"Best 4 Wheel Drive of the Year" JOKE

I purchased the Discovery 3 for my retirement and to undertake a major round Australia trip and have to say when I took delivery I thought this is the best car I had ever owned, three years and 50,000 kilometres down the track my experience includes, instrument pack faulty and replaced, air suspension faults, two new front differentials, tie rod replacement, RH front lower ball joint arm and ball joint replaced, second lower ball joint replaced, three wheel alignments, front window not working, loose wiring, indicators not working, loose wires, water leaking from sunroof, (twice), radio not switching off, radio complete fail, an intermittent fault with another window not working and countless stop light globe replacements. The vehicle has never been off road, always garaged. In the case of my previous (and much less expensive) vehicles, a Nissan Pathfinder, a Mitsubishi Pajero and a Toyota Land Cruiser, I never had the need to replace tyres under 80,000 km, (I have now been informed that one tyre is scrubbed out and requires replacement and 3 nearly worn out). In addition, I usually get 70,000 kms on a set of brakes, 31,000 kms and required replacement. I have always purchased new vehicles, and I have never suffered the litany of maintenance difficulties and inconvenience with any other vehicle, save this Discovery 3. I note from some recent advertising that the Discovery 3 TDV6 has won fourth year in succession both the "Best Large Diesel Wagon" and "Best Overall" category. I certainly purchased my vehicle on the basis of the Discovery 3 being awarded the "Best 4 wheel drive of the year award" and am bitterly disappointed. I have lost total confidence in the Discovery 3 and certainly would not contemplate any form of remote travel in the vehicle. Complaining gets you nowhere on the local scene and ended up going direct to the CEO of Tata Motors, who referred back to the UK who referred back to Australia with no effort by Land Rover to negotiate at any point about what has clearly been a poorly built vehicle.. I guess next step is to advertise my experience on the back of the TDV6 and go to court. Perhaps a Friday arvo car but after speaking to the RACV and the Victorian Department of Justice, (Consumer Affairs) they gave me a clear impression that I was not lonely regarding faults with the Discovery 3. What really rubs is that on the back of the "Best 4 Wheel Drive of the Year" I forked out AUD$85,000 for a long term vehicle investment going into retirement. With warrantee up in a week or so I am frankly very worried given the history of the vehicle that I have a major problem on my hands. I have been talking to LR since September about my concerns to no avail, apparently they regard the fault history as normal.


You should buy a Land Rover Defender instead- they are one of most reliable cars at all! But no, you wanted luxury, air con, electric windows... I have a Defender 300tdi, no electric to fail, no damm electronic controled transmision to kill my brakes and burn tyres before time...no ABS also, still had sliding panells instead normal windows and car key looks like one i had for a mail box. Purely spartan. Crossed Tunisia and most of Algeirs, no major repairs at 4000 miles off-roading at sahara. Now have more than 100 000 miles in a 15-year old car, I haven't seen many roads! Resistant to abuse. P.S. In my country police and border guards use only them- no other car could survive that ammount of torture. But be aware- they doesnt make them like 10 years before. there is some electronics after 1998 in them. Almost every repair on the older models you can do alone, with a hammer and a set of gedore tools.

land rover discovery 4 HSE

i was in the process in buying a disco, i was shocked to see all of these BAD reports on the vehicle that we truly loved!!!! stearing away from it NOW!!!! i'll stick to my 8 year nissan Xtrail that i have not had a problem with yet!!!!!!!

i was in the process in buying a disco

That is what this website is for, to stop other people making the same mistakes as we have. basically Land Rover products are unreliable, expensive, and Land Rover customer care is no existent, everybody should keep clear of Land Rover and buy another brand, preferably Japanese or German



discovery 3

had the car two years bought in hadley green barnet everytime it goes in to be repaired couple of monthes later we have another one. this time we have draging before it kicks into gear. i am toying with the idea of doing a demonstration outside their showroom with placard saying death trap. seven months prior it went in for clutch proplems. my friend has a r reg audi an goes to poland two or three times a year no probs i cant even go to tesco.

