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Land Rover????????? or Range Rover???

Your Mad!!!!

Dig a Hole in your Garden...... throw in, oh, lets say $1800 a month and set fire to it....... that should cover depreciation.... then throw in another $450 a month for repairs and another $600 for 'shit that just goes wrong with em........'


or have a wee peep at this too...

So....what`s the verdict??? going to get one???


breach of contract.

First of all I think it a fair point this owner should warn people about Land Rover however more the mug you for buying one in the first place because the points you make have been well documented for years. So what alternative car would you suggest to any prospective Discovery buyer? As far as I can tell, doesn't matter which car or manufacturer you quote, there will be owners with exactly the same problems as yourself. The trouble is that any product can go drastically wrong and every company have their 'jobsworth' working in customer relations. I'd like to know what you've actually done about your problems. To say they don't want to honour their warranty is a clear breach of contract. What did the law say about this? If everything is as bad as you say it is then surely you took Land Rover to court?

Court action is in progress

Yes, this is something currently being worked on, Its was a last resort, but it now loks to be my only option.

Found on

Hi check out: This guy purchased a Landrover Discovery, read his coments and the way Land Rover treated him. Plus check out all the other data on his site e.g. reliability issues. Land Rovers say: ''The best 4x4 by far'' After visiting I am not so sure. I personally would never ever buy anything with the Land Rover badge on it!!!!

Thanks for this website..

I cant beleive how bad this car is, it looks like you are not the only one, so I will not be buying a Land Rover, its a shame because it was ideal for me, but for this money I expect a reliable car.

That is what this website if for...

Thank you for your comments, I am pleased that you will not be buying a Land Rover product, I set this website up to publicise how bad the car and customer service is, despite all of the problems that i have with the car, they simply are not interested in trying to help me out, I basically have a car that has reached the end of its serviceable life because it is so unreliable.

see how Land Rover typically handle customers comp

Hi Dudkat72 I see what you are saying, unfortunately I have only ever owned one Landrover the Freelander, this 4x4 was definately the worst car that I have ever owned. I lost more money on this car than any others that I have owned. I lost £9,000 on this 4x4! I am 54 and have been driving since I was 18. The Freelander was a lovely drive, but reliablity, well it was very, very unreliable. Check out to see how Land Rover typically handle customers complaints. This is what the motoring press have to say about Land Rover: US J.D. Power and Associates Vehicle Dependability Survey for 2005 (published 8th July 2005) places the Land Rover marque last (Kia second last). This is the fourth year that it has been in the last or second to last place in the survey. This study was based on responses from more than 55,000 US based original owners of 2000 model year cars and light trucks at three years of ownership. [1] In 2004, it narrowly dethroned Kia, as the least reliable nameplate, but swapped places in 2005. (Kia last, Land Rover 2nd last). Tied for last (with Hummer and Porsche) in the 2006 Consumer Reports (US) car reliability survey. It was only one of 6 makes that did not have a model whose reliability was "Good" or above (joined by Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and Jaguar); its highest-rating car was the LR3, which got a rating of "Poor". In addition, 56 percent of people who owned a 2003 Range Rover reported problems, as did 61 percent of 2002 Freelander owners--both the highest among all cars for that model year. Land Rover Discovery 6th-from-the-bottom of 100 models for reliability in an Auto Express (UK) 2002 survey. Joint 16th-from-the-bottom in 144 car 2002 J.D. Power's What Car? (UK) magazine customer satisfaction survey. Land Rover had joint highest average cost in warranty claims for cars up to 10 years old in 2002 UK Warranty Direct index – (based on full-maintenance leasing claims). Land Rover Discovery was joint second-to-last in 2002 Which? (UK) magazine reliability survey of cars up to 2 years old – however, only 35 Land Rovers were in the sample. Land Rover was 3rd least-reliable of 31 makes of car in 2002 Which? (UK) magazine reliability survey of 2000-2002 model-year cars. Least-reliable of 32 makes built 1997-1999. Spate of engine power, gearbox and exploding clutch problems (which Land Rover reportedly has refused to repair under warranty). I personally would never buy anything with the Land Rover name tag on. Land Rover should definately sort there cars out, but my prediction is that there days are numbered!!! Kind Regards Dont buy a Freelander

I personally would never ever buy anything with th

Hi check out: This guy purchased a Landrover Discovery, read his coments and the way Land Rover treated him. Plus check out all the other data on his site e.g. reliability issues. Land Rovers say: ''The best 4x4 by far'' After visiting I am not so sure. I personally would never ever buy anything with the Land Rover badge on it!!!!

main dealer give me 3500 pounds to keep quiet

dudkat give up ,landrovers are rubbish ,i have friends who have worked in landrover dealerships for 25 years who tell me some of the horror stories ,they are the people who tell me they are 10 years behind the jap cars ,also the state the new cars arrive at the dealerships ,did you know that thay have to respray a large amount of the new cars before they can sell them because of the state they arrive to them ,i bet alot of people buying there brand new landrover would not be happy at that ha ha ,,,,also why did my local main dealer give me 3500 pounds to keep quiet when my wifes landrover set fire after 10 days of ownership ,,something to hide i think ,lol

