David Smith quoted....

I read with interest an article in the Birmingham Mail 12 November 2008, where David Smith of Land Rover was quoted as saying he was “personally insulted by the amount of bland Japanese and German cars on the UK roads”.

Interestingly enough, I happened to stumble across the following cutting from money pages of the Friday Metro, January 23, 2007;
Jeep and Land-Rover had the most breakdowns in a survey of 450,000 vehicles from 33 manufacturers.

Almost half (46%) of Jeep's models had a mechanical failure over a 12-month period, while the Land Rover figure was 44%, according to the Warranty Direct survey.

The most reliable manufacturer was Mazda with 8% breaking down. Honda (9%) was second, Toyota (16%) third and Mitsubishi (17%) fourth.

Why are all Land Rover products so unreliable? 

Land Rover should be embarrassed

Judging by what I have read on your website, you should be insulted by the diabolical way that Land Rover has treated you, if you pay all that money for a car you have a right to expect top class service and support with a reliable car that can be relied upon, Land Rover should be embarrassed.

My Land Rover dealer is 2 miles from my office

My Land Rover dealer is 2 miles from my office, has a great espresso machine, papers, magazines & cheery staff, I hope yours does too because you'll spend an awful long time in there, shame cause when it's running it's a bloody wonderful car for a family. Get to know your local petrol station very well also!!


I am in court 16th April 2009 againts JAMES EDWARDS LANDROVER CHESTER. I decided to take them through the Civil Courts due to the hell we have had with our Discovery. In the first 8 months it was seen by Landrover 6 times due to brake problems. I was fobbed off with 'they needed cleaning'! Month 16 (OCTOBER 18TH 08) the brakes still playing up, phoned Landrover Assist who recovered the vehicle and after 5 days I get told that there was a rare defect found and the braking system had been completely replaced. I had a courtesy car until 27th October 08, but that was taken back and I have refused to accept my car back due to the fact I had complained about the brakes from 120 miles and 4 days old. I have recieved no reply from the head office. I have a seriously ill and disabled daughter and live in a rural mountain farm, LAND ROVER SHOULD BE DISGUSTED WITH THEMSELVES AND THEIR VEHICLES.I will never, after owning Discovery's for over 10 years, ever waste my time with this disgraceful company again.

Good luck in court

Good luck in court, Land Rover really are not interested in listening to their customers, they give the impression of no interest, the problem is that we are not the only ones, Land Rover products are very poor and not a premium product as they like to think, a premium price yes! they are getting more like the original TATA products of old, poorly built unreliable with bits falling off of them. Please let us know how you get on in court.

Range Rover Court Case

I also have a court case pending against Stratstone Land Rover, in Newport Pagnell Milton Keynes, following numerous problems with my Range Rover Vogue, 54 plate. Briefly - I have had the car for 2 years – the repairs carried out during this period includes – Replaced the Steering Rack Replaced the Battery Replaced the Pre-Heater System Replaced the Tail Light/Cover due to condensation Replaced the right head light component I have paid to replaced the head light bulb twice at nearly £300 Replaced Drink Holder Recall on Differential Work Other works On 12th December 2008, the car failed to drive and was towed to the dealership. It took them 10 days to diagnose the problem-the automatic gearbox had failed without warning - parts broken into the oil - they are asking for £4000 to repair it. I believe that the car is not fit for purpose and demanding a repair or replacement. Upon reading all the blogs on the web about land rover range rover, I think I need to ask for my money back.

More Court Cases

Thank you for your email, I find it increasable that there are so many court cases against Land Rover, I would have thought that it was in their best interest to try and use some goodwill to help clients out, they really do not seam interested in customer care, or make any efforts to retain current clients for future purchases, if this carries on Land Rovers client base will rapidly diminish.

Court case update

My court case against Stratstone Land Rover in Newport Pagnell Milton Keynes is still ongoing. I agree Land Rover do not care about their customers or what we think after they have taken our money. I wrote to appealed to Land Rover Managing Director Phil Popham to apply latent defect to my vehicle as Land Rover were quoted in Forbes.com an article about least reliable luxury cars that they are continously working towards achieving total customer satisfaction and investing in manufacturing and engineering. Mr Popham basically do not care and this is the reply I got back, I quote "Thank you for making us aware of the situation, we will not be entering into no further correspondence" Now this is how they treat their customers. I intend on fighting this till the end - I believe their transmissions are faulty and we need a recall. I will let you know the outcome of my court case - hearing date in June. If anyone else is having transmission problems with their Land Rover - perhaps we need a petition to the PM to as for recall or investigation. My car has sat on my drive since 12 December - and they just do not care.