Is it true

I hope all this is not true just bought one....

Range Rover Sports MY10

I bought Range Rover Sport MY10 V8 supercharged version which produces 510hps. Here in Queensland the backup service from Land rover dealers are worst then Audi, 3 months down it's air suspension got damaged and ride was noisy unstable. Later it's Built in Sat Nav had all the kinds of issues started to play up with multimedia options especially ipod and cd input. Fuel consumption was beyond my wallet size it drank $236 per week 21L per 100km worst of all spending close to $208,850 with most options wasn't any good apart from luxury. Land Rover dealer at fortitude valley sales team are full of con artist promise vehicle under warranty 3 years or 100,000 km "mate you won't even need to worry, we are just email or call away" as if customer service 4.5/10 and RRS 6/10 not worth your hard earned many fellow aussies. Relief came when I sold RRS within 8 months and bought BMW X5 M MY11 surely it's as powerful, fast, sound of the engine wow and worth $191k.

Land Rover is laughing at us.

Land Rover is laughing at us. Now I know what an abused child feels like. Car: 2007 Discovery 3 TDV6E (Manual) Less than 100 000km on the clock. Problems: Brake booster sucked oil vapor from the engine and literally filled up with oil. Car sounded like a coffee percolator when brakes were applied. Not to mention crap brakes. Boot lid latch stopped working. Front door wouldn't open. Electronic suspension management unit fried itself. Rear diff needed to be replaced All wheel bearings replaced Clutch wore out (I'll let them have that one) Clutch flywheel literally disintegrated. Auto handbrake is on it's way out (surprisingly expensive to fix too) This week's surprise is an erratic engine idle. Can't wait to see how much that will cost to fix. That's just what I can remember off the top of my head. This is just what happened after the motorplan expired. I'm not even shocked anymore. I feel like a battered child. You just get used to it. The worst part is being without a car for a few days out of the month. This car is in mint condition cosmetically. I tried to trade it in and have been offered a half-sucked gob-stopper covered in pocket lint. Which is more than it is worth. Land Rover is laughing at us. They make a seriously poor product and then they charge like a wounded buffalo for parts. And we continue to cough up. The joke is on us. Steve Leach Writer, Thinker, Idea Guy Mobile: 0832346053 steve@indiepeople.co.za | www.printerpages.co.za

Please dont buy Land Rover I know they feel great

I have had my Disco 3 for less than a year and has a mileage of 133 000. Full service history with the vehicle and one owner, all motorway miles. I have religiously serviced this vehicle at a known Land Rover specialist (actually better service than main dealer thank you Land Marque), changed suspension compressor and front drivers side wheel bearing. On the 24/12/2011 my engine died RIP (used engine £3000.00 without fitting) oh the prices are going up for these used engines because they are now more in demand (wonder why) and all around similar mileage. Time belt tensioner snapped only driven this piece of rubbish for just over 9000 miles now. The very worst purchase I have ever made. Upon researching Discovery 3's I have found numerous faults some potentially life threatening. Please dont buy Land Rover I know they feel great driving but seriously the pain of owning one of these is not worth it. http://www.metro.co.uk/news/863713-land-rover-discovery-found-to-be-most-unreliable-car-in-the-country

Almost made the mistake. THANKS

My wife and I were looking at Land Rovers and I thought to do a search on what are their most common problems and well here I am. I will not be buying a Land Rover thanks to this site. My question to Land Rover is do you make anything that doesn't break???

