Letter To Land Rover

Land Rover Discovery 3

"Without Prejudice"

Thank you for your reply informing me that the cost of repairs would be covered by Land Rover, I appreciate that, but this is no less than what should happen under your 3 year warranty..  

But still, you are implying that the fault could have been caused by “user error”, and only agreeing to the pay the costs as you have not “total security of the statement”, meaning that you have no proof that it was caused by “user error”. I know 100% that the problem was nothing to do with any “user error!”. This fact alone has made us feel that we were to blame and Land Rover was trying to avoid their responsibilities and make us pay.
However, the facts still remain over the appalling way we have been treated throughout the whole of this time of waiting for my car to be repaired. Putting the financial matters aside regarding this latest problem, I don’t think Land Rover realise the other inconveniences we have endured, such as;
  • The loss of 2 days of our holiday, waiting at garages for the car to be repaired, but never was.
  • The failing to give us a substitute hire car, thus losing more of the holiday (as it involved towing a hot air balloon on a trailer, therefore we could not fly the balloon)
  • The cost of numerous phone calls, as we were phoning-cross countries all the time.
  • Having to leave the trailer in Portugal with its expensive contents, and having to return with a borrowed car, which meant a trip of 1900km, and petrol amounting to 600euros.
But the worry of the situation, not knowing when we could see our car again, and the way Land Rover shifted the responsibilities have been of paramount stress.
It is the second time we have been stranded abroad with the same car, and subsequently returning home without the car. I am sure that you will agree that the car is not of merchantable quality, having spent a lot of its short life in the garage (Autonautica, Benidorm can enforce this). I don’t have any confidence in the car´s reliablility now and would be grateful if Land Rover will refund in full the retail cost of this car plus provide me a levle of compensation for all of the distress and inconvienace that this car has caused us, in order that I can purchase a brand more reliable. In the meantime I would be grateful if the abovementioned costs could be met.
I look forward to hearing from you.

As per our last email,

As per our last email, we have assumed the last costs as a goodwill gesture, but even the warranty does not cover the new costs you are asking for us (phone calls, fuel...), what makes not possible for us to extend our goodwill gesture. On the other hand Iwe have evaluated this situation and the history of repairs of your car, and according to that we can not consider the possibility of a refund or buy-back of your car. Regards, Carlos Gallego Customer Care & Homologations Manager Jaguar & Land Rover Spain and Portugal Tel.- 00 34 91 578 61 68 Fax.- 00 34 91 578 62 92 cgalleg2@jaguarlandrover.com

The car is unbelievable!

Dear Mr Gallego, As a follow on to the correspondence regarding the above car, as you know we finally got it back on the 11thNovember, and did a motorway trip 2 days later on the 13th, and experienced the warning light “system fault-system shut down”. We ground to a halt on the hard shoulder and had to wait ten minutes and then restart the car. This was at night, in the rain, and very dangerous. The car is unbelievable! it is not safe, not reliable or of merchantable quality, Consequently, I would be grateful if you could respond to my request for a full refund before somebody gets killed.

If the car is failing you..

If the car is failing you have got all our Dealership network at your disposal to check and repair the car. With regards to your question about the refund our answer is the same that we sent to you in my last email. Regards, Carlos Gallego Customer Care & Homologations Manager Jaguar & Land Rover Spain and Portugal Tel.- 00 34 91 578 61 68 Fax.- 00 34 91 578 62 92 cgalleg2@jaguarlandrover.com

The car is failing because it is no good,

The car is failing because it is no good, i have just collected it from the dealership (after a month off the road), and it was there for almost 3 weeks before then, so how can you say that the car is good and does not warrant a refund when it is always in the dealership, and you expect me to take it back again after only just getting it back! How can you seriously think that i do not have any reason to request a full refund?

I have nothing else to add

I am afraid I have nothing else to add to my last email: if the car is failing it will have to go to the workshop and according to the current situation we are not going to refund the cost of the car. Regards, Carlos Gallego Customer Care & Homologations Manager Jaguar & Land Rover Spain and Portugal Tel.- 00 34 91 578 61 68 Fax.- 00 34 91 578 62 92 cgalleg2@jaguarlandrover.com

