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Dear Carlos
I wrote to you just before Christmas regarding the ongoing problems with my Discovery.
Two months ago the car was in the garage for weeks to sort out a vibration problem, however within the last few days the problem seems to be returning, I keep getting warnings come up with "Transmission problem coming up, and also the car shutting down and leaving me temporary stranded.

I am fed up with having to keep taking the car into the dealership, and it always being off of the road, I need a car that works!I know that i have had the car 2 1/2 years, but the car cost me 60,000€ certainly Land Rover can not expect or be happy that after I have chose to invest all this money in one of your products, the car simply is not fit for the purpose that i bought it (its not reliable) and subsequently therefore I can not rely on the car to travel any distance any more. 
The car is constantly causing problems, and although in principal I am happy with the car as when it runs smoothly it is the ideal car for me, it is too unreliable. After paying a substantial amount for it I really am not happy with the situation and feel more should be done to help me in my quest to find an amicable arrangement resulting in a car that works! 
I would therefore be grateful to hear of any updates to the situation, or please replace this car with one that is reliable and you would be proud to wear the Land Rover badge.

I hope to hear good news from you soon.

possibly of interest to you / readers,

possibly of interest to you / readers, the e-mail for landrover support is: I sent a rather lengthy letter and guess what ... parts will be available on the 15th of Jan and I should have the car back Friday .... I'd post the letter for others to read or consider cut & paste if this would be of interest, but it runs to pages and I'd not want to take an unfair amount of space. I'll hold fire from doing more until I have my car back ... would not want to prejudice my position! regards Philip


First of all I think it a fair point this owner should warn people about Land Rover however more the mug you for buying one in the first place because the points you make have been well documented for years. So what alternative car would you suggest to any prospective Discovery buyer? A Toyota BMW or Audi, premium cars that don’t usually go wrong. The trouble is every company have their 'jobsworth' working in customer relations, and they do not realise how much harm they do to their product.

Current vehicle

July 2010currently looking to replace my 7 year old Discovery with the new version 4 Any comments on this ? What are you currently driving?

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