Land Rover Defender 110 300TDi

WOW, feel for you guys, all this bad press for Land Rover, As mentioned above I have an M (1994) Defender 110 300TDi, owned for 18 Months, I have had issues with the vehicle, namely Clutch, Crap Brakes, Half Shaft Splines stripped and numerous other issues, now This isn't a gripe at Land Rover, after all this is an 18 Year old Landy, been to Iceland and Croatia on expeditions not by me unfortunetly,thats another story. Anyway, Looks like I have either a 2nd Half Shaft gone or U-Joint, but this is where it gets interesting I will not be taking my landy to an LR Dealer, or any other Garage for that matter to be stripped of my very precious cash. I Buy the part needed and Fit it myself, I don't go to the Garage wondering how much this is going to cost, or get stung for something that would be changed just for the sake of it. The Defender 300TDi's are basic machines, no electronics to add extra weight to the vehicle, and I hear you say what weight? a few wires and a PCB, thats not much weight, but then again your wallet feels much lighter when you leave the garage. My point is this, Do you really need all these extra gadgets, Traction Control Leccy Windows, now come on, is it really that hard to wind a Window handle up and down, Land Rover was the Best 4x4xFar when they came out with the Early Defenders, they were true off road monsters. Then they added all these extra leccy gadgets that was not needed, this changed a Monster into a Mouse, a dedicated Off Roader into a feable off roader Essentialy would you really want air where there should be Coil Springs, I wouldn't. I love my Land Rover, I have taken my Landy to places that other 4x4's would become fossils. The new Disco's are just useful for the odd grassy verge, an inch of snow, a little mud and maybe a Green Lane or 2, they are not built for true offroad use without drastic modification, if they were The military would use them, they are essentially, on road, vehicles. [QUOTE] My question to Land Rover is do you make anything that doesn't break??? [/QUOTE] My reply to this, you name me one 4x4 vehicle manufacturer that makes vehicles that are unbreakable, even if you purchased the most reliable vehicle, park it in a garage and didn't touch it for 6 months guarranteed something would failed. Rant Over

Landrover Discovery 2007 Turbo already broken

For a car that is meant to be tough and built to last, why does this car shut itself down at every opportunity? I have lost count of the number of times it just turns everything off and you end up on the hard shoulder, (usually when you are overtaking a tractor- dangerous and humiliating.) This weeks new parts (on a 5 year old car) - a new turbo (the old one stuck open and can't be fixed because it's fully enclosed) and a new break cable. 10 hours work plus new parts. You don't want to know how much, but you could buy a new car with the money... This car is too complex to be called a Landrover! Pullover more like!

Not going to buy a Dicovery now

Enquiry:Thanks for Letting us all know, was in two minds but not any more. Not going to buy a Dicovery now But what about the Freelander, any idea?

07 disco 3/service rip off

aprox 12 months ago i went to solitare in adelaide for a full service.i paid $800.after this i decided to service it my self,wow for only $220.(this is for a major service).the only prob i had is that i had to go to the dealer for the fuel filter as for some reason my vehicle didnt take the common long filter,my filter is the short filter which has only the fuel line going in.anyway i gave the dealer the part number in which he said they had in stock.i went down there to collect the fuel filter and it looked exactly the same but noticed that part number was different,i questioned it and was explained to me that its the same,the reason of the part numbers are different is that my fuel filter is usually the original.this got me thinking did they replace my fuel filter when i paid them $800 for full service,because the fuel filter that i pulled out was rusty as hell,and now my car drives smooth with out cutting out all the time.


I have a 2002 Freelander with 52,000 miles. It has never been abused; always had maintenance. Now I cannot afford to own it and can't afford to trash it. This is without a doubt the very worst vehicle that I ever owned. Today, May 31, 2012 is a perfect examlpe: The thermostat failed, because of some pretty poor engineering, it burst its housing and causes a connection tube to break. All together, the cost will be over $800.00 USD for a thremostat! This is pretty sick, but goes on forever in LandRover land. And, you know what LandRover does not care, but they soon will.

