Land Rover Hell Campaign

Dear Carlos,
Thank you for your reply to my last email.
However, I cannot understand that you don’t recognise the car´s history as being more than unsatisfactory, and that on 2 occasions we should be the ones responsible for the “extra costs” (phone calls and large petrol bills) and being left without a suitable vehicle in another country!
It is not our fault the car is unreliable, so why should we have to pay for it being so?  And what do I use to drive around in when it spends weeks in the garage? what is the purpose of owning a car that I cant use, or keeps breaking down? So what would happen if Land Rover made airplanes and the broke down the same as my car, there would be a lot of air crashes and airlines would not buy them!

I am not able to accept your refusal to refund me for my car, so if you are not going to refund me I am going to do my best to make sure that I stop as many people as possible buying Land Rovers and having to experience the poor product reliability and unhelpful customer service which i have received.

Just so you know this is going to be my initial campaign:
1) Optimise a website to appear on the first page of search engine for as broad as possible criteria for any search for Land Rover products (I can easily do this because i own a Search Engine Optimisation company).
2) Write to all of the UK national press and motoring press with details of my plight also informing them of the website that i have set up, and why.
3) have a member of my staff spend considerable time writing on motoring and consumer blogs about this appalling situation.
4) Have a specialist examen the car to write a report and subsequently consult with a solicitor about taking on my case to commence legal action against Land Rover Spain.
5) Write to all main dealers of competing cars with details of www.LandRoverHell.comso that they can show there prospects why they should not buy a Land Rover
6) Make the website in Spanish and do as above in Spain
7) Write a history of the car on my website

This will cost me and some of my staff a lot of time, but i feel that it will be worth it to save other people experiencing what i have.

if I bought a new vehicle with as many faults as y

This isn't a personal dig but all new vehicles have factory faults and if I bought a new vehicle with as many faults as yours I would of changed it long ago.

this does not however excuse the poor customer se

I can't comment but possibly just the one vehicle thats the problem, this does not however excuse the poor customer service that you appear to have recieved,

I'd be fuming.

If I suffered those problems on my Series 3 I'd accept it. If I had them on a new Series 3 Disco I'd be fuming. Looking at the guys diary I can honestly say my 28yr old S3 has been way, WAY more reliable than his.

to treat people with contempt

Land Rover aren't the only company to treat people with contempt though. Vauxhall are another make who seem to not give a toss. Two wrongs don't make it right though. If I was Land Rover I'd give the guy his money back and some.

Land Rover Financial mess!

Don´t Look like Land Rover can afford it now!

go see solicitors

His dealer is provided rubbish customer support, fine go to land rover with your gripe. No luck there, go see solicitors. I the way the newspapers are reporting it all mod landys are unroadworthy. its not like the handbrake failing (which mine did last year) causing a dent in someones house

You've put up with it since April 2006

You've put up with it since April 2006?! Ford have sold Land Rover btw so they won't give two s ts, i doubt Land Rover will either as they will be going tits up soon.

Land Rover owners experiance

That looks about right for the expected Land Rover owners experiance you paid for...

Found on

I'm thinking of getting a Discovery 3. Does anyone know of a reliable source of information as to their, well, reliability? Reply: Lists all the common faults. Hopefully that will stop other people making the same mistake as you did?

Now do people believe LR's are unnreliable

Now do people believe LR's are unnreliable bits of s t? - You should have got an XC90 or if you do actually go properly off road maybe a Land cruiser

You buy a premium product like a Discovery

You buy a premium product like a Discovery, in time when Land Rover were crowing about how much they'd improved the reliability, on to find the premium sheen washed off like so much fake tan. I'd be mad as hell, especially if they just brushed off my concerns.

face up to the fact that they(LR) are going bust

I think you need to face up to the fact that they(LR) are going bust.

face up to the fact that they(LR) are going bust

I wish Land Rovers worked. It would be the only full SUV I would have liked to buy. Thanks for this website, i will now buy a Toyota for reliability.

What is the point of a rough off-road

What is the point of a rough off-road vehicle that is going to leave you to die if you are crazy enough to actually use it?

Going bust?

They probably wouldn't be in this financial mess if the management stepped up reliability and took responsibility for after sales service. You'd think a cheaper car wouldn't be reliable, but it makes sense that reliable cars can be made cheaper as they don't have to waste money on aftersales service and they will always get repeat business.

Seriously - sell the thing

Seriously - sell the thing, get on with your life or take them to court. Obviously you have a lemon and you haven't been treated very well, so don't buy another one!

awful things

awful awful cars. I work in a landrover garage in the uk. The entire range is horrendous. i see no reason why anyone would but one. Ever!

nd rover Carlisle

We would recommend that no one buys an Approved Used Land Rover from Lloyds, the franchsied dealership in Carlisle, Cumbria. We were told that the vehicle we were interested in purchasing was immaculate so we drove 300 miles to see it and purchase it if it was as descibed but the car, a Discovery 3 HSE needed about £3000 spending on it. There were two extremely rusty brake discs suggestive of brake calliper defects, trim falling off the bottom of a door, about 40 really bad stone ships on the bonnet, greasy marks on the dashboard and headlining, three of the four wheels were scratched and needed refinishing and there were holes in the door linings of three of the doors. It looked more like a vehicle from a dodgy back street trader that an Approved Used Land Rover from a franchised dealer. We contacted Land Rover customer service who said that that was an acceptable condition of a Land Rover Approved Used Vehicle.The dealership said that there were too many faults to correct and it would be too expensive for them to do so, so we suppose they intended that the mug who bought it would put it all right whilst paying top price for a tatty car. The salesman finally admitted he had not even viewed the car properly! What was disappointing was that such a dog could be sold as approved suggesting that the Approved Scheme is just advertising hype.


Our 2004 Freelander, purchased second hand cost us $16'000.00 in the past 3 years of owning it. Further to this, it needed a new heater core, more electrical work to fix the check engine light after two years of working on it and the tramsmition needed more work. This could have easily taken another 10'000.! We sold it back to Landrover Canada for $3'600. because we could not sleep at night knowing we had off loaded our trouble on another person. I have had to return to work to purchase another vechicle. I feel very sad when I see them for sale second hand. I know that those excited people who buy them will be so saddled with trouble they will regret the day they layed eyes on the logo. I hate Landrovers.
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