv boot

we've had our disco 3 hse for 4 months and already have problems with it, the boot wont open, it wouldn't start in the recent cold weather and now the cv boot has broken and theres something wrong with the steering! always had discos but seriously dont like this one , its a shame as its a lovely car , but really dont need the stress and cost of this one!

land rover

there are a special on defenders here in Cape Town. the give you a Jack Russel terrier for free when you buy a new Defender, so that you don't have to walk alone back home, when the defender broke down!

noisy suspention air pump, should i be hearing thi

i have a noisy suspention pump, is this the normal sound i shoul be hearing

Discovery 3 - Not the family car I want

Hi, I own a Discovery 3, 2006 model. I live in South Africa and used to drive a Toyota Hilux which I loved, but was stolen. Since owning the Discovery 3, I am truly shocked at what a unreliable car it is. 1st day I owned the car home, I couldn't lock the car because the alarm would go off. Then going on holiday to the Drakensberg the car loses power in the middle of the freeway. Next was the turbo which had to be replaced for R22000, drove the car for 4 days and then on Friday the car wouldn't start and had to be towed away on a flat bed truck, problem with the battery/alternator. This car is an endless pit to throw our money into, when I get the car back this week from the mechanic I'm going to sell it. Can't be breaking down on the road in South Africa, not a safe option for me and my family. The car has turned me into a wreck and the thought of driving long ditance, almost gives me a panic attack. Goodbye LR, what a complete waste of money.

Count me out

I had a new Discovery pretty much specced and about to be ordered. After reading this, I'm going to reconsider my choices and look at something else. Consider me another potential customer lost to LR on the basis of your experiences. Hope you get it all sorted. Rob.

Disco 4 reliability

I have a 2015 Disco 4, bought in UK at a year old with 5k miles - it came with 2yrs warranty and 5 years servicing as standard for an approver user Land Rover. So far after 12k miles all I have had to pay for is fuel and screen wash. I use the car daily and take it off road about once a week although not extreme and just love it. Yes it was expensive and yes it has a drink problem when it comes to fuel, but it has proven to be more reliable than my previous 3 cars all bought brand new from a certain French manufacturer. Either the reliability has been improved or the overall QA is variable resulting in some good and some bad. Just thought to even up the balance with a happy story so far in contrast to all the tales of woe above. I appreciate the frustration and pain of a car that lets you down - and I do not feel smug that I have not been afflicted (as it could all go wrong at any time) - just to point out that most people with cars that work may not feel it is worth commenting on as it was what they expected at the start. hence we see a lot of people contributing due to poor experience where possibly the majority just get on with driving their cars - who knows?
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