Dont Buy a Land Rover Discovery 3

Dear Carlos, Thank you for your reply to my last email. However, I cannot understand that you don’t recognise the car´s history as being more than unsatisfactory, and that on 2 occasions we should be the ones responsible for the “extra costs” (phone calls and large petrol bills) and being left without a suitable vehicle in another country! It is not our fault the car is unreliable, so why should we have to pay for it being so? And what do I use to drive around in when it spends weeks in the garage? what is the purpose of owning a car that I cant use, or keeps breaking down? So what would happen if Land Rover made airplanes and the broke down the same as my car, there would be a lot of air crashes and airlines would not buy them! I am not able to accept your refusal to refund me for my car, so if you are not going to refund me I am going to do my best to make sure that I stop as many people as possible buying Land Rovers and having to experience the poor product reliability and unhelpful customer service which i have received. Just so you know this is going to be my initial campaign: 1) Optimise a website www.landroverhell.com to appear on the first page of search engine for as broad as possible criteria for any search for Land Rover products (I can easily do this because i own a Search Engine Optimisation company). 2) Write to all of the UK national press and motoring press with details of my plight also informing them of the website that i have set up, and why. 3) have a member of my staff spend considerable time writing on motoring and consumer blogs about this appalling situation. 4) Have a specialist examen the car to write a report and subsequently consult with a solicitor about taking on my case to commence legal action against Land Rover Spain. 5) Write to all main dealers of competing cars with details of www.LandRoverHell.com so that they can show there prospects why they should not buy a Land Rover 6) Make the website in Spanish and do as above in Spain 7) Write a history of the car on my website This will cost me and some of my staff a lot of time, but i feel that it will be worth it to save other people experiencing what i have.

So accordingly to Land Rover..

So accordingly to Land Rover, when you buy one of their cars you must budget in quite a bit extra to cover all of your out of pocket expenses each time the car breaks down! And its no problem when they do break down there is a dealer network to repair them, so perhaps its easier just to leave the car in the dealership all of the time! Or better still don’t buy one!

A partial rejection is your only option.

While it’s possible I may have posted similar topics on here, listing similar concerns over potential possible faulty workmanship/build quality… You can’t reject the whole car as you’ve had it for too long. A partial rejection would not necessarily be easy as the manufacturer or various dealers have repaired your vehicle many times, and you’ve driven off ok in it each time. A partial rejection is your only option. i.e. monetary compensation for what you bargained for in the sale “a working disco” as opposed to what you actually have “a duff disco”. Or in plain English asking for £ back. Not the full amount, a partial amount. To do this you have to prove “breach of contract” on the seller’s behalf. We’re not just talking engineers reports here. You have to pride lawful proof they are at fault, and therefore responsible. It is fair to say these vehicles may breakdown during the first 3 years of ownership. As the fault was not present when first inspection/driving away, you have longer to complain. There are other avenues to follow. But sadly your case similar to most, where the hassle factor involved is not worth the course.

I am not going to give up

Thanks for you advice, its much appreciated, I was once a believer in the product, but no more for obvious reasons! Anyway I am not going to give up I have too much more planed to put pressure on Land Rover for a satisfactory conclusion, a lot of this work is not hard for me because I have an IT company so it can be carried out quite quickly, so let see how I get on!

I am not going to give up

HI After owning a landrover myself i can understand what you have experienced. Landrover work on the idea that you the customer road test there vehicles so they can iron out all the faults and you end up paying for it !. Sell the car and buy a Toyota Landcruiser as that will not let you down, This is why the UK car industry has all but disappeared as they have never had any interest in looking after there customers once they have bought the vehicle.

Sell the car and buy a Toyota Landcruiser

Unfortunately I have to agree with you, I wish I knew about what I was letting myself in for before I bought this car, everybody says the same, “buy a Toyota Land Cruiser” they are certainly highly rated vehicles and very solid and reliable. So when I can afford it I will almost certainly go down that path, the problem is that I bought a car which on paper was ideal for my purposes, and it is, except that it keeps breaking down, and subsequently cannot be relied upon, I feel very grieved because I am now put in the position that I have to sell this car much earlier than planned because it is in effect too unreliable to keep.


We are happy owners Freelander 2. after a short transport Transport Road accidents car was in for repair. Delivery dates 1 month. Terms of agreement with the insurance company 20 days. The repair period promised 15 days. Total almost 2,5 months. Not much there for the car positioning itself as a premium class? The car did not provide a substitute! after all these shocks to wonder what is better, Land Rover or .....

Land Rover Evoque Leather Seats

I have just bought the new evoque from landrover and am having problems with the ivory white leather seats. They are picking up the colour from my jeans. The jeans are not new and I have never had this problem with other cars in the past. I have lifeshine protection and they have come out to "fix" the issue. It hasn't worked. They are now telling me that this is a common problem and there is nothing they can do. I find this hard to believe as this makes the at unfit for purpose and why would you sell seats that you cannot stop picking up old clothings colours whenever sat in. I have looked on the Internet but can't find anyone else complaining so find it hard to believe that it is common and accepted by other range rover and land rover drivers with ivory white seats. Your opinion would be really appreciated. Kind regards, Marianne

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque, don't buy it

I'm absolutely sick of this car, everything is going wrong, gearbox fails, goes into service and they said that there's nothing wrong with it but we will upgrade it's software (like an iPhone) I requested for a refund it was rejected. Then the car began to shake when it was in Drive mode. Took into service okay we will fix it. They loan us another evoque, but on the last day, the while turning the car into a road the power steering gave out. When we got our car back month later, the indicator jams the steering wheel therefore no steering to turn the car. In conclusion, do u think I'm reliable for a refund? (The car is 5 months old)
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