Still Breaking Down

In a 50km round trip the cars computer system shutdown 4 times, forcing the car to park up on the hard shoulder of the motorway, waiting for the system to reset itself. This is a common fault of my Land Rover Discovery 3, but it has never happened 4 times in a row before!

The experience was very dangerous at sometimes the car was in the outside lane and as soon as the problem occurred the engine cut, then I had to drift to the inside lane with now power whilst avoiding the traffic.

Land Rover has asked me to take it too the dealer, but will not confirm if the inherent repairs will be covered under warrant, even though it is due to what I think is a software malfunction, which they have never been able to fix in the past!

This car just has the ability to keep breaking down, and has now seriously made me consider if I can rely on it to undertake any journey what so ever.

This is unbeleivable!

How can Land Rover be happy to let you live with this vehicle, you have only had it 30 months and it appears to be un road worthy! I would never buy one!

It's probably no secret that LR aren't quite up wi

It's probably no secret that LR aren't quite up with the Japanese in build quality but every manufacturer sends out a duffer once in a while. I have to commend you for sticking up for something you believe in, too many people let it pass when something isn't up to scratch and it's only through complaining that things get better and standards improve. I must say I'm relieved that you don’t drive a Renaultsport Megane though - there are a few in the fleet here where I work and it's a standing joke that you'll spend more time in the Modus courtesy car. As for something well built.....over the years I've had 10+ early nineties Granada Scorpios and they seem totally bombproof. Currently one (a 2.0) is on 270,000 Miles and the other (a 2.9) is up to 235,000. Too bad they were never replaced........

LR is negligent in making the damn thing.

As has been mentioned, LR products are well known for poor reliability (there will be one or two who will pop up on here and swear by them, but thats not been the experience of the majority) To have spent that much money and not done your homework comes over as negligent on your side as much as LR is negligent in making the damn thing. Probably why the lack of sympathy. I suspect your stuck with it or a huge loss as offers to buy it off you are very poor right now. Anyway, my advice now would be to park it in a quiet layby and set fire to it, your insurer isn't going to be too shocked at an LR with an apparent electrical fault. Get you money back and buy a Toyota or something.

avoid Land Rover like the plaque!!!!

Buy German, Japanese avoid Land Rover like the plaque!!!! The DISCOVERY WILL LET YOU DOWN BIG TIME!!!!!!

2013 Discovery4

I am just selling my lovely motorhome and buying a 2013 Discovery4. I have travelled to more than seventy countries by various modes of transport and I have a desire to drive north to Norway and turn right heading for St Petersburg and Moscow, returning through the Baltic countries. The motorhome is much too wide and the new Discovery4 sounded ideal piece of all terrain kit.. There are no dates on these articles and I wonder if the 2013 Discovery has all the problems ironed out. I have been to Russia before and I don't relish the thought of being stranded for days in bear country in a vehicle that has no support if things go wrong. The one thing that strikes me is there are not many complaints in comparison to the number of vehicles sold. Are land rover owners unhappy in general or do these complaints span a few years on the occasional rouge Friday car. I have run BMWs for a number of years. The engine and clutch were replaced by BMW UK under warranty after the oil gauge failed. I thought the oil level was topped up but apparently there was no oil to keep the crank lubricated. I can't complain because the service was excellent. Meanwhile I am enjoying my retirement and don't want to break the trend. We always hear the bad things but never the good. I am a photographer who is always first to visit places everyone else avoids. I have provoked large rattlesnakes, grabbed alligators and caught huge sharks in the quest to landing a good photo. All I want is to buy a reliable vehicle which will get me to wild places and return me home in one piece. I have owned and off roaded Land Rovers in the days when you could jack them up and swop a drive shaft in the middle of nowhere. Todays vehicles are much different. Finally I don't like the sound of Land Rovers poor customer support. Am I doing the right thing ? Regards, Nick
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