more land rover discovery problems

Enquiry:Hi, I have been reading your story recently as I to am really suffering at the hands of land rover, to cut it short.. I have previously owned new freelander, 54 reg disco3, and bought a 57 reg disco just over a year ago, it had done 17,000 so low mileage. The car has a full service history at main dealers and we did the 60,000 service in December, it's now on 35,000 miles and in bits in the dealership as the big end bearing has gone causing the engine to fail. We had no warning lights, the car drove ok, just a rattle in the engine so took it in the same day, took it back the next day as they thought it was an injector fault, only to be told it needed a new engine at a cost of around 11-12,000 plus vat! Dealership put me in contact with lr hq, after five weeks they have stripped the engine to find why it has failed now rendering it undriveable ( I drove it there), so I can't even collect it. They agreed to fund all of the diagnostics that they requested to find why it's failed and apologise that I can't drive it to an independent now, they finally agreed to 'contribute' 33% toward repair or give me £2,000 off a new car or £1,000 off a used. Big end bearings don't just fail, there are two main reasons, one lack of oil which they had checked and everything was fine, or most likely faulty manufacturing as the oil was fine, so I have been told by the garage, right now all of my money is invested in my company so I do not have cash laying around to spend on this, they are just not interested! Sorry to bore you but we have dealt with this and virtually nothing else since this all started and they have left me in the cold. We have three children, live in a small village in devon, and run a business with our base thirty miles away, not to mention 750 customers I need to get to as and when needed. I am absolutely mortified and don't know what to do, as they keep saying 'the car is out of warranty' but the fault was 'most likely' caused when the car was built! It is on finance so I have contacted the finance company, but I have a feeling that they are not interested either! Dealers have been good still have their courtesy car, but I know they want it back. I don't want to post this on the site quite yet- as it may well affect my case, but I was hoping you may be kind enough to provide me with any contact emails/addresses you may have as a loyal 3rd car landrover owner, I am now disgusted at the lack of customer care, I never had this with my other cars, and did not expect them to treat me this way when I have been so loyal, I hope you don't mind the message, and really look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!


1995 Dico 1 V8 purchased in 2000 with 129k on odometer and sold three years later with 181k. Brake rotors only non serivce item repalced. Early adopter of Freelander 2 in 2007, TD4. No options, sold after three years of ownership at 68,000km for 56% f purchase. Not a single pronblem experienced - so lucky owner or is this site a record of the horrible exceptions that plague all manufacturers of modern vehicles. Your mileage may differ, mine certainly did. However, Disco 4 is off my list until I research more.

Land Rover Discovery Warranty, a Joke!

My Disco 3 (Dec 2004 Auto - Model) Here's my story briefly, but if you've heard it all before, please skip to the end to find details of my Disco3-faults - Survey. Spent £15K + on a Lovely Disco 3 Auto with 65K on the clock. 1. had it two days and the EGR valves failed 2. had it a week and the Turbo-failed - apparently, they don't like parking up, and the indy-dealer had stored it for a few weeks - and according to G.Lamb dealers techy, the turbo’s fail if you don't run the vehicle regularly. 3. in three weeks, Battery failed - fair doo's I suppose 4. The alternator failed -Ditto- 5. The cold nights came, and I discovered the fuel powered heater only worked 1 in 10 cold mornings - for no apparent reason! 6. The drivers bass speaker is intermittent 7. The rear parking sensors are faulty 8. Here comes the rain - yes the sunroof leaks - and runs conveniently into one of the fuse board areas. 9. The parking break nearly always squeals when I set off - but it's OK - my local Indy dealer has "fixed it" twice.. 10. Turbo intercooler hose - split 11. 5 - or 6 months in (@75K miles)Whole body vibration problem - First investigation - nothing, second investigation- New Front diff and front drive shaft.. 12. two weeks pass - In France, vibration comes back and, Second investigation - Prop shaft mount / support failed - funny how they didn't spot that when they were doing the Diff or front shafts!. Written to LRO Jag chief exec, sent a lovely reply, and passed it all on to the chief exec's office. 1 Month later, and LR think at 65,000 and 8 years old - "it's all fair wear and tear" so can't do anything for me. The morals of my experience being:- 1. Don't buy a Landrover Discovery 3 - 2. Don't buy a Landrover Discover 3 - unless you are prepared to spend at least £5000 in six months keeping it on the road 3. Don't buy a Landrover Discovery 3 WITHOUT some sort of warranty. - I opted for a warranty from "Warranty Direct" and although it cost a lot! - it will pay for its self - easily - but you still NEED the cash to pay for repairs up-front, and then you get an average of say 1/2 your money back - dependent upon mileage and package etc... Items 1 and 2 were BEFORE I had a warranty!! I would very much like to collect data on Disco3 failures - so please take part in my survey:-