Land Rover are not interested

I know how you feel, its exactly the same with me, good luck in your court case, please let us know the outcome. The attitude of Land rover is just amazing, they genuinely dont care, or want to help, once they have had your money, thats it! I have never been treated so badly for any other product that I have bought (and this must be one of the most expensive) Avoid Land Rover products at all costs.

Defender 90

You are all lucky, you have the UK courts to help you. We bought a new Defender90 four years ago. all bought and paid for (we thought). Just under 4 years old we were contacted by Hacienda, the spanish tax authority with a demand for €4,234. we returned to the vendor, local main dealer, to demand they pay this as they had sold this with a price "on the road". Basically they told us to take them to court if we wanted but they were not going to pay. We were hoping that landrover customer care might prevale on this but seeing the correspondence with Carlos Gallego the Spanish representative for the group we don't feel very optimistic. If I'm lucky and get a positive response I will post result here. Charles Whitehead Andratx Mallorca chas@ocea.es

I bought this one in Spain

I bought this car in Spain, so judging from my experience, i do not feel very hopeful for you, as with dealing with the Spanish authorities, that I am sure will be just as bad, really sorry for you.

landrover discovery fire

I have a pending court action against LR. My family was lucky to escape alive when my landrover discovery 3 spontaneously burst into flames and rapidly became a total inferno whilst driving home for xmas. We were lucky that our quick action saved us from being trapped in the burning vehicle. There were no warning signs or indicators, but there . The scariest thing apart from the terror of the incident is the strong disregard LandRover has shown me in determining the cause or how widespread the problem is across all Discovery’s. No one will show any move at all in investigating the matter to ensure it doesn’t happen again. No one will talk to me about the incident to answer my questions.The internet shows clear photos of this happening before to a Land Rover Discovery. Product Safety recalls Australia list 2 safety recalls for fuel pump malfunction. Landrover refused to give me any answers. My car is a charred twisted piece of metal, but I hope the problem with my car can be identified and rectified in other vehicles if there is a widespread fault. You certainly don’t expect that to happen when you buy a new car from a well marketed brand. I’ve learnt the hard way though that in my experience there’s not much behind the marketing. I welcome any contact details from people who have won a court action against landrover. Maybe you have some advice?



Defender disgraceful

I have had my Defender for less than 4 years. Turbos have blown, clutch has gone, steering rack, slave cylinder. I havent finished paying for it yet. Its a disgrace. I cannot defend the Defender. and it leaks! How are Land Rover allowed to do this to people. Only just done 30,000 miles. I cannot trust this vehicle!


i bought my 5th range rover sport hse on 1 sep 2009. i drove it out of the garage from the start it started to pull up without warning granted it was only at speeds of between 5 and 15 mph this happend 7 times and went in for repair . on the last time it went in for repair it was in for 3 days ,i was rang up and told it was ready for collection a went to collect it i drove it home on the friday night never used it over the weekend on the monday morning i got in it to go to work i wewnt on to the main road i got up to about 60 to 70 mph the car pulled up as if it done an emergency stop on that point i was forced forward and back as i came back i hite my neck on the headrest it hurt it got worce and then i found out that i had shatterd my neck i went paralized down my left side i then had an emergency opperation . i now have three metal plates in my neck to stable my neck and in a wheelchair i am not well at all i take 30 tablets a day for pain land rover are in court for a product fault but after offering me 25 thousand pound which i refused it was an insult i had to pay of staff after 40 year of working hard it finnished me i will make them pay if it is the last thing i do one way or another

Having second thoughts about buying one

I was about to buy a discovery having road tested and to be honest it was a pleasure to drive one and I was impressed by it. However on checking reviews on the internet I came across this site and I feel sorry for all the people that have had so many problems. What I don't understand is that the Discovery has picked up so many awards and there are so many recommendations eg 4 stars from What Car, 4 stars from Auto Express etc I suppose when they are given the Discovery to test, it's brand new and therefore not much can go wrong. I am going to have a really good think through this now and looks very unlikely that I will be purchasing one after reading so many horror stories.

Freelander 2 - Engine died with 65.000 km

hey guys I have a freelander and it died with 65.000, i had to spend almost 17.000 dollars to replace the whole engine because "water" went through something in the engine and it died! They are yet to send the written report.. Apart from getting into court im gonna make a short movie about my experience to upload everywhere on the net to try to make it viral.. Im a filmakker myself so should be fun!

indian abhiral

It is real that diplomat david Smith come and telling me that range rover company given u range rover car and Rs 4 crore/_
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