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To whom it may concern at Ford


Dear Sirs,


I have noticed that I am receiving a lot of website visits from IP address listed as The Ford Motor Company, so now I know that management from Jaguar Land Rover is showing interest in, a website constructed following numerous problems with my Land Rover Discovery 3.


As you realise, I am very unhappy about the car’s unreliability, and the appalling way that Land Rover does not care at all about the inconveniences we have endured, do not want to honour their responsibilities regarding warranties, and eventually, accusing me of causing the problem!


In my opinion the car is not of merchantable quality, (you can establish how bad from your warranty records), together with how much time it has been off the road. I therefore am requesting for a full refund for the car, to enable the purchase of another car which will not let us down again, so I would be grateful of any help you could offer in our quest to speed up its conclusion.


With grateful thanks

Looks like you have their interest!

After reading through all of your experiences, I am surprised that you did not request this refund earlier, I suppose the last breakdown and their subsequent attitude was the straw that broke the canals back! Good luck with your quest, I am certain that you will get there in the end, perhaps they will offer you a brand new replacement at no cost, that is if you want another one! Let us know how you get on.
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