Landrover Discovery 2.7 V6 Automatic

I had the misfortune of purchasing one of these from the main dealer, the suspension has failed, wheel bearings fell out, electronic parking brake broken, constant electrical glitches, engine broken. My £24000.00 approved used vehicle two years later worth nothing! Main dealer wants £10'000.00 to replace the engine with a reconditioned unit. I asked them to contribute as there was no warning lights, no fail safe this is a 5 yr old car with 60'000 miles, this is a common problem that should not occur, did they value my business, no. I'm left on my own to find another £10'000.00 to fix their stinking unreliable poorly made car. Never wil I buy another British Car again.

Big end bearing set

Hello, I am mailing you from South Africa, I require a set of big end bearings for my land rover discovery 3 tdv6


Hi, any info where i can buy big andmain endbearings for tdv8. Polokwane 0835805566


Hi, any info where i can buy big andmain endbearings for tdv8. Polokwane 0835805566

Living in Reality...

I have a 2005 LR3 and these are the things I have had repaired... New windshield Tailgate actuator Sunroof drainage tips Front control arm bushings The new windshield was because the heating conduit went out and even though the windshield was fine it wouldn't heat up and the whole thing was replaced. I didn't really care but I thought 'why not?' I love my LR3 and purchased it brand new in March of 2005...I live in Washington state and have traveled back and forth cross country to Vermont three times and two times to Wisconsin without issue. It has never left me stranded. I still have my '97 Disco which had some electrical issues (how shocking) here and there but also never left me stranded. I can understand why people would be frustrated but if you allow this posting to go through I will say that I've had a good experience thus far. Nothing sexier than a vehicle that's rough and comfortable at the same time.

Not A Problem

Had Disco 3&4 no problems to speak of.I presume you will not circulate this thread as only bad reports are welcome.Landrover sales are up year on year so they must be doing something right for the majority of their customers.


Im moving to Oz next week and have been looking at some beautiful Disco's for sale and was considering spending $15k on one (6 months hard savings), ill be buying another Toyota Surf - thanks.

Land Rover Disco 4

I have purchased my first Land Rover earlier this year. I had the frustration of driving it for just more than a month and it has been at the dealership ever since. It is the worst vehicle I have ever owned! Unfortunate I have traded my Merc ML 350 Cdi 4 Matic in and purchased a vehicle to retire with. Well, never the less. I ended up with this scrap, highly ranked by the Land Rover dealerships.! I regret every moment of this deal! I am in the market now for something else and will even consider the Ford Ranger. In the mean time I have privately purchased a old 2007 Toyota Hilux just to get me to work and back. Land Rover is not keen on providing their customers with an alternative vehicle. I would like to suggest that the Land Rover dealers must sometimes get up from their lazy back sides and go and investigate other makes of vehicles. There are many other makes out there that are superior to this English crap! To all Land Rover dealers, do yourself a big favor and go and visit Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, etc. service centers. Go and learn from others please because you are not up to par with the rest of the market. I am situated in Lephalale, South Africa.

Land Rover reliability

I don't know much about the modern LR, have always bought Land Cruisers from the 1960's thru the current 200 series and have had good luck with them. I flew cargo trips in Angola and Eithiopia in the 1980's and the authorities there were in the process of replacing the LR's which were always in the shops with diesel Land Cruisers.

4th Engine Disco3

Well sorry to say that if you buy a Disco 3 you are buying into an expensive hobby. I have 245,000 miles on mine the first engine failed (broken crank) at 201,000 miles i have had 3 more in the meatime all re-manufacturered, the last one from Landrover and still running (fingers crossed). Fact is the engine problems are well known but a car without an engine is worth nothing. I have had the car 9 years.. when its runing well its a great car. I never go anywhere near a main dealer and have found a Land Rover Specialist (Tom Lenthall) who are brilliant. Personal service and reasonable bills. Would I buy another probably not .. would I part with this one ? .. well theres to much invested now to let it go.. untyil the next engine failure.
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