Many Warnings!!!

Thank goodness I did not go forward with my plans to buy a Discovery! After reading sooooo many bad reviews and then finding this website (which placed the nail on the decision coffin for me), I bought a Lexus SUV and have been happy ever since. My heart goes out to all those experiencing these problems. Landrover needs to wake up and realize this is not good for their business. A CARMAX associate even warned me against buying anything Landrover (they had several on the car lot for sale) . She says they are bad cars and would not wish them on anyone. I now tell everyone thinking about buying a Landrover to "Don't even think about it!" . I am now the proud and happy owner of a used Lexus.

Discovery and Range Rover's

Hi there. I have had a disco 200, disco 300 and a range rover p38 and i had probs with them all everyone had greatbox and transfer box probs. They are not reliable and i would not go back. People who buy into Landrover must be totaly rich, sleep with the owner for great discounts on parts as they are always needing repaired. They are the worst cars ever made. They look and drive fantastic i give them that but for reliablity they are very poor. Thats might be why america dont use them because they would tell Landrover to P**** off. GOOD BYE LANDROVER !!!!!!

Thanks for making such a awesome site

hello: do you have any information from others that have had issues with the LR freelander? Mine is a 2003, 60K miles. Had a coolant leak in the crank shaft, and now it is toast. just paid the thing off a year ago aug 2! I have contacted an attorney and multiple mechanics - this is a problem they could have issued a recall for. Just trying to find out if something is already in the works. I appreciate any assistance. Thanks for making such a awesome site - this car has been a pain since i got it!

Thank you

Thank You for all your superb posts I have purchased a disco 3 4 months ago and it already has a fault transmission fault it has only done 2000 miles . i have already had very poor customer service from Hartwells in Northampton but Marshalls have been fantastic I hope we do not have a bad car.

Landrover Discovery Heated Seat Burn

I too have a Discovery 02 and at the moment it is at Landrover being evaltuated. The heated seats burned a whole right through the Drivers seat and also burned my jacket! NICE EH? I use this car to drive around with my son, not feeliong to great about this Fire Hazzard.. Nothing Ladrover can do apparently!!!! ARGH

Heated seat burn

My disco just burned my bum! It smouldered through the seat fabric and my jeans saved my skin. Is there really nothing we can do?

Discover 3 tailgate will not open

I have a 2007 Discovery 3 and this is the second time that the tailgate lock has fail is it not about time that Land Rover stood by it's customer and redesigned this problem out? What ever happen to customer satisfaction is it a thing of the past? Or is this faulty lock issue out with the skills levels of the Land Rover Engineers? Why should the customer have to keep paying for a problem that is clearly down to Land Rover?

Cant get into car!

Our Landrover 3 had a bad burning smell yesterday and then when turned key whole dashboard lt up. Next time tried to unlock car was completely dead. With no key holes how do I even get into the car?

Change ignition wires? LOL

My mechanic determined through the use of a diagnostic computer that my #2 ignition wire was bad (changed it only 15,000 miles ago ) so I ordered a new one for $30 (yeah, ONE wire) and when I tried to snap it on I discovered the location for one of the connections is in the rear of the engine totally unaccessible without removing engine parts. What moron designed this?

We have a landrover discovery TD5 2002 and we are

Enquiry:need some urgent HELP please! We have a landrover discovery TD5 2002 and we are having major problems with it. We can be driving along the road and it just cuts out, no notice, no noise, no lights come up on the dash and it stops! Hubby is a mechanic and can't find the problem, took it to 4 x 4 at Kotara in Newcastle and they can't find the problem. They changed the wiring harness still didn't work, we have changed the glow plugs and engine wiring harness and also checked the fuel lines and all look ok, you can still here the pump working. Hubby reckons it is a air lock but doesn't know where? and doesn't know if this is the problem or not as it can go weeks without any problems and then it happens, there seems to be no pattern in it. It happens during the day and evenings in all weather conditions. So far we have spent nearly $3K on finding the problem with no luck and can't afford to spend much more at the moment, the money that has been spent was not budget for :( I am worried about driving it as it is the family car and I use it to go to and from work night shift and travel home at midnight along not a busy road, also I have had it stop smack bang in the middle of a roundabout, along the freeway, along a normal road, going around corners you name it it has stoped. When it does stop if you prime it about 8 - 12 times and put your foot flat to the floor it will eventually start, please help us and give us some ideas on what it is, so over it :( now worried about the safety side of driving it with the kids in the car incase it stops and causes a accident Thanks Li

range rover tdv6 engine seizure

I own a 2007 range rover sport which I purchased new from the Cyprus dealer. it was fully serviced at the dealer. My engine sized up as i was driving down a hill with my family in the car. Lost brakes, lost steering, lost power. Frint timing belt mount based at the bottom of the engine where the oil pump is broke off with a piece of engine block. result engine destroyed. it is clear reading the blogs tha this is a common occurrance in 2005 - 2007 TDV6 ENGINES. Shouldn't Land Rover call cars in for repairs, does someone have to get killed? Question has anyone taken Land Rover to court for this, is there a lawyer in the UK who has done this? if you know kindly let me know, as i am fed up of being played around with by land rover and their dealer here in Cyprus. my car has been with them for a month and still no reply.
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