,landrover have lost a good customer in me shame

some of my experience on new cars bought and aftercare off main dealers ,,,new jaguar s type diesel ,car was a nightmare dealership was terrible never buy a jag again ,,,vw touran was great and dealership very good and honest ,bmw 120 diesel ,not a bad car for the money but dealership terrible ,and the techs are muppets take 10 attemps to fix anything ,most techs can only change oil now ha ha .landrover freelander was by far the worst and dealership very sloppy and dishonest ,mitsubishi evo ,car was great and main dealer was honest and helpfull,all the above i have had over the last few years but have had at last count i think 100 cars ,and the best of them all was a lexus is 200 that was great for 4 years and the lexus main dealer did work on the car even when it was way out of warranty and gave me free loan cars 1 year out of warranty and was very honest and helpfull ,they even put a new set of alloys on it for free at 4 years old as the old ones where a little tarnished ,my next car is a new nissan pathfinder adventura seven seater that i pick up in a few weeks ,landrover have lost a good customer in me shame

their future does not look good.

Its a great pity that Land Rover does not appreciate how many prospects are now not buying their products, they should attend to making the product more reliable and put a massive effort in improving their customer service and dealerships, otherwise their future does not look good.

Everyone would buy them if they were good

I have been driving a Defender for the last 9 years and it has been a love-hate relationship. As a geologist working in South Africa the conditions are hard for the vehicle, but then it is supposed to be the best 4x4xFar. But let it be said that it falls far short of the mark - when it is working is is phenomenal, but I don't trust it, and have just developed an upleasant and frightening noise in the drive train and didn't think I was going to make it home today. If Land Rover were to address their reliability and quality issues everyone would buy there vehicles, but they just don't seem to get it. They need to take a long hard look at JCB - the British manufacturers of mechanical backhoes - and borrow heavily from JCB's quality control and design ethos. It is not that the Brits can't do it, it is just that Land Rover won't face up to their responsibilities. It is going to break my heart to buy a Toyota, but then again, my bank account is going to love me.

Thank You!

Thank you very much for setting up this excellent website and probably saving my family a lot of aggravation. You will be pleased to know you have deterred another LR buyer- I was quite keen on a Disco 4 but having read these horror stories I am staying well away. In Australia, Toyota's reliability is beyond question even if their cars are relatively plain. What a pity they can't get it right and stand behind their vehicles- clearly the design and concepts are first rate but if they can't deliver they need to fire the management and improve things. Oh, that's right, LR is owned by Tata now, an Indian company... Goodbye, Land Rover.

tdv6= totally disfunctional vehicle

Lets keep this short, if at all possible .............. where to start ? After numerous problems eg. incorrect seats fitted, spray paint off another vehicle (Bearing in mind this was a brand new vehicle) park break faults, egr system fault, turbo system replaced, 8 tyres (in 3 years), broken spare wheel winch upon 1st use, numerous lighting faults and rear breaklight (feels like weekly replacement) fault and a two year battle with Landrover UK. Until being threatened with legal action denied all knowledge of warranty obligations and kept finding grey areas. Although we are still outof pocket we did manage to geta little cash back, but nowhere near what it's cost us and the fact that after all this it's getting new faults. Today the battery warning light made an appearance after only being back on the road for 3 weeks. We are yet to know what this will cost and what it entails, what we do know is the battery is charging ok !!!! We also know that if the CEO of Landrover was handed one of these cars on a plate that he would NOT be driving around in it today ! Anyway it makes me angry typing this - so i'll leave you all with a DON'T purchase a Landrover warning, you certainly do not get what you pay for in this case.

Thank You

Live in Kenya and was planning to get the Lr3, But after reading this am not to Sure i will even ever consider a landrover product again, i agree even most of the ones on sale here in used car shops all have the warning that air suspension faulty or special programes not is sad that they seem not bothered to fix this issues, they should be worried, at this rate they soon may never sell another vehicle anywhere in the world. Another Potential Customer Lost.

Bad land rovers.

Its not Land rover now , Its TATA, But they charge Land Rover prices for their products most of which are not very reliable .

I bought a brand new Dicocery 3 in 2008 the TDV 6

'I seek any comments or similar experiences such as mine below. I bought a brand new Dicocery 3 in 2008 the TDV 6 model from Stratstone Newport South Wales. Such is the quality of strststone's customer relations that a 10% discount on all service work on the car was agreed as part of the purchase deal. This was later ' forgotten about' when claimed. If you do have to buy a LR, don't use Strarstone Newport. During the warranty period the clutch has been replaced three times and the transfer box four times. Clearly the fault with car has not been resolved as the same defects have again occurred again now that I am outside the warranty period. LR decline to provide any cover and repeatedly fail to address the fact that whatever the inherent defects in the car that have occasioned the need to replace the clutches and transfer box have not been addressed during the warranty period. I am met with having to issue a court action against LR Any prospective purchaser on seeing the service history of the car, will obviously decline to pay the market price for a similar vehicle without such problems. Could anyone advise on where I might get expert advice to support such litigation.

Land rover warranty

Bought a 2012 Discovery 4 with extended warranty 12 months ago. I was told that basically the car would be covered for any defect that would cause the car to fail an MOT within the two year period. Welding failed on exhaust about three months ago. (I had not caught the exhaust or anything - just defective welding. Not covered by Warranty. Defective brakes, now, just 12 months on - not covered "wear and tear". This warranty seems like a total joke. Not worth the paper it is written on. Bill for brakes and service
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