Transmission Vibrations

We recently drove to England, and progressively throughout the journey the engine would vibrate on acceleration and at certain speeds, alleviated only by resuming the acceleration.
As it got worse we took it to a dealer in Kent, who agreed the car had a problem, but would not be able to work on it whilst we were there.  He felt it was a transmission problem.  When we returned to Spain, it went to the local dealer who spent a long time diagnosing the problem.  They also discovered the suspension had come a bit loose and when the car hit bumpy surfaces, the engine appeared to bang and appeared to be loose in it´s housing.

You're an idiot!

You're an idiot.

You're an idiot!

How can I be an idiot, when this is a true story, my car keeps breaking and it is still off the road, all I want to do is stop others making the same mistake as me, or influence Land Rover in improving their product and customer service policy.

Too right mate

I will come to fight in your corner mate, only had 1 Landy and never again. Very unreliable, uncomfortable, noisy and thirsty.

Too right mate

I will come to fight in your corner mate, only had 1 Landy and never again. Very unreliable, uncomfortable, noisy and thirsty.

Finding Out The Hard Way

Thanks for your support, the theory behind the product is great, but the reality of owing one will make this a once in a lifetime experience for me.


OMG that is like well bad


Sounds like you just got a bad car. I know a few people who own land rovers and have had no problems with reliability.

black smoke

i have a 2005 five disco3 with black smoke on hard accleration what did u find was the problem

LAnd rover junk!

I have 2 in our house a 97 & 98 piece of utter crap! everything breaks , interior plastic snaps , handles windows, 2 engines replaced, the other a head gasket job , both break sytems needed repairing Junk disgusting when I see there commercials. I have a tv show that goes national I want to reveal what crap these beast are! anyone want to share there stories with me

TV Show

Yes I would be, this website has the content, please email me via this website.

transmission problems

sound like what has happened to my car - been off road since 12th December - on Saturday 25th July 2009, I will be protesting outside the dealership - Stratstone Landrover in Newport Pagnell, Milton Keynes. Perhaps costing them a few sales will help them realise how big a problem their vehicles are to custmers.

Transmission Failure

Sounds like my problem, 54 plate, sufferred transmission failure on 12th Dec 08, been off the road since, I am protesting outside the dealership - Stratstone Landrover, Newport Pagnell in Milton Keynes. Perhaps sale losses will encourage them to appreciate what we all have to go through with their poorly manufactured vehicles.

Black smoke

Sound like you have a problem with pressure in turbo line - look around under bonnet and under vehicle.If you see oily path,there might be a litle hole or loosed connection between rubber hoses and steel pipes.


it has happened to me twice in my discovery 3. Its the transmission, had to get a guy from landrover to come down from head office and app it is a fault.

disco 3

i currently own an imaculate n reg disco 1 es, i was htinking of up grading to a d3 as i tow a caravan, but after reading some of your horror tales i dont think i will bother.

Transmission vibrations

How did you solve the transmission vibration problem? I´m having the same problem and don´t know what to do.

transmission vibrations

had vibration on acceleration in my disco series 2 and found it to be a uni joint in the drive shaft. Its a sealed unit that needs replacing apparently with a part from a volvo. Here is a link... hope that helps someone. Other than that I have had window issues and thermo/ overheating issues. I use mine off road though so expect to get some issues :)

Chrismast Tree on my cluster and fuel guage not wo

I have Discovery 3 V8 HSE, HDC Not Available, Transmission Fault, Fuel gauge not working, Suspension Lowered. I tried soft reste On/Off 3 times the start... No Luck Frastrated. 1st time buyer 2nd hand.

Landrover Rumble

My 2008 Discovery has a 'rumble' at around either 30 mph or 50mph. It has been to various garages and they cant find the fault. It now vibrates as I accelerate up a hill especially at around 30mph. Things just keep getting worse, any help !!

vibration probleme when start driving

I have a range rover vogue 2010,the body of it vibrates when i started driving,when i accelerate it's stopping

Sterring wheel Vibrations New car Discovery Landma

Hello everyone, First of all, my english is not very well, appologize for that. I'm writing here today, to solicitate your help, and your expertise to point out a worry with our 2016 Discovery Land Mark. The latter bought new had a vibration problem in the steering wheel observed on common road at a speed less than or equal to 90km and on highway between 110 and 130km. It was this last event that was the most violent forcing even to stop in urgency and to ask for a breakdown. The vibrations are uncontrollable and very jerky. The vehicle is new and the problem has been found by several different drivers. (The one on the highway was a friend who drove with us) Our problem is that neither the mechanic nor the dealer found the source of the problem and even worse could not see the problem by having rolled with the vehicle . We are a little desperate and would be grateful if you had any idea of ​​the cause of such a problem on a new vehicle. Thank you by anticipation.

vibration probleme when start driving sound inside

I have a range rover vogue 2012,the body of it vibrates when i started driving,when i accelerate it's stopping i ned your help thanks
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