known wiring loom fault but no parts available

My car is off road because there are no spare parts available!
It is apparently known that the wiring loom can be problematic because it travels through the rocker cover i.e. is in oil ... unusual?  Over time the loom has broken down, oil entered and reached the EMU, car misfires.  No problem, my 3rd party warranty will pay (Land Rover's would not have covered this - beware!) so I authorised the work on 19th December 2008.  So far, the parts were unavailable on the 2nd Jan, now the 10th has been put back with a possible delivery of 10th Feb' 2009.  
I have sympathy for my main dealer; they cannot get the parts and in turn cannot work on my car, return it to me and be paid.  I'm in the dealer's courtesy 2-wheel drive, no traction control etc. tidily Skoda - acceptable for a week or so but is now (particularly in the current climate) beyond a joke - no surprise the dealership does not sign-write the car as a courtesy vehicle!  I will not be given a 'product car' because there are none available (presumably they are with other 'victims' who are awaiting parts, plus the dealer appears concerned about just how long I will be in their car ... hardly encouraging!
I'm not in a Land Rover through no fault of my own ... other than buying a Land Rover (for the past 10+ years).  Time to write to the company directors ..

Land Rover does not appear to be interested in sup

Thank you, we have added your article, Land Rover does not appear to be interested in supplying any sort of customer support, and simply does not appreciate how much of an financial investment it is to us, for what the vehicle costs, it is only fair to expect it to be reliable, function correctly, and last for ages, unfortunatly they do not.

I have sympathy for the dealer

I have sympathy for the dealer ... I'll come back to you with regard to the direct approach - difficult to obtain a useful e-mail address for the head office so I shall try director approaches too by writing to their home addresses today we shall see

Land Rover problems

I see alot of problems on the newer Land Rovers, 2000 and up, are there any reports of problems with the older Modles? 1999 and older.

Oil in wiring harness

Land Rovers attitude stinks. The oil in harness problem is a design fault that they make money out of. I have two LRs and quite frankly will be replacing with Japanese 4x4. They need to wake up, we are not just dippy money pits LR!

rover freelander

i think they sold change the name on the those to freeloader that would bey muth more to